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  2. some more redhead greatness--- Grace Hancock (formerly of Collider, back when they had "TV Talk")
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  4. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/warhammer-40000-space-wolf-switch/ Quick warning---this game Warhammer Space Wolf requires an internet connection to play...just throwing out that warning for anyone who is also repulsed by such nonsense. Fortunately I wouldn't have bought it anyway since it's turn-based action going on there, but I got this info from another forum. The eShop description doesn't mention it anywhere, so some players are finding out the hard way. (hooray for good ol' false/misleading advertising)
  5. back to one of my all-time favorites... she's so lovely ... forever thankful for the old G4/TechTV era making me aware of her existence....I've been keeping tabs ever since
  6. Ear-delicious on another note... I had a short but enjoyable conversation with some co-workers (a girl and a guy; both much younger than anyone else in the office) about gaming recently... it's such a shame that any kind of romance or "hook-ups" etc. in the workplace is such a dangerous thing in the modern era, because this girl is SUCH a damn catch....I doubt she is but I absolutely would not hesitate at the chance if she were actually into me. She's unbelievably hot and very much a "gamer-girl" (the 3 of us also talked about some movies and shows for a bit).... anyone would be a fool to pass this up. This is the 1 aspect of the "working/adult" phase of life that sucks.... at least for men, since women can get away with whatever they want, generally speaking....but that situation of meeting some extremely attractive people....but knowing they are WAY off limits since they happen to work at the same place. She is at least a 9 out of 10, imo.
  7. yeah, from the release date I'd say Stadia will cease to exist in about 1 year. It definitely won't make it to 2....I keep intending to watch that YongYea vid but keep getting sidetracked since youtube's recommendations are just too damn good (every time I hit up youtube...in 2 seconds I already have about 5 youtube tabs open....it quickly spirals out of control. ) One of Doc's latest Dead Cells vids lately I've been going for brutality builds with "Phaser" teleport + the "Killer Instinct" passive, which cuts some cooldown time when you kill things...the combo of these things is ridiculous... Phaser already has a very short cooldown...and "killer instinct" with any points in brutality quickly cuts it down to *nothing*.....so the result is that you can end up spamming *teleport,kill,teleport,kill,teleport,kill* thru entire stages of enemies....it's beautiful. It naturally works well to pair this with the Assassin's Dagger, since the teleport puts you behind enemies...so you're always getting critical hits with the dagger that way. The damage further stacks up from having the brutality "Combo" passive on (+ the "phaser" adds damage to the next melee hit that happens after using it)
  8. Haohmaru's Soul Calibur VI trailer dropped.
  9. Maryam Iman - I think I have a new favorite. Her body is real. The T&A isn't augmented. 10/10
  10. @DangerousJ You are going to be the death of me fam
  11. When you secretly activate EX Mode before the fight and the other guy doesn't know it.......................... EDIT: If he had him with King's Tornado Kick, I would've walked across the planet to see his next fight.
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  13. I know Stadia was pathetic trainwreck but it's even worse than I thought. So what is everyone's over under on how long it will take Google to pull the plug? I give it until the end of the year.
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  15. LMAO!!! I came back and caught the edited post with wendy williams farting. Listen folks. You NEVER try to let one slide out. You HOLD THAT shit until you are in an area by yourself. You hold dat no matter WHAT. If you're sitting, you better stand up and strike that ninja pose, but you do NOT let the ill wind blow.
  16. yeah, to me that would be the greatest curse of vampirism.... to never be able to enjoy my favorite foods again... theoretically forever. ("forever" of course depends on if an immortal could figure out interstellar travel to get away from this world once it's finally time for the sun to go red giant phase and burn everything to a crisp....there's a few billion years before that happens though...then there's something else to worry about with the theoretical end of the universe, but that's supposedly not happening for an even further amount of time later....it's so far into the future it's difficult to even imagine such a span of time ) I'd take the deal of vampirism, but DAMN it would be a sad thing to give up my precious pizza and calzone good times....along with all my other favorite stuff---the burgers, steaks, chicken, fries, croissants, baklava, pecan pies, etc. On another note-- Crunchy Roll actually has the intro and endings all posted for Bleach; I didn't realize it until today... Bleach was the goddamn CHAMP when it came to slick intros and ending sequences/music....
