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  1. people are saying it's botan but it's closer to shermie
  2. I hope the extra skins are the OG costume for Ryu. And now I want a Power Ranger Ryu action figure too lol
  3. Wow I thought the first batch were entirely gone because of lawsuit, So he was the Raiden that returned in MK3. I wasn't following the MK scene. that's a smart move for ED. I do believe pessina's influence on the oriental theme of MK and also some moves in the choreography because of the video in the making, but the rest kinda doubtful and his take is kinda prone to exaggeration. It's either boon, leaf guy or carlos to clear this out. I was looking on Carlos account but he seems not active on twitter. im kinda just surprised i was expecting the two to be good pals
  4. At first I thought it could some smear thing because cage wasn't in the film and it was from NRS, but coming from john kinda makes it believable because it's not NRS thing. I don't believe that the point were 100% true but there is likely a huge exaggeration on pessina part. I'm also surprised that Ed boon doesn't give a statement but him ignoring the issue is better.
  5. Wow Ryu has better hadouken effects and hadouken tricks here than mvci lol
  6. Capcom Explained How Its Internal Server Got Compromised Capcom published a new update on the ransomware attack inflicted against its internal server in November 2020. It added more details on how the attack happened, as well as announced countermeasures taken to prevent another attack in the future. The cyberattack route was traced back to an old VPN device that was kept for emergency backup. Although Capcom had shifted to newer VPN devic
  7. Yeah the was monitoring the usage of characters was part of their job same does harada did in the early days of tekken, Initially thought is was related to people because of the current movie but it was john I was surprised, they were supposed to be the one that are buds and out of netherealm. I seen some of the interview before. John even denied the existence of leaf guy that pessina mentioned in interview also on the sonya kiss.
  8. I remembered @Doctrine_Darkwas active on that thread.
  9. Ops I thought it was just random people calling him out, quite a surprise it was between him and John.
  10. I am obligated to address some concerns that fans have brought to my attention in recent weeks. There has been comments on Twitter pretending to be people who know the real truth about the creation of the MK franchise. These Twitter users who refer to stories that I’ve shared in many occasions as “alternative facts” or “BS”. The reality is that these stories are not just shared by me in interviews but fellow cast members and crew that can corroborate to many of these moments during the making of the game but unfortunatel
  11. Back in 2017 we wrote about how Michael Latham was working on resurrecting Eternal Champions with a spiritual successor titled Eternal Successor; which never came to fruition but looked pretty awesome.
  12. The guy made a documentary about MK Theme like a year ago Then he finally made an interview with the guy this april but people in the comment section claiming it was her brother in law that scream that, yet still no response and what will happen
  13. nice ending with chun glitch, that would be amazing if they find a way to include blanka wazarudo lol
  14. Wow that's great I only knew a animating in flash and a tiny bit of maya lol
  15. How I wished I am, LOL I'm just gathering opinion, i'm kinda concern to know the pros and cons of everything. I do have a SF fan project game that probably wouldn't happen. So someday if I had the time again I hope to learn to code again and learn a game engine . I also have a dream fighting game project that is based on FG tropes, that I assemble like 3 years ago. It had already a lore based astrology and mystics which are concepts based from my fanfics posted in character threads and story threads.
  16. Hi guys about reading input again What do you think about SNK's like QCB, DB, F and F, B, HCF Is snk like motion more prone to mistake of executing a special move instead compare to Capcom's QCFx2 or SNK motion is better? Is SNK motion had purpose in terms of precision concern
  17. Thanks guys for the informative in depth stuff.
  18. I was thinking and I thought there is something that might made it on purpose to stay the like that way of execution to avoid conflict on combo stuff to be precise and different in motion to the ordinary special version. I was wrong. Thanks for clarifying
  19. I forgot EX moves haha I mean if EX moves were Map differently like to LP+MP and supers were like to MP+HP or something if EX moves didn't exist in SF6. like does it make comboing does a conflict with the ordinary special to the super moves or etc? I should have rephrase it into, Is there something beneficial and convenient with QCFx2 motion supers for future SF games
  20. What if's super input for SF6 would be change to be similar to Mavhel like games, for example if the exection from QCFx2 P change to QCF LP+MP or MP+HP Does that cause a huge or slight change to the fundamentals of gameplay for an SF? Thank you very much
  21. Even some even thought that Capcom didn't choose cell shaded anime style because of the costume DLC possibilities and limitation, which kind a misconception. The thing is DLC costume are still possible to cell shaded anime style that are commonly used even before XRD's engine was ever created and became popular as a comparison or a standard for cell shaded anime like in games. What some didn't realize to be specific and exclusive with XRD's engine/technology is the 2D feel in the animation and dynamic attribute not the cell shaded anime style which can be done in other
  22. there were concept art of mvci which is more anime like arc sys but probably turned it down for the hyper realistic It's like Capcom is moving away with anime style because of the other anime games and it wanted to standout among the crowd of anime fghter but choices ends up bad the nearest would could thinking about anime style is TVC, TVC artstyled aged better than MVCI unpopular opinion I like TVC artstyle than MVC3
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