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  2. sheeeittttt, i got a new one... a French show (english dub) simply called "VAMPIRES" is on Netflix now... I heard of this by way of someone mentioning it on a live-stream yesterday. So far from the first episode I'm liking this. The only negative I can see on this so far is that it's not looking like the vamps on this have a large array of supernatural abilities, but it's only the first episode I've seen so far... it looks like they at least have the basics of superhuman strength and immortality in play here, fortunately. One I just can't get down with, that I was reminded of when searching for this show----The Vampire's Assistant. Basically...it's all because of that dude with the giant meatball face. I will never be able to take anything even slightly seriously if that guy's in it....I think that movie is a comedy though, right? When I'm looking for cool vampire-related shit, comedic goofball silliness is NOT what I'm looking for anyway. The main girl on Vampires is looking FINE, by the way.... mom is kinda milf too...oh and the older sister isn't bad either, but the main girl looks better. *In this story, vampirism is by way of genetics, apparently....or at least that's what the girl's mom is telling her (so possibly a lie..?) edit---well, one disappointment is they don't heal from sun-light damage. MAJOR disappointment though--- episode 2, Mom says she ages "5x slower". Nahhhhh bruh... see I hate when they stray from the normal lore formula of what a vampire should be. The most basic thing is that their lifespan is indefinite. Outside of getting killed, they would theoretically live forever as long as there's some living things to feed on. --------------- I saw this coming...since of course I was likely the only person that gave a damn about V-Wars. October Faction is canned too. https://www.thewrap.com/netflix-cancels-v-wars-october-faction-after-one-season/
  3. For those weirdos like me who *still* hadn't bought DOOM 2016 yet... it's actually on sale now for $9.99 at least on Live....sale lasts for the next 11 days apparently. I was already going to buy today or this weekend and noticed it just now. I was going to get it last weekend at 20 bucks(!) but procrastinated yet again; good thing something will have to get the boot though... my hdd only has 60 gigs left at this point and the game happens to be 60 gigs and some change. In other news... the Batista Bomb is now in Gears 5 apparently and today is the day Hyperparasite hits Switch (and the other consoles)
  4. fine ass PAWG swimmer Abby finally posted a new one look at those goddamn thighssssss meanwhile... Vicky Goddamn Justiz.... so ridiculous... haha she has no idea how many "loads" she has inspired over the years
  5. Yesterday
  6. One of the reasons to watch TYT lately... Francesca is absolutely adorable/hot from what I've seen there isn't much body to speak of though, but she's still a good one, imo such a cutie
  7. I've made numerous changes to my map design to improve readability and also to shrank a land mass in the central ocean to better suit the lore of my book. I've left up the last revision and posted the new one below it.
  8. Last week
  9. lol they took that shit off of netflix quick
  10. https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/tech/601273/my-secret-terrius-episode-10-coronavirus-scene-explained-and-when-was-it-filmed/ bruh
  11. hmm... just saying... I can't get over how similar he looks...
  12. It's a strange thing, on one hand, I'm one of those people that enjoys being at home MUCH more than "going out" or traveling anywhere....and I'm enjoying it now (*Working at home = I got in 175 pushups yesterday + my shadowboxing combos + some running! It's also nice that when I got on lunchbreak, I'm really just walking over to the fridge, or going to another room to watch tv for an hour)... BUT I'd obviously rather have society back to normal. I'd trade this "work at home" routine out for that without question. I also don't think most people even realize just how close we are to total collapse. It's really just 1 or 2 things away from pure chaos in the streets, basically...if these things happen then all hell breaks loose, I think: Stores can't keep up with demand and close down, or close for other reasons. Restaurants also close down. Basically, once the most basic, important necessities like food and drink become difficult for the average person to get, then society goes right off a cliff at that point. Premium Music HQ on point once again with the epic shit Some of this stuff is perfect to work-out to....for when you want to feel superhuman..
  13. Sorry I haven't been around as much lately. Making use of my quarantine time and trying to get some cool projects off the ground -- I'll let you guys know when there's something to show!
  14. https://www.superherohype.com/tv/479986-cbs-all-access-extends-its-free-trial-to-60-days CBS All Access is giving an additional month free for US folks. **In order to take advantage of this deal, head over to the CBS All Access website. Use the promo code GIFT at checkout to get the first 30 days for free. After creating an account, click on the Subscriptions & Billing tab and plug in the promo code ENJOY for another free month.**
  15. lovely Camila.... I can't get enough of this magical creature so delicious .... I'll eat that all day
  16. a brief update on Bloodlines 2 https://www.bloodlines2.com/en/dev-diary-10-these-past-months-were-about-side-quests-and-traversal?fbclid=IwAR2sddfjDa2rPgtzCUjdBLv5aEbJc_PksHnv1QFMvROfVWFPHkoZ0HftcJ8 mainly they're apparently set and locked down the details of sidequests, and put more into the traversal aspect of things: "*It always was central to our vision to make players feel like a vampire through gameplay. One side of it is to create this freedom in movements that a mere mortal could never experience. This led us to the decision to expand your baseline Thinblood abilities to traversal - you can use Chiropteran Glide, Mentalism Pull for specific objects or Nebulation through vents at any time, regardless of your primary Thinblood Discipline choice. We went through the game, particularly the hubs, and investigated all the ways we could make them even more exciting and seamless for you to use. These powers have been with us for a long time, and we can fully leverage their potential uses throughout all levels for puzzles, rewards, and perhaps some secrets for you to find.*"
  17. I slightly updated the map in the OP. Added some city locations. Tried to clean up some of the lines in MS Paint....looks sloppy up close but okay at a distance as for the book itself. About 40% into Chapter 24. 119,898 words.
  18. Just in case yall haven't seen this yet. This is legit man.
  19. first time in 2 years Ashley posted a youtube vid
  20. For those that care, beware of FFVII:Remake spoilers. The game has broken street date.
  21. holy shit.... so they actually recorded the bankruptcy call....well I'm in the beginning of it now....dis gone be good hahaha this is killing me----you can hear the occasional "BOOOOOOP!" sounds on the call....and just about anyone that's worked an office job that's done conference calls knows what that is---it's people joining into the call....and sure enough that's the situation; I was crackin up when they finally realized it, and I think it was his attorney that said ---"sorry ....there's.... 60 people on the line right now..." and it keeps going after that...you keep hearing *BOOOP* as more show up to the call.
  22. so... Predator looks pretty fun... surprising that it's taken this long to get a game like this featuring the Predator
  23. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2020/03/27/g-i-joe-cobra-baddie-destro-coming-to-classified-figure-line/ Destro is the first villain to be made for the new GIJOE Classified line.
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