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  2. World of Darkness is on the move with finally showing these “creatures of the night” some love in video game form… WEREWOLF is coming too, folks: I just saw a glimpse on the WoD news from Friday’s stream (didn’t know this teaser was already months old though). Apparently this will be in IGN’s thing on June 5. Note---Unfortunately; I vaguely recall hearing about this game being quite linear...like you are playing as a predetermined character in this... hopefully that's wrong. Like with the vamps, in World of Darkness there's various types of werewolves out there
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  4. ha, nice... and interesting. Also, she's pretty damn hot, imo... she could definitely get bent over the couch on a regular basis. Bonus points for the accent. That isn't one of my favorites but at least it's something. I always consider anything other than the various "southern U.S." to be an instant upgrade. (*Absolute top tiers for me are the Irish, Brit and Aussie accents) Funny thing... I think an experiment like this is the only way they can truly grasp the difference between men and women when it comes to this aspect of life. (I don't think most people are capable of seeing "outside" themselves, y'know? ...seeing things from a different perspective.) She noticed that she had to be the one initiating everything, and often getting little to no response. On the flip side---all the typical woman has to do is "exist" and she will get a long line of potential suitors...even if she's a middle-ground "5 out of 10" on her best day.
  5. watching a vid lately and someone brought up the fact that this is actually year 9 on the marriage of Steph and Ayesha Curry....annnnd they live in California.....woops (*after 10 years of marriage in CA, apparently that's when you can get **lifetime** alimony.) Well, it's pretty much a safe bet a divorce will "suddenly" happen next year....probably soon after the anniversary. Oh how shocking that would be. How surprising. Also notice how she lost some weight recently and posted that bikini pic on the 'gram.... Steph is probably the only person that is unaware of what's about to happen here.
  6. Last week
  7. ppl will see this shit and still think the same dumb ass way they have always thought, shit is sad
  8. Looks leagues better than that valorant shit. That being said it still looks about as good as blops3 which is a 5 year old game XD That always online shit needs to go
  9. day 1 buy right here If there's a "Special Edition" (and most likely yeah since that's nearly everything these days) I want that too. edit---internet connection required....OF COURSE.
  10. When they catch you trying to play a real game instead of a glorified ladder climbing simulator with pretty graphics.
  11. lol my bad. All the shit that is constantly going down got me feeling a certain way and it isn't a good feeling I promise you. 2020 and still seeing shit like this..... Reminds me of when I was in high school and they always forced us to watch this little news program during first period. They had the Susan Smith ordeal happening at the time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Smith I said as soon as I saw the bs they was showing us that noway someone just gonna take your kids for a carjacking.......shit didn't make sense, I said right then and there that she killed them kids and blamed it on a black person. Like 14 year old me is saying this, and you wouldn't believe the ugly faces the teachers gave me when I said it too. Like just pure hate and disgust. They acted like they forgot all about it when the truth came out though.
  12. 5/27/20: Forum software updated with minor bugfix patch Tweaked embeds so they show up centered Got off my lazy ass and fixed facebook embeds too -- they should show up properly on dark themes now.
  13. Alright I'm going to just remove that link then since I don't need that filth anywhere near here. Also, all embeds should be looking correct on dark themes now. I've fixed twitter, instagram, and facebook -- do people use anything else?
  14. ha, I already love this story https://www.dailywire.com/news/lead-singer-of-christian-rock-band-hawk-nelson-says-he-no-longer-believes-in-god?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro ...just too bad I don't have time to read through ALL the comments on it that were on facebook----it was obviously an insane amount (something like 1,300+ comments/replies) It surprises me that more people don't figure that at some point in life--- "The Problem of Evil" should naturally come to mind at some point. I guess it actually is true that most people never bother to truly think for themselves when it comes to certain things....and/or the indoctrination runs so deep that it becomes impossible for them to question any of it. Problem of Evil is an argument that doesn't appear to have a solid, reasonable answer from what I've seen... the more "religiously inclined" people will usually fall back on the old saying "...well, the Lord works in mysterious ways." or something to that effect.
  15. https://news.yahoo.com/japan-police-arrest-man-kyoto-012502600.html Can't wait to see this guy hang
  16. haha this one was gold The awkwardness powerlevel of this dork in the pink shirt is off the charts, man
  17. lol imagine being a piece of shit and having a job you probably don't deserve and all you have to do to keep said job is not be a piece of shit on video, good going Amy Cooper
  18. These cacs just going hard af these days.....gee I wonder why? [LINK REMOVED BY MISTERBEE] Don't click that link at work, shit is a literal white supremacist website. It's funny cause they using it to single out white women that date outside of their "race" and has all sort of garbage on it but they claim it isn't a hit list lol foh.
  19. @MillionX Apparently the video was edited to make dude look bad. According to the pinned comment dude went on two dates with her and she was actually the one crushing on him.
  20. ohoooo I knew this would be gold for a variety of reasons.... hahaha “this dude’s so deep in the friend zone, he’s 6 feet under it.” nice. Will I ever tire of seeing stuff like this, or this topic in general? Probably not. y'know, I think to be classified as "boring" is actually far worse than being "too nice" or "such a sweet guy!".... to be boring is to know absolute pure hopelessness in that aspect of life for the rest of time, imo.
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