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  1. Streetformers: Martial Artists in Disguise is the stuff of nightmares.
  2. Exactly, it worked so well. Plus his charisma and martial arts background, that and I'd just like more of a spotlight for him. Ahh well, new one seems to have the one important thing, fight choreography. So it should at least be entertaining from a punching someone in the face mentality.
  3. Shoulda got Black Dynamite for the role. It was right there.
  4. I may get back into wrassling, been about two years of very minimal viewing due to burnout and real life situations just making it more a hassle than anything. Probably start with WK for this year if I can find it, and of course the Rumble is coming up so that's something.
  5. Almost done with fractured but whole, I keep dragging my feet about completing it for no particular reason. Also started my Mana collection with more enthusiasm this time, going through Secret of Mana first.
  6. Some weird topics just simultaneously get talked about in here I tell you hwhat.
  7. Riveting thought process there. I can see how this thread is hip happenin' with activity now. Also Jax looks like Steve Harvey on roids.
  8. Didn't realize I obtained the KL Blood skin for Skarlet, rendering my current KL skin moot. Like well fuck maybe I'll get it in white instead lol. Been mostly working on Subs and Scorps, debating Shang and a few others. I actually find Scorpion fun in this game but online he's like the Brazilian Ken of SFV, gets no respeck. Even when I use spacing, footsies, and chip smartly while doing actual combos, and don't teleport/uppercut like a maniac people still throw shade. Poor Scorpy, one day they will love you.
  9. I can fully believe John Cena can destroy Decepticons 1v1. They can't see him after all, he can hustle his way into a tactical position and take them down.
  10. About the only potato chip I enjoy is like...Pringles I guess? Salt-reduced plain. Most of them taste like grease to me these days and interfere with meds. I mostly eat tortilla chips, rye chips, or just make some french fries if I want to munch on something, I can control salt intake better as well.
  11. I'm all for Super Saiyan Cat-Mario fighting Gojira Bowzilla while lil' Bowser Jr. just sips his soda and watches.
  12. If I had my way it would already be gone and forgotten about, but we have a thumbs down policy of democracy in action. So just ignore the stupidity and vote it down if it makes you uncomfortable and move on, commenting about what they post only strokes the fires of immaturity they want to drivel on about. In other news MK11 has been fun, about all I've been doing.
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