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  1. That makes sense and it can be true, but I don't agree. This seems to be a case where opposing views are both true.
  2. Using intuition to call people out can be pretty brutal on the person being called out. You basically become their mirror.
  3. A Peeps flavored Pepsi? How would that taste like? Cotton candy flavored Coke would be good, IMO.
  4. This will be the last post to acknowledge anyone that opposes me. Any person that attempts to troll me will be put on ignore forever. Arguing truly is moronic when you do it with morons and I am guilty of that.
  5. Unfortunately, I'm not as mature as you yet, Serpent. I'm trying to get there though.
  6. Man, I barely played SF3. There is an arcade here that has 3S, maybe I should go there to play it. I could also go there to play SF4 and Battle Gear. Playing with no internet lag will be more fun, but there are hardly any people there. I play 3S without all the extra tools included in the game like parries and I just play it like I usually do. My playstyle is very simple. I feel connected to Urien in that game. I never played Gill, but I'm pretty sure he will match my playstyle.
  7. I don't speak with people who don't know what and where their soul is unless they are open to realizing their true identity. I don't speak with people who are not in touch with their souls/hearts like atheist unless that atheist is open minded. Your soul produces your emotions. It actually creates everything that you are and it's who you are. If you do not understand your soul/true identity, you might be a soulless person, therefore I do not want to waste my time with you because you are basically a lifeless zombie. Your soul is your life. It seems that humans must earn their souls
  8. Thoughts and emotions are one, emotions come from the soul/heart therefore they are a priority over thoughts from the mind/brain. Emotions are closer to your true intent and are from your true self that knows what is true. Humans have been programmed to disconnect from their souls/emotions/spirit. They have been fooled into thinking that the mind/thoughts should be the priority. Oh how backwards that is. Humans are now a bunch of robots due to the misunderstanding of their nature.
  9. Cisco is so soft that he couldn't even handle my avatar. Heh heh heh!
  10. Simple is best. If you can't state it simply, you don't really understand it very well, but you do though. Simple words can have infinite meaning. The Yin Yang explains the entirety of the Universe with Its Infinite Meaning in one image. The Yin Yang is a fractal.
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