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  1. I actually remember that fateful “Mortal Monday” from when I was 9, and trust me, there were millions of us
  2. That’s the thing. Some infinites are (or were anyway) comprised of like three attacks repeated forever, but the damage scaling was so hard, you’d be in the loop; losing your health at a slow rate of 1% damage every three seconds.
  3. Well, I think Daniel’s brother, Carlos Pesino is a still very high up in NRS (I think he’s the battle or animation director or something) so Ed may not want to pick sides.
  4. Regarding this Pesina deal. I used to follow the MK community heavily and I always got the sense that Pesina made up (or exaggerated) some details, and blamed other people for some things (like why he wasn’t in MK3). I don’t think Tobias has responded to Pesina directly, but a lot of people seem to ask Tobias if something Pesina said was true, and Tobias seems a bit more honest with his answers, and I don’t think Pesina likes that... that’s how I see it anyway
  5. I should play it again. I wasn’t a huge fan of the simple special moves inputs, and how prevalent TOD combos and infinites were, but that video looked dope
  6. Lol, I was talking with my wife about wanting to exercise more but my knees are kinda fucked and I don’t want to go to the gym so I can use an elliptical machine during the pandemic and I certainly don’t want to buy one. she sent me a link last night of a cardio video that’s safe for the knees and I finally looked at the thumbnail and laughed... yeah, this will definitely be a workout that won’t involve the knees
  7. Yeah, and same reasons why Raiden and Baraka weren’t in MK3 either... Baraka surprised me. He was one of my favourites in MK2. Though granted, he was like, my third favourite lol. Sub or Kitana usually got those quarters
  8. This is sad. I remember he came to SRK to post those renders and gauge interest in a new Eternal Champions. He didn’t own the IP (Sega did) but he was hoping to get them to agree to a new game (if I recall correctly). I loved EC and responded, and was very hopeful, but with the lack of updates, I figured he didn’t get the green light. I’m not sad about that (I figured it wasn’t going to happen) but that was one of my favourite games growing up, so it’s sad to know. Hope his last days were good.
  9. I was able to beat TAG2 on UN last night. What a rush. I honestly love this DLC and will keep playing it. My next run attempts will be with the second escalated encounters, but for now I want to do the SGN Master Level to get that gold shotgun. I uploaded the run if anyone is interested. I may do a commentary version explaining my thought process and strats for the different arenas, but everything went the way I wanted it to, so it’s pretty obvious from just watching the videos... I make it pretty easy with when and where I shoot BFGs and collect chainsaws to take out some heavies,
  10. It’s sad man. X’s 2nd album was an album i played the absolute shit out of. I always loved his energy, no matter how raw, hype or sincere he was being.
  11. Also, ... don’t know why these tweets aren't embedding properly, but while the DLC is a paid add-on, there will be free stuff in the update as per the above
  12. I’ve never played KOF, but know it is (or can be?) a team game with groups of three, and it seems like characters are revealed in teams... can you pick any character to make a team of three, or are the teams fixed?
  13. Games on my laptop aren’t too much of an issue because I can move it somewhere else and plug into a switch... actually fuck, I took away that switch when I moved my PlayStation... I suppose I could add it again... really, once I run this damn cable up to my office, I’ll finally get a wired connection for my PS and laptop with a decent gaming monitor. I won’t mind playing on my laptop so much then (and honestly, had I known everything would have worked out this way, I would’ve just got a better PC).
  14. Sorry, can’t tonight. Looking forward to when I can though
  15. I’m probably not playing until at least this weekend, maybe next.
  16. Also, @Volt that gimme some more gif is king shit
  17. Any links? Edit: nvm... i was being lazy:
  18. Yeah, i think so as well. I had to relocate my console though and now i’m in a spot with wifi only. I am hoping to run a wire this coming weekend, but i am so busy these days, i’m not sure if i can, and in SFV especially, i need to run that before attempting to play anyone. i did give the game a test run on PS5 though and it’s a noticeable improvment, so i would like to try a few matches once i get that wire ran.
  19. You haven’t played me that much have you
  20. Man, I kinda miss SFV ngl... feel like I need a new main though...
  21. Ngl, I was disappointed with how barebones the Strive beta’s tutorial was compared to Rev2’s, but like @KingTubb said above, I only retained a small chunk of the info... basically the different jump options and how gatlings worked. I never really thought about Roman cancels until I played Strive. Reading ASW’s response and I get it and think it’s a good approach tbh. Get people playing the game and having fun. They can dig deeper if they want to, but won’t feel like they have to just to play
  22. That Chun-Li is a direct homage to Savage Land Rogue and I want a new MVC game damnit!
  23. Perfect! I was just typing out a message saying I was done for the night, lol. Thanks @Yiceman! GGs or something or another
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