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  1. Watch people only want arcades at locals like it's 3S or ST LOL.
  2. Chip kills are great. I wish more games would incorporate them into the gameplay loop... with secondary defensive options. I know this sounds like parry defending, but in 3S you can counter chip kills with parries. I wish there was something like JD or whatever in more games to win in that sense, but still, even without those, chip kills would be sick.
  3. Nope, I know the DLC keeps people in. SFV got some HQ DLC this past 2 years. I'm just messin' witchu.
  4. 3 days till you stop playing the game in 2 hours.
  5. I wonder how happy he is. What a life he must have led. Must be fun!
  6. Fucking Russians know I only AA with jab and lose anyway.
  7. This is a decidedly unholy start to my Ramadan...
  8. How? They're great games, but not even on the stores any more...
  9. Sure you just scrubbed through the video ONLY?
  10. He's not working in the US, and we don't have money. That's all I'm saying.
  11. HBD, Spinosaurus. May your chiropractic bill stay low forever.
  12. FWIW my dad worked and still works every day, and he taught me how to swim, ride a bike, take a fall, play cricket, take a punch, shave, skate, grill, fish, climb mountains and more. 7 days a week he's working, and now he's doing his doctorate... At the age of 45... While supporting 3 houses on one paycheck. Because of him I learned how to ride a motorcycle at 7 and repair them at 12. That fucking guy is a hero, and I'm not even discussing what my mother has done for me. Take care of the little pricks in your house so one day they make you rest well after an amazing ch
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