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  2. it's bizarre that my old college buddy was also a big Transformers fan...and yet he never bought Devastation. I kept telling him about it to the point where it probably got annoying; eventually I gave up trying to sell him on that. I figured anyone who was a fan of 80s-era Transformers would've been all over that game day 1 without hesitation. My frustration with that though--- not enough characters playable....also would've been cool to play as Decepticons.
  3. Im glad GIJOE is getting a game with cel shaded graphics. I dont now if it will be good or bad, but if its atlleast simple fun, that would be a win. Im glad they are using the new toyline designs (which are basically tweaked versions of the classic 1982-1994 Real american Hero era.) Pretty cool that we have a Transformers cel shaded game that was pretty good in the same console generation.
  4. Comics are really the best medium for GI Joe. Folks of my generation have fond memories of the old cartoon, but the sad reality is that it was effectively handicapped due to how much insane censorship was at play back then....here we have a cartoon about 2 opposing military-style factions that have firearm weapons....in an era where animated characters are not allowed to be shown actually shooting other human characters. (robots and some creatures are ok to be shown getting shot though) It was rare to even see characters just get punched or kicked. There was a later 1992-ish version called GI Joe Extreme but I barely remember anything other than it existed....much later we get GI Joe: Sigma 6 on Saturday mornings...that was early 2000s, I think....had soo much potential and great art direction, imo but didn't last long. It surprises me that GI Joe has been a rare thing to see in the world of videogames. There was a rare arcade game, and an old NES game i *think...and some random junk here and there based off those live-action movies if I recall. 2d-wise I would've loved a Contra-style GI Joe game...modern era I'd definitely go for a 3rd Person perspective Gears of War or Lost Planet style thing.
  5. yeah, the majority of what I've heard getting airtime on the radio in the past several years is straight trash, actually. There's so many that I keep thinking would be laughed at if you went back in time and let anyone from the 70s, 80s or 90s take a listen to these people... they would think it's some "wacky song parody" from a morning zoo show like Stern, or Tom Joyner or whatever else.... like ---"hahaha what did Jackie Martling and Bobo the Clown help come up with this one, bruh?" I just watched Cat's Eye on blu-ray earlier today... first time I've seen it since I was a little kid, actually. The coolest thing to me is still the story involving that evil gremlin creature that kept causing trouble. It would've been great if they made a toy/action figure out of that... also---right at the beginning of Cat's Eye, there's an apparent cameo appearance of Christine, or at least a car that looks suspiciously similar to it.
  6. I dont want to get political , but here's a cute pic of Rudy Giuliani's daughter and Kamala
  7. I know nothing about GI Joe. Maybe it's time to start reading all those comics. GI Joe and Transformers are in the same universe and work together now...
  8. Yesterday
  9. Toy Galaxy finally covered this one For years it seemed like I was the only dude that actually remembers this shit. Imagine how awesome it would be with today's level of special effects. and yeah... Automan himself is soooooo OP it's insane. I love it.
  10. holy crap I've never heard of this nonsense until now... I'll bet they managed to get so many major names in this because they (or at least their agents) figured this was prime Oscar-bait material (the usual routine of "big-name" star plays someone with a certain handicap) right here. haha that part where they "CG-deleted" the rest of Gary Oldman's legs, man
  11. Last week
  12. yeah, I saw it coming...since here it is August and there was still no date yet https://www.ign.com/articles/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2-delayed-to-2021 https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2-delayed-to-2021/ar-BB17PsUS?ocid=bingoverlay VtM: Bloodlines 2 delayed to 2021. My other "vampire" games will have to suffice until then... it's awesome that lately there's actually some options now, with at least Vampyr and Code Vein (*vampire fans no longer have to tolerate Elder Scrolls games... I enjoyed Skyrim but the general unreliable nature that is typical of shit-ass Bethesda's games ultimately ruined it for me....it's no longer a good time if every time you enter or leave any given area in a game's world...you're also wondering if it's going to crash....again. It is unlikely I'll ever play their games again.)
  13. I think you were just willing to put up with more jank when you were a kid...
  14. Kinda getting back into KoF XIII. damn game is fun, sad the roster is that small.
  15. I've been watching this guy's GEARS vids lately... the skills are absolutely ridiculous
  16. ha, funny that I saw a notification that Boyce Watkins just went live... I can't help but wonder---why at this odd time? I forgot where he is, actually...but if he's west coast this is about 1:30 am... if he's east coast this is 4:30 am; most of his target audience would be sleep at this time, most likely... the only people up are weirdos like me that have very odd strange sleep habits. I don't even recall when I faded out to dreamland last night... I just remember waking up fully rested about an hour or so ago. speaking of dreamland it would be great if they had some device to record those, so you could enjoy them again later.... I was just telling someone about a "UFO/Conspiracy" one I had years ago--- basically I was allowed to see what we had hidden away at some secret "area 51"-ish location...in the dream, what I saw immediately had me understand exactly why this should all be kept secret.... so in the storyline of that dream---I then became part of the big conspiracy.... one of those "Oh... it all makes sense now..." moments.
  17. Given how consumed I was with this game until I finished it, I got a good laugh out of this one.
  18. Earlier
  19. Actually who should I watch footage of to learn Hilde?
  20. I loves EX plus Alpha as a kid, got blisters multiple time playing it on controller. This one, It's just weird.
  21. When it got announced during the PS5 reveal I thought it looked pretty meh. I might give it a shot at some point though.
  22. I haven't played it since launch either. I tried to give it a fair shot but I remembered how much I don't like how Street Fighter EX games feel.
  23. sheeeitttttttttt As Bison would say "This is DELICIOUS!"... THIS is easily a day 1 for me.
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