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  1. People will deny the truth and run away from it, but it will eventually get to them. You will even see it on TV soon. Due to the arrogance of the ignorant, they will always mock the ones that truly know. That's just how it works.
  2. Ah, It doesn't matter. All truth will be revealed and all lies will be exposed soon. It's going to be forced on you, too since it's going to be everywhere and you will not be able to hide from it. Your cognitive dissonance will cause you much pain since you will resist the truth.
  3. You think I am speaking nonsense, but that only means you can't make sense of it because you do not understand it. The basis of your understanding of quantum physics is based on a total lie therefore your whole reality is a lie. If you watch this channel, you might learn what light really is, but you likely won't due to being heavily brainwashed:
  4. I already know that I will never convince most of you here. Your body is literally made out of electrons which is light. If light has no mass than you would have no material existence. The ancients have always known this and they were a lot smarter than us. Light is like water. It's the water of life itself. How can something that has no existence exist? That's total nonsense, people. Mankind did degrade since the Golden Age. We are in the Iron Age of Darkness, but we are in transition back to the Golden Age of Light.
  5. Light can speed up and slow down. This has been known for years.
  6. It's only common sense that your body is made out of literal solid light. Mainstream quantum physics is totally wrong and you guys will find out soon why it's wrong. Much of the scientific and historical facts you learned in school is wrong. School is just for brainwashing especially liberal schools. The only reason why you want to go school is to get a job. The Liar works heavily in liberal schools.
  7. No thanks on the videos. I have realized that current quantum theory is wrong after learning from Roger Spurr at Mudfossil University on YouTube and Facebook. Quantum theory these days is too convoluted, confused, and complicated. The real thing is actually very simple, but scientists like to make it complicated. It's so simple that even a child can understand it.
  8. Mass is a requirement for existing things to be material things. Everything in the material realm has an existence other than the container called space. Space is a special case though. It exist and it doesn't exist. It exist as an empty container, but this container contains nothing unless you count the matter and light within it. As for sound, that exist, too. Anything that can be experienced with the senses has a form of existence. The sound in the silence of empty space is what created light which condensed into earth, wind, fire, water, and heaven. Einstein is actually totall
  9. To have no mass is to not exist, correct? So light is not there? We can obviously see it therefore it's there. How can something with no mass have energy? For something to have energy, it must have mass. Something that doesn't exist has no power to do anything. Since our physical bodies are made out of solid light we do not have mass/existence according to your logic, correct? We obviously exist though. Light or photons or electrons are just extremely small, not massless/nothing.
  10. Okay. If it's not matter than it must mean it doesn't exist since for something to exist it must be material. It's totally illogical for light to not be matter. Light becomes matter. If you dismantle your physical body down to the most elemental and purest form, it becomes light. Your body is made out of solidified light or electrons. This is one reason why the ancients say we are light. Our minds, bodies, and souls are literally light at varying densities. These three things are one and the same which is why they say mind, body, and soul are one thing.
  11. Well, any edible fiber is good. I don't really know how to stop that, but maintaining a proper diet, exercise, and having all the proper probiotics/good bacteria in your body might fix that problem. Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder, right? It's where the immune system attacks the body. Is it a genetic problem? If not probiotics might help. There are probiotic supplements out there that have different types of good bacteria, maybe you can try some out. Here is a good example that I take. You might get gas the first time you take them because your body is adjusting to them. I did
  12. Plants do have Sun/Light Power since they absorb Light and when you eat them you absorb that Light into yourself. Plants convert Light into matter and make it as their physical bodies. Light is Matter. You can absorb Light directly from the Sun itself. It can give you energy. We all know Superman does this. Superman is based on Ancient Egyptian ideas. I think some of us know that here.
  13. Are you serious? Well it should affect your solar plexus chakra the most since the solar plexus chakra is basically the stomach chakra. That is where confidence and power comes from. When you have a healthy gut, the mind and body will become healthy. Health starts in the gut. You must have the proper types of probiotics in the gut and fiber which is food for the probiotics. When you have all the proper types of probiotics you will digest food efficiently and effectively since probiotics produce enzymes that digest food. Without the right probiotics, enzymes, and fiber, you will be sickly menta
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