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  1. straight up forgot how to link thots from ig onto here lol my av describin how im feeling rn
  2. brace yourself....https://www.instagram.com/p/B0J9-38Dsjo/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. in my world no such thing. but im into pears tho. i luv a big chest but if i had to choose between a fat azz and big ole titties. booty wins. doggy with a girl with a phat ss is like banging the warmest rippliest pillow. just feels good. idk thats just me.
  4. warning. not safe for work, school...life in general. you may lose your sanity if you watch. viewer discretion is advised.
  5. everyonelovesbarbie couldnt find the pic of her i wanted to post, which is better
  6. mm. the tattoos im planning to do arent very complex. theyre actually pretty simple. my concern is the pain factor not so much the drawing it out. i think its easier on someone's brain to have someone else prick you than for you to do it yourself
  7. im thinking of buying a tattoo kit and giving myself tattoos. what do you guys think? good idea? bad idea?
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