  17. @MillionX Not having to eat to survive would be a nice advantage, but I wouldn't be able to go very long without tearing up a nice steak or two. Also, For anyone trying to find out where the O Man is hanging out these days: http://mixlr.com/mumia-obsidian-ali/ It stays hot up in there, so bring something to drink.
  18. ^definitely checking that in a minute... Random shit--- I'm the only one that ever thinks of this vampirism thing in such detail, I'm sure of it... it just hit me today.... I was again thinking of just how much money a person would save as a vampire for real. Assuming for certain parts of the lore also translating to reality.. No need to purchase food ever again. Let's say one spends about 25 to 30 bucks on food groceries per week, maybe more, I guess(? I tend to spend even less than this) In one year, at 30 avg. per week you're looking at $1,560.00 saved. With absolutely no food trash, your general trash that needs to be taken out is drastically less...so you probably won't require curbside trash pickup, which is more money saved. Haha I already do this anyway.... Electric bill is noticeably lower, since they can often see perfectly in the dark and do not require central heating/air....or a fridge/freezer. You'd really only need to use such devices on occasion to appear normal when guests are coming over, and they aren't aware of your secret. If flying and transformation is part of the deal, you probably wouldn't really need to use a car that often. ...but meanwhile, Double Toasted crew have a good laugh at this Tyler Perry film
  19. Paging: @MillionX Watch the video. I'm sure I won't need to explain.
  20. sheeeittttt, as I always say when I take time off... this is how life should be, man. I had today and Wednesday off, so this has been one glorious 5-day weekend going on here....where I'm doing absolutely **nothing** outside of whatever I want to do. Several occasions, I wasted time just sitting around the house like "so...what's next for today...?" It's such an amazing thing....it's like those days of being a kid again, "home alone" with not 1 single obligation to anyone or anything....whatever happens next is whatever *you* determine. The only thing that's in the way at this point is that unfortunate human need to sleep occasionally. ha, I may just stay in this 1 room and watch tv all day while browsing youtube.... my Switch is within arm's reach too, of course....annnnd I have that Vampire The Masquerade v.5 book to dig into later. I haven’t even set foot outside since Saturday. In other news
  21. Glad you like it man. Knew you would. I've seen some puppets from this company's other shows on display at Taipei International Airport. They're pretty impressive and quite large -- I think they're something like 3 feet tall. Always wanted to watch their stuff since I was a kid but there have never been any subs. Thunderbolt Fantasy is a collab between Taiwan and Japan, and there are some famous anime creators involved. Loved every minute of it. @Darc_Requiem Congrats on losing weight! Let me know how Ring Fit is. I don't need to lose weight but could def use the exercise!
  22. This was recommended after watching @Deadly_Raver 's vid. I think Raver's girl has better booty but I'm a sucker for dark haired girls.
  23. holy shit, man... they're definitely trying to pull me back in with THIS... ...and hell yeah...apparently the Vampire LORD form is coming back?!?! BRUH... this was a nitpick of mine in ESO... the vamps just aren't all that interesting in terms of abilities. The Skyrim "Volkihar" vampires introduced by the Dawnguard DLC were much more interesting to me because they had that monstrous transformation....and there was no limitation on it; you could change into your "Lord" form and just stay that way indefinitely if you wanted to....and it was deliciously overpowered.
  24. man, that was the scene. It would've been enough that he stopped Ichigo, the guy who just fought kuchiki byakuya to a standstill, with ONE finger. No, he didn't just stop the sword, he stopped the MUSIC too. ...................And cut both ichigo and renji down........................without using his sword. We all know that Aizen was NEVER supposed to be beaten. At best, they should've shut him off into a hell dimension or something by combining their total might against him, but win? No. Nope. Nope. NOPE. Sorry, but Aizen was simply too powerful for them. MAYBE the soul king, but I really don't want to get started on that mess of shoestrings.
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