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  1. My dream Transformers game is one that plays and looks like Devastation [or better] but is 100% a 1986 Transformers The Movie video game... with all the main characters from both factions playable, and every main location as separate levels, ship battles included and a big ass fight against/inside Unicron at the the end.
  2. I've never been much for playing my handhelds on the go either. Not after getting my driver's license anyway, and especially not now with a 2 year old. Used to be I'd take my 3DS or Vita with me to an appointment if I thought there would be a long wait. Or, at my old job where we had hour long lunch breaks... man, I miss those long lunches. Oh wait, I forgot, ALSO when I worked in the meat department on a closing shift. I'd get all the closing duties done super quick with at least 2 hours to spare, at which time I'd stand at the meat counter and make a small barricade in front of and on the sides of where my arms would sit up there and just play videogames. When a customer came, I'd help them real quick then go back to my game. Those were the glory days of adult work life. I never really play my switch in portable mode at home unless it's right before bed and I'm feeling exceptionally lazy, or on the rare occasion my wife is playing a game in the living room. Other than that it's just during visits with the in-laws when we're there for a few days.
  3. I can't get into videogames on phones or tablets either. It just feels uncomfortable and weird, like I'm doing something wrong. Not as in I'm doing it wrong but like... blasphemous.
  4. I don't know how Alienware could ever put this into market without getting a lawsuit from Nintendo. I actually like it, but I'm sure it will cost more than I would care to pay for it.
  5. Is this by any chance the guy you used to tell us stories about on SRK... the one who would make really bad decision like leave his 360 on for days to "break it in" and constantly pay to change his gamertag? lol, iirc you used to refer to him as "dumbass".
  6. Is Stadia's sales worse than Ouya? I don't know the exact numbers but it seems like it. I still can't believe Razer ever bought Ouya...
  7. That's rad. I like how you have a nendoroid there, too. I actually got my first one the yesterday.
  8. Astrotrain looks pretty good. Again, though, I'm so on the fence with this line about the battle damage. After seeing cell-shaded Optimus and Megs, I really just wish they would release cell-shaded versions of the entire line, but that will never happen.
  9. I've been contemplating getting Bloodborne soon. I've been playing Sekiro lately, which is my first From Software game... unless you count Enchanted Arms (you shouldn't count Enchanted Arms, heh), and I'm absolutely loving it. I can already tell I'm going to want more once I'm done with Sekiro.
  10. I finally finished Bloodstained. What an amazing ride that was. They sure didn't leave anything to be desired in the way of secrets - which is great. I'm at 99.80% map completion and near level 50. I might try to fully complete this game being that I'm not tired of it yet in the slightest. After several days of email conversations with Kickstarter and Fangamer, I got to the bottom of why my copy hasn't been shipped. Turns out that even after you complete the survey, you later had to confirm your shipping address again before they can mail it. Even after speaking to several people across both places, none of them had an answer for me. Luckily, I decided to clear out my email and came across a confirmation from them in my spam folder from November 8th, so hopefully it will ship soon. I hear the "Special Backer Cover" is simply a cardboard sleeve, with the actual game cover being the same as regular retail, which is ass.
  11. Glad to see this awesome forum has its own identity now.
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