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  2. They thuggin out in Poland? Also I like how we all agree with you but you actually understand what they're saying.
  3. Holy shit yeah... that dlc for SOR4 is bought day 1. I'm assuming/hoping "Commissioner" will be another new playable character. I still haven't played a lot of this game, actually... I ran thru story mode a couple of times then got sidetracked by other games.
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  5. TBF i just thought the actress (Croft) looked cute. Then niggas at srk escalated the whole thing outta proportion.
  6. I said at a casual level. Ive played 3U 4U GU and now Rise and noobies can get away with just "spin to win". Few other weapons are that forgiving
  7. That’s what happens when you put a bakery’s worth of cake on your face as an attempt to look attractive
  8. That's a pretty safe bet, especially now that we know Yashiro is in. The weird shape definitely looks more like fingers now that I zoomed in. Yeah, it's probably Shermie.
  9. Backdoor pilot for Painkiller was surprisingly good. I was totally against it at first to think
  10. Someone speculated's probably be Chris though
  11. Uhhhhhh, let's see... Who got a scarf and a bowl cut... Geese. In other news, another step closer to P4A on Steam.
  12. Also, in case anyone wondered why I think Cherry is the best character in the game, this dude explains it perfectly in a guide:
  13. I honestly can’t tell who this is. My best guess is Mercenary Tao.
  14. This is good compromise, but I don’t like that with that system we are still taxing the winning player just so his specials can function the same way they do for the other 99% of the match. It will still lead to situations where the defender is avoiding a KO for no resources and with no input and it also doesn’t address the checkmate situations that everyone hates. The lack of chip out isn’t the only thing wrong here. It’s that Mika doesn’t have to do anything to avoid dying to 4 would be fatal hits until Cody blows super, then she dumps half her VT and 2 EX bars for the kill. She sho
  15. Played SF5. Nah, all that can get tossed. Some of them are okay to terrible depending on the series. But for the most part people want more mechanics so it can save them from 5 or 6 terrible things having happened to them. Might as well go with the Sirlin idea and just put time travel in the game so you can fix all your gameplay errors.
  16. Yeah plenty of other games have mechanics like that so it’s not some far fetched thing to ask for. In GG and BB iirc you can spend meter for barrier block (I’m sorry I can’t think of the real name) which negates chip. In MK11 you are protected from chip kills while you have defensive meter and I’m pretty sure flawless blocking negates chip entirely. And like you said 3S has parries. I’m perfectly fine with chip kills being avoidable if it involves some investment or input from the defending player. But this clip is just straight up nonsense. Mika gets saved by magic pixel then get
  17. He got predictabo. EX moves should be able to chip kill. Not regular specials, but like, EX? That'd be alright.
  18. How young she looks doesn't bother me. I don't like how much she looks like a doll. She looks very artificial and I find that a little disturbing.
  19. Apparently the Arrowverse has a cyberpunk Wakanda in it's universe. Not a bad pilot episode of Painkiller but the CG City don't look good at all.
  20. Chip kills are great. I wish more games would incorporate them into the gameplay loop... with secondary defensive options. I know this sounds like parry defending, but in 3S you can counter chip kills with parries. I wish there was something like JD or whatever in more games to win in that sense, but still, even without those, chip kills would be sick.
  21. You and me both, man. The new Tales game looks possibly promising whenever that's slated for. But that's about it.
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