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  2. I opted to preorder mine from Best Buy just to get that stupid Mario Golf golf bag tag thing. I'll go grab it around 10am when they open Friday, although I won't be playing it until later when I'm done working.
  3. My lady made us steak for dinner last night. We salt them and leave them in the fridge for 12-24 hours. She cooked them in a cast iron skillet and the oven. Put a good sear on them on the stove then finish them in the oven.
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  5. 2 Nioh Games even. I can recommend both, they are great. Especially the second one, but the first one with Wirriam! isn't bad at all.
  6. Exactly. Jurassic World was the straw for me. If you movie keeps reminding me how great the original was, I'll just watch that one.
  7. Maybe the game will be where it should have been at launch by the time I'm 45. I'm only half joking. I feel bad for the devs. They told the suits but they didn't want to listen.
  8. Booooo. Every sequel has been worse than the last. Fuck JP. It’s been ruined for decades.
  9. For me, right = consistent. The less result variability that the method produces, the better.
  10. I mean, it was fine? I can easily go without having it again for a while. I just don’t really like red meat
  11. Did you enjoy it? If so, that's all that matters. If you get 10 cooks in a room together you'll get 12 different ways of cooking a steak the "right" way.
  12. Her idea? Nice. She knows what to do then. But it’s the booking that I’m scared of lol Can she beat the super mage Bliss.
  13. "Video unavailable." Susan is a steak burning, knuckle dragging savage. Fact check = True. Only one of such ilk would steal a video that speaks the truth.
  14. I have absolutely nothing to base this on but if Happy Chaos makes it as DLC I feel like he's gonna play like Adachi from P4A. Which would work for me since I was known as a toxic Adachi main
  15. The premise of Gods fighting historical figures seems interesting enough. I'll give Record of Ragnarok a few episodes before I decide if I like it or not
  16. Apparently the gimmick change was 100% her idea. So let’s see happens. I know someone mentioned on Twitter she looks like Booster Gold and I can’t fucking unsee it.
  17. I think Nikki has the ability to work this gimmick into success. The problem is, will she get booked into success.
  18. Are these translations real? Ain't no way, mane
  19. I soak my steak, bellpeppers & onions in Dale's seasoning then skillet cook mine to medium all the time, they come out great (usually). And definitely, you can't beat that grilled taste, but I suck at grilling so I'm stuck with the skillet til I gain more confidence
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