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  2. Ugh. I need more tattoos.I’ve only had the one for so long. if I could find a decent artist around here I’d be covered by now.
  3. Thanks for the advice! I might go with the same artist as her... He seems... Crazy good lol
  4. I've been meaning to reply to you for a bit but haven't had a good chance to get my thoughts together. At a base level learning the one meaty and riding it for all its worth gets you started playing the game. Cammy is still top tier doing the same stuff she was doing in season 1 (canceling a good ass normal into HK spiral arrow, dashing twice and reacting to quick rise/back roll for the appropriate meaty). If you play Cammy, you can sort of ride that all the way to Diamond to be honest. The thing about top players is that they tend to crunch certain aspects of game even though what they're doing is more complicated than what they say. In this case, just get a meaty and ride it ignores a lot of the stuff than the happens when you do land that meaty. Because after you land the meaty, things get screwy with the "no defensive options" in SF5. Game was definitely designed so that a lot of characters can do a few basic things: they get a guaranteed meaty from a knockdown after dashing and play the tick throw game. On the way to master you gotta learn to shimmy properly. Shimming some characters isn't the same as shimming others. Then defending the shimmy, dealing with delay tech, baiting v-reversals, these become more relevant as you progress through the ranks. like I said, I stopped caring. But there are some people who are hella stuck in some ranks because they aren't really doing much to progress. Its still an SF game, one full of gimmicks but still SF. If you don't have footsies, you don't get anywhere. You add the amount of studying you sometimes have to do for certain things and it can get weird. I don't know exactly how people deal with Bison's pressure without going to training mode with it. One thing you have to consider about the game is that the only way to win is by being upclose. You gotta land a hit, throw or hit them with a super when they have no life. No regular chip damage really screwed up the way things interact in this game.
  5. You're good, homie. As long as you say away from the inside of the arm you'll be fine. the outside of the arm/shoulder is one of the least painful places I've been tattooed. Now the inside of the arm can be a real bitch. The absolute worst tho? The armpit. Never again. But when it comes to pain and tattooing there's a ton of factors: You're personal thresholds What you're getting and something that people don't talk about enough: Your artist and their touch. I've have tattoos that I barely noticed were happening and ones in similar places done by other people that SUCKED SO MUCH ASS, FUCK. The guy that did my sleeve had the heaviest hand ever on linework. His shading was really light. He warned me before hand lol
  6. I ain't mad! Do you have tatts on your upper arm/bicep? That's where I want mine. How was the pain if you do?
  7. Yeah, it's a slippery slope. Sounds like you're like my wife and I'm like... Your wife. Awww shoot, we married now
  8. The latest What If was good. Not as good as the Dr. Strange episode but on par with the other ones where it takes familiar scenarios and redoes them. Jordan at times sounds great but other spots I was lol. This is coming from a man that doesn't pay much attention to sound quality after decades of English anime dubs and having no problem with stuff like Medabots and even 4Kids dubs like Ultimate Muscle, that one particular scene where he keeps repeating a battle cry probably needed another take.
  9. I'm telling you guys, get yourself a Brook converter and use controllers you already own and like. Not only will you not have to spend a bunch of money searching for the right one for you, you probably won't have some of the same issues with drift. A Brook is like $30-40 and my PS4 controller works flawlessly when docked.
  10. Ugh this is so true. My kid acting like every day is a new opportunity to do the milk crate challenge on anything with height
  11. Now she is forcing me to get mine... haha But I don't have severe ADHD and the impulsivity that comes with it haha
  12. I got those from several reviews. Others complained about not waking up the Switch and still needing the joy cons to do that. Now THAT idgaf about
  13. That looks great! I've got a skull in almost the exact same spot lol and the elbow ditch is a bitch, same with the wrist. Lots of blood vessels and nerves and not a lot of fat or muscle to protect it
  14. She told me it felt like torture on her wrist and inside of the elbow lol
  15. God damnit I was hype as shit for the 5 seconds it took the Twitter link to resolve. F U.
  16. He took the coward's way out and didn't compare dick sizes.
  17. You confront many of theses people commenting on social media, they speak about how X Youtuber didn't like it or their friends' cousin or something to that effect. They have no experiences themselves, only what they heard from 2nd hand sources.
  18. Today
  19. Or this is a vocal minority that complaining. Most content owners rarely if ever say anything. So yeah I do get dismissive when it comes to people saying it "feels bad," especially as the nature of internet is more of a echo chamber than it is a place of discourse. I own several 8bitdo products, their earlier stuff had issues with loose D-pads but I didn't have any issues with my Pro controller or Pro 2 controller. As long as you don't have one of the earlier model, be you should fine. And yes a few do slip by QC and are crap, but I see it more with First party Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft Controllers having issues out of the box. See my above comments. Most of those people are parroting shit they heard from elsewhere and never had the controller.
  20. I've been pretty much reading through most of the awards on a daily basis. It's nice that there's some redemption stories that show up every so often but it's super rare.
  21. This seems goofy dismissive when we are talking about a 30 to 50 dollar input device. I get phantom downs on my SN30 Pro's D-Pad. Am I just hating to hate and complaining to complain or do these SN30 Pros actually have a repeating issue with the D-pads? What if he takes your advice, buys the controller and the D-Pad is fucked? When enough people complain about the same issue it kinda stops being a petty complaint and starts looking like a legitimate issue, dont you think?
  22. I notice people will complain about anything. I wouldn't put too much stock what other people say.
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