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  1. Yes, now you can murder nerds who attempt to take the last Transformers toys on the aisle.
  2. Wouldn't doubt it, just show up to the picket lines wearing this:
  3. Some of you may remember this, but it has been a hot ass minute. It is time for: SUNDAY FUNKDAY! Share if you want or just enjoy the sweet, sweet boogying of good tunes.
  4. Start of greatness, love the Tbolts.
  5. Thank you very much, I think you are pretty great as well.
  6. No, not at all. I am not saying this to be mean or disrespectful but I have no idea who you are or even remember you from SRK. The only thing related to B-Tier with you is random people asking me if you were the same person, and we cleared that up pretty quickly. Besides you do not post like him and seem to take into account others feelings in regard to your actions, so that is a plus. I get and respect your stance, change is a slow process for many. But from what I can tell you aren't actively "Ra Ra I hate these people" all the time for no apparent reason other than blind hatred, seems
  7. I get your point, but for me I just accept people by who they are and don't attempt to judge many unless pressed to do so. I like to simmer hatred and misogyny with kindness, trying to get them to open up or at least divert their topic to something else. Most of the time hatred and annoyance is built out of trauma and fear, and I overcame a lot of my issues through a positive outlook and not wanting to fall into the same trappings that kept me down. So in a sense I pity people like that and have a optimistic outlook that anyone at any time can realize what they are doing and say "I do not
  8. He has surprisingly left a long legacy of angry people in his wake. I always got along with him. Then again I get along with most everyone so that isn't saying much.
  9. I am almost positive that will also set them off and start a twitter war over genitalia types.
  10. Hickman is pretty much the man, his FF and Avengers runs are top tier. His current work on X-Men is also shaping up to be a phenomenal event.
  11. You sure dive deep into drama for no apparent reason Aries, but like Million and his weird fascinations with any woman on television, I wouldn't know about these situations otherwise. So keep on trucking my man.
  12. I dig the idea of it, I individually really enjoy Bucky and Sam as Captain America. They both have strong reasons for being the one, and carry the mantle well. If I remember right they re-signed Chris Evans so who knows how it'll end up. But if he comes back as Commander Rogers with the sick ass outfit and holo-shield I'd mark out. Edit: I'm kind of excited for the Heroes Reborn stuff surprisingly. Always been a big fan of Squadron Supreme and Hyperion in general since teen me read eXiles and the "King Hyperion" run, and his subsequent appearances. I think they are strong characters
  13. Always better to focus on better things in life that aren't trying to needlessly bring you down. Like me I'm awesome and shit.
  14. I mean I like to get freaky, but I am pretty far from the feminine scale of this. So we are at an impasse it seems.
  15. Uh, no? I have all the Bru run in singles and in a collected hard omnibus. I followed him after into Fear Itself, and then after that with him leading the Thunderbolts before falling off Mahvel babey. Also MCU Bucky was a thing before the show so, not sure who here is specifically just watching this for the first time and going "Damn that white dude got a metal arm! And feelings! Hardcore fan now!"
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