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  1. Hey look we have a trailer and official release date now.
  2. On release the game will have sword, spear, dagger, and axe. I will be adding at least 4 more "main" weapons, and 8 new sub weapons. Think of sub weapons as special moves and projectiles, like a crossbow.
  3. Here are some WIP gifs. Push Block in action, throwing some idiot into a pit and killing him. Axe player reads the tech roll and pushes. These gifs were too big so imgur turned them into videos. But yeah. Check em out.
  4. Hey. Its me. Rabbit, from OG SRK. I made a platform fighting game. It comes out in May in the Humble Monthly Bundle. I'll be releasing a retail version shortly after, and it will have new features. Let me tell you a little bit about the game. Knight Club is a 2-4 player platform fighting game. Your attacks are determined by the weapon you choose. The controls are fairly simple, and will intuitive to anyone who is familiar with... *gulp* SMASH. However, Knight Club does have a handful of mechanics that put it in line with a more traditional style of fighting game. You
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