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  1. ben and jerrys never seemed to state theyre anti-isreal..they just seem to be pro palestine. apparently no one can read in the 21st century. i blame twitter.
  2. i just saw the jeff bezos space flight. 1st off, seems like a waste of money 2, the rocket was hilariously phallic looking. 3, they were in space less time than we spend on a toilet. 4, amazon wont let you review the video. prob cuz they know peeps are gonna rag on it. gonna assume jeff got some tax loop thing from it. then again, he was brave enough to be on board so maybe not. 6, not sure what the point is of having private citizens in space. 7. too many dummies on youtube comments keep calling it fake news and staged. makes me wonder if everyone keeps getting dumber by the year. maybe the movie Idiocracy is prophetic or something.
  3. have you guys seen these dope boss battles yet? im hyped for this release he sorta reminds me of a mix of vergil and noctis.
  4. fuck man. why does every large tv these days come with 2 legged stands? i just want single leg stand. dead center under the tv smfh. only company that seems to make the single leg stand is sony. good ole sony.
  5. matter of fact. if a girl got 10 to 20 pounds of titties. and 15 pound ass. aint no way in the world her brain is getting enough blood and nutrition to maintain brain cells. all that extra meat aint free. it needs feeding. and the brain starves to death. you wont see curvy girls like dolly parton or the kardashian bitches winning noble prizes anytime soon. same thing with guys. john holmes may have been clinically retarded. that 10 inch dick needs blood to pump it up. guess where that blood is coming from. thats right, the brain. its why we get stupid when we think with our dicks. me included. so you can forget about finding th perfect girl in life. she wont have genius IQ and 36 24 36 measurements. its mathematically impossible lmfao. there just isnt enough blood carrying oxygen and nutrition in the human body to serve 2 masters. either blood is going to T&A or its going to the brain. one or the other, never both. just my theory from experience.
  6. its the "hotter da body, smaller the brain" math equation.
  7. i hear this game has gdlk netcode...but a shitty roster. opinions on its roster?
  8. i was thinking of another old show this morning. the love boat. how awesome it was to watch as a kid. then i thought why was that show cancelled. then i realized why. aids. aids happened. then the love boat became the "ew get away from me" boat. fantasy island was cool too.
  9. if you remember. when lost premiered back in 2004. there were two more awesome shows that also premiered around the same time. one was prison break, the other was heroes. 1st season of both shows was incredible. but season 2 of both show sucked booty. if yall remember, there was a writer's strike spanning all hollywood.. after season 1. and prison break and heroes got hit hard. cuz those season 2s sucked. they sucked hard. season 3 of prison break was good tho. but the damage was done. im gonna be rewatching both season 1 of both shows soon.
  10. ive been watching lost. the old tv show. after watching it on amazon 3x in a row. i realized we were all wrong in thinking the creators had copped out in stating the ilsand was purgatory. yunno how we all jumped to the conclusion that they were all dead n the island was the afterlife. er. wrong. we fucked up. we didnt pay attention. final ep. last season. jack asks his dad at the church were everyone is gathered, and asks if he himself is dead. and his says yea your dead. then cry n hug. but. here is the big but. before that. ben tells hurley "you were a great #1" aka leader of the others. because it showed that after jack beats the smoke monster. hurley becomes the new leader. cuz ben on the island tells him. i guess your the new number 1. hurley outside the church says "you were a great #2" back to ben. and those two lines bro. explain that the church scene were everyone is gathering. happens loooooooooooong after the events of the island. cuz ben would only compliment hurley on being a great leader of the others unless many many years of hurley actually being a leader had passed. and when i realized the monumental importance of these 2 lines between these two characters. when i realized that the church scene in the final ep was happening long after the events of the island. i realized we are all freakin stupid back in 2010 when we all watched it, and goofed in assuming that when we heard christian tell jack he was dead. we thought they were dead since day 1 aka the plane crash. n the island was purgatory. nah. the island was real. they werent dead. but the church scene was purgatory/afterlife. but not in the same time frame as the rest of the entire show. it doest explain what the island is. but after watching 3x it seems the creators are connotating the island is...multidimensional cuz of not only the weird shit happenings. but when jack drops the a bomb. final season shows the what if alternate universe. where the plane never crashes n they live different lives. which goes back to dbz where krillin explains to trunks. "you cant change your own personal past trunks. but if we manage to change things, kid trunks life will be different. but your past stays the same." which is exactly what happens in final season of lost. damn thats a great show. now i see. final season was actually good.
  11. lol, i always think everything that was on nindy is exclusive to em. cuz nindy
  12. that moment when youve been working hard for 3 days straight during the hot summer. and you forget its the hot summer. and you crash cuz your electrolytes are too low. i can guzzle a entire big ass gallon of gatorade right now if i had any.
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