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  2. Too lazy to research, but I'm pretty sure teen pregnancy drops dramatically with education and probably wealth too; basically if a girl expects to go to college she rarely decides that getting pregnant and dropping out of school is maybe a better option. So they may be looking to be married mothers, but not at the exclusion of other pursuits. It's not just what [specific?] men allow them, but the whole socioeconomic milieu.
  3. I think Max is great and wholesome. I don't watch his videos all that much, but you could certainly do worse for an introduction to fgs. DSP, on the other hand....
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  5. whenever i'm listening to N.W.A or something similar also that word means black in Spanish so it gets all complicated
  6. Don't know about other platforms but on the eShop, Cyber-Shadow is on sale for $14.99 and you can preorder it at that price until Jan 25th. Game looks freaking dope and I can't wait to play it.
  7. Exactly, it worked so well. Plus his charisma and martial arts background, that and I'd just like more of a spotlight for him. Ahh well, new one seems to have the one important thing, fight choreography. So it should at least be entertaining from a punching someone in the face mentality.
  8. Lmao, someone got banned from retardera for finding the Hachishakusama lady from RE8 hot
  9. Double post. Check those channels that upload Samsho online tournaments with certain frequency. (They also have Tekken 7 and SC6 weekly tournaments) (Here you get most of the WNF weekly tournaments) (Uploads both Samsho and KOF14, plus other SNK titles) BTW, dunno if you took advantage of it, but the old games with rollback were given for free on the Epic store
  10. Good, lets give a try and see if the connection between us is not ass, lol. Send me a friend request, my psn id is Hecatom, with capital H at the start. I really love this game, but i cant fault people for being aprehensive with the delay netcode in this case, the online is a shoot in the dark. You can have great connections with people you didnt expect, and have problems with connections you thought were a given. Just to give you an idea. This is me playing with someone in japan The problem is not really the delay, s
  11. Given how shitty Mike McCarthy did this year as Cowboys HC, I don't want to take the chance that Jason Garrett was good coach hampered by Jerruh.
  12. I should be free this weekend. @ me whenever you want to play.
  13. @KingTubb and @Hecatom, I just downloaded Samsho 2019 on my PS4, and I should be able to play sometime this weekend, if any of you are around. does any else have this on PS4? also, I gotta say, while I have only done the tutorial and watched a few videos from Roofie, I am really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I don’t think someone could have made a game more stylistically for me if I hired them to make it. I really should have got this at launch; I was too hung up with the delay netcode (which I haven’t even tried). Honestly, if I like the game enough, I’ll find
  14. That's what pisses me off and this problem extends to multiple characters in this game, specifically after the first few updates. Because, most of the characters were hitting like trucks (at the time) when the beta and the first few patches were out. I've shown this before but Chun-Li *can* at least get 500 damage (no jump in heavy button or a CC) but she has a better time doing this in the corner. The problem sort of reminds me of Mai Shiranui in XIII where her normals were impressive, her meterless damage output amounts to absolute hot pile of shit.
  15. I’ve been cleaning all day and my leg feels like it’s about to explode. I did the following: * helped my dad run errands around town * cleaned out my freezer, fridge and pantry * cleaned the rest of my kitchen (wiped down every thing, loaded and unloaded dishes as well as hand wash the bigger dishes I couldn’t get to fit. * Cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom * Did several loads of laundry * cleaned my room almost from top to bottom. I still need to vacuum and put the rest of my framed art up. a lot of this I was going to do anywaus because I
  16. I don't think anyone here confers with the my pillow guy. You must have us confused with folks on Mexicans who think they're white Whites who think they're Native American People who drop the word Communist at the drop of a hat if you disagree with them
  17. Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will....
  18. Well I'm black and I dressed up as Hollywood Hulk Hogan for Halloween a while back so....
  19. I've been watching more and more of these arcade cabinet videos on youtube... I'm really tempted to get one of those "megacade" setups...though I'm still tempted to get an Arcade 1up machine out of pure convenience, since you can get those immediately from any Walmart....just yesterday, I checked again, halfway inclined to buy one, but I didn't see either one I would've bought---TMNT and the Mortal Kombat machine (the MK one includes the original, part 2 and Ultimate 3.) My main thing would be those CPS 1 and 2 games... since certain ones will NEVER be officially released again.
  20. I have it and it runs excellent. They obviously had to make some graphical concessions, but the game runs tight and at a consistent frame rate and uts been one of my most played games in the past 6 months.
  21. I am now wondering how many of y'all use the hard r whenever you are in your safe spaces.
  22. I was raised by the MvC2 community. So...a lot? And not on accident. Lol. I don’t use the word anymore and try not to use racial charged words (we all make mistakes) and I’ve gone over why several times over on REDACTED. But the abridged version is I said something racial insensitive around a black friend I was rooming with at Evo that year (I didn’t mean the phrase to be racial insensitive but this person took offense.). As we were going back to our room with everyone else he asked to talk to me outside in private. he explained to me that what I said was not a wo
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