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  1. When Steve Irwin was asked what animal he fears most, he said hippos. They are the complete opposite of the lazy, slow fat bums they're often portrayed as in cartoons.
  2. Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries is such a fun high-score attack. I'm rediscovering it on the PS4 rerelease. I completely forgot that it runs at a constant 60 fps, and there's a Mercenaries "No Mercy" mode that takes advantage of the better hardware and floods the map with enemies (like the new modes on the Devil May Cry rereleases). For "No Mercy", they made tweaks that made it more fun and made useless characters way more usable or even top tier. They kept all the fun broken stuff like weapon switch cancelling and the coup-de-grace grenade trick. There's now ammo drops for the he
  3. You're right. I know they're mostly shit tests to test overall attention-to-detail--I was just using that as an example for actually outrageously picky people who do that for real. Maybe I should've used the stereotypical Starbucks order. I know Kanye ordered a Hennessy-Coke-slushie machine on tour that I'm sure just wasn't a shit test. ngl sounds baller as hell
  4. All the shit I posted was mostly not even being picky and preferential but about people making bad judgments of entire foods when they only experienced the worst of it [/lifemetaphor]. And reasonings based on objective food science. I wasn't even like "I only drink 150ppm spring water at 76F through a titanium straw in a crystal skull" or whatever Beyonce had for that rider request. Here's my first, actual unpopular opinion for the thread: Coke Zero > Coke. After having Zero for so long and trying the original for the first time in a while, Coke is cloyingly sweet and syru
  5. Whole lotta whack blanket statements in here. If someone said "Games are dumb. I played Farmville so I'm a gamer and that is dumb so games are dumb," you know y'all would seethe. That's what it's like when you guys are describing "steak" instead of "ribeye, strip, filet, etc." Or "Tea/coffee is bad. I had Lipton's/Folgers all the time and it's terrible so tea is crap." I know this is the unpopular opinions thread, but there's a whole lot of underinformed opinions here. "Steak should be rare." There's multiple cuts of beef that can be steaks, and they all need to b
  6. Follow-up: he inverted the stereo channels by accident. A fan corrected the problem, and Koshiro approved the fan's file. Here is the fixed "Go Straight"
  7. The purest form of Streets of Rage 2's "Go Straight" released by Yuzo Koshiro himself on his Twitter. Grab it now.
  8. Do you read the Korean webcomic "Solo Leveling"? Sounds right up your alley.
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