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  1. Ah, Thanos. He represents God who became evil. You don't want to end up like Thanos since you will eventually lose by self destruction. A hero or a group of heroes will also stop you. That is how karma works. The law of cause and effect which is simple physics is karma. The villain will eventually lose unless he turns to the Light like Darth Vader. Darth Vader also represents God who allowed his inner demons or dark side to consume him. And to just put it out there Sephiroth is the same type of character as Darth Vader. The name Sephiroth refers to God. The Tree of Life. Look it up, it's true.
  2. There are many pure ones here who are Sikhs. They are dressed in white. I saw one of them who showed his eyes as glowing light. Just like Dr. Manhattan. They might be Supreme beings.
  3. My Dad can pick up a 50 pound bag of fertilizer with one hand like it's nothing. He would hold the bag on the long side and at it's edge. I can't do that and I'm pretty strong. My Dad also doesn't keep track of what's going in the world anymore. Well he kind of does. Things that normal people would know he wouldn't know. Sometimes I think he is acting like he doesn't know. He can sleep on command, too. I wish I can do that.
  4. I believe that most things you learn in school are based on lies. Everything you need to know is within you and in Nature/God. What is within is what is outside in the Natural World. You can also educate yourself without school. You can just use the internet or go to libraries to learn the truth, but a good chunk of stuff on the internet and in libraries are lies.
  5. The worst aspect of human nature is to choose to disconnect from God/Universe/Nature/Spirit. Atheism is the worst belief system/religion you can ever have. When you are an atheist you are prone to being miserable, dumb, evil, weak, and fearful/full of negative emotions. I believe that an atheist goes to Hell guaranteed. The best part of human nature is their ability to realize they are God and their ability to embody Love.
  6. Kombucha is good stuff. I'm drinking some right now with holy water from Lourdes that has the energies of the words God, love, and perfect. It has probiotics that helps you process food. Without probiotics you will be really unhealthy.
  7. What's a troll to you? A troll is a person that "intentionally" bothers people. I don't do that. I am only being myself and people get bothered/offended/triggered. That's not my fault. It's the fault of the person who got offended. What did DangerousJ do with his comment towards me? Hmm? What did he do? What was his intent behind that comment? All I do is say something and make honest observations based on logic and intuition. I simply know things. I don't really like to bother people on purpose. I like peace and harmony, but when some punk does something rude, I fight back to correct them, but not always though. I can tell how people are by sensing their intent and energy. I am able to reflect back to the person what they are. That's not trolling. That's only telling them the truth. What DangerousJ said to me was a lie meant to offend me or a wrong assumption meant to meant to offend me. People assume so much wrong stuff about me. I find that hilarious. I say things that are true and people think I am lying or crazy. Why would I lie? A lot of the stuff I say are actually true. When you look that stuff up you will find out that I am not making up bullshit. There are evidence for them to be true. Believing in the things that I say about physics, meditation, intent affecting reality, and other spiritual stuff will actually be to your benefit. I don't mind if you guys don't agree with me or me believe though. The stuff that I talk about will actually free you from all your suffering.
  8. Women often annoy me. They betrayed me many times in my past lives. They angered me to the point of insanity. My past lives issues carried over into this life. These are the reasons why I just avoid them now. I am still in the process of releasing much bad energy or bad emotions within me. It's highly likely that when all this bad energy within me is gone the perfect woman will appear. You attract what you are. There are reasons why monks avoid women. One reason is that it makes it easier for them to reach enlightenment since not having women around will prevent them from going crazy.
  9. Ha ha ha! It's not like that, dude. It's like how Krishna's energy affects a woman heart. Their love within their hearts overrides their self control. If they let themselves really go out of control they will be all over me. One girl actually started moving like a flame for me. It looked like a dance of fire. Look it up. Krishna the Hindu God had that affect on women. And people like you gets affected by me, too. I trigger your hate. Any person with a lot of charisma has that affect on women. I don't even chase after women. They come to me but I tend to reject them or do nothing since I am socially awkward. I still need to work on my social skills. Actually, I can be pretty good at socializing when I relax and just start flowing.
  10. Hello. I'm new here but I am from old SRK.
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