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  1. I'm not even going to say anything, just read...
  2. After years of being called the Jobber Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates my dude Marco finally gets some serious shine! Dude out here performing some very advanced-looking techniques while styling on 2 Yonko commanders. So some interesting things I've noticed these last 2 chapters... 1. Sanji being unable to use armament haki to preotect himself from Black Maria's blows since haki is literally willpower he can't "will" himself to use it. Personally, I think Sanji's backwards chivalry is nonsensical but I've accepted it over the year. And just so you guys know
  3. Oh I'm here bro, I wouldn't miss this for the world! Thank you Eiichiro Oda for this epic series. All these hundreds of characters, hundreds of colorwalks, tens of thousands of panels, and countless unforgettable moments. I don't know how much of this story is left, but I'm planning on rolling with it 'til the end.
  4. The best part about that moment was that it was a nameless Shishi Sonson. He didn't need to invoke it, the same way Mihawk doesn't say any named attacks. Also if you notice in the panels, he was observing the situation while casually avoiding one of the ice zombies in just 2 panels. That scene reminded me of Rayleigh at the slave auction. Also, it's obvious that the fake Conquerors Haki moment is just foreshadowing that Zoro will probably display a true version soon. What a display of power by Kaido. This further reinforces my belief that Kaido's natural state is his dragon form an
  5. Check out Big Jah's videos on YouTube, she's in a few of them and as stacked as ever.
  6. Damn you know you're getting old when you get stationeries and home decor for your birthday... and you're actually not disappointed.
  7. Ah I saw that one on discord, hi-larious. I was watching a YouTube vid about superheroes who hold back their powers, but I was surprisingly distracted by this svelte geeky girl hosting: Her name is Sasha Wood and while she's "unconventional" there's something about her that I really like. @MillionX Your thoughts?
  8. What was here? In some hilariously good news Gilette lost a staggering 8 billion dollars in revenue due to their "toxic masculinity" ad campaign. It's a shame that the parent company Proctor & Gamble makes practically every household product you can think of, but regardless it's still nice to see how men voted with their wallet. ZEHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Edit:
  9. @DangerousJ YouTube algorithm finally did something right: I forgot what the verdict on the phone was...
  10. Wow I don't even see any blurring or distortions on that booty, it's the real thing. She legit got a golden ratio booty!
  11. The bias is real. Taller men earn more, are perceived to be more intelligent and have easier access to positions of power regardless of their competency. Oh and women prefer tall men without even filtering their disgust when approached by an unsuccessful short man. 19 out of 44 of the US Presidents were 6ft or taller and even those who shorter were still slightly under 6 feet and much taller than the average man for their time. Back in the day if you were 5'8" or over you were considered tall, which really puts things in perspective when we visualize how the world looked back the
  12. Hey you guys were talking about heightism? This pretty video much covers it:
  13. Look how much effort Dela Hoya is making trying to not stare: Her name is Adriana Jimenez BTW: The twitter link isn't embedding but it's worth a click.
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