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  1. I definitely remember dial-up Jesus Christ. We had some shit called EarthLink and “slow” doesn’t even properly describe the speed. Would probably be faster to drive across the country with a burnt CD then try to send it via dial up.
  2. Yeah I was born in 95 and depending on the writer I’m late af millennial or the oldest gen-z’er on earth. It makes no sense Funny enough ive been experiencing a similar thing with music. I’ve been organizing my music into playlists by era (90’s, 00’s, etc) as a sort of virtual music time capsule for the future and I’ve noticed that the playlists don’t mesh well if you go above 4-5 years. Like when I break down my 2000’s playlist, I hear 3 different main themes. The turn of the century stuff which sounds like the 90’s +1, the stuff from like 04-08 which is the main 2000’s sound I th
  3. I can’t wait till I’m like 40 and I can tell every breathing thing I see to get off my lawn
  4. Pretty sure boomer has been overused to the point that the original meaning is mostly lost. At this point it’s just an insult towards old people with a certain “back in my day” mentality.
  5. Lol pretty sure Bee will play anything that takes inputs from a stick
  6. EXACTLY...this is why I find being bottlenecked into repetitive fights by loot system so irritating. Instead of organically fighting different monsters in the world or progressing the story your encouraged to go into an area and hunt a creature into extinction because it’s impossible to get exactly what you want in a reasonable amount of attempts.
  7. My whole thing with these games is how much you repeat the same content over and over. It’s a great game at first, but grinding the same creatures over and over again hoping RNG blesses you with the crafting mats you need is not fun. I don’t understand why all these loot based games have to be so repetitive and RNG filled. In other RPGs with crafting and gear there is often multiple places to get exactly what you need to craft exactly what you want. In skyrim if I need some steel and leather strips to craft a sword I can mine the ores for steel and kill an animal for pelts that the
  8. There is no perfect answer to this question’s a good button. I honestly just try to avoid it as much as possible. Shuffle around it’s max range to set up a whiff punish. As mentioned it has a decent amount of recovery, but also blocking it at max range makes basically all follow ups whiff bc pushback. You can also play closer up inside its optimal range to make throwing it risky. It’s like 8f startup, which is quite slow for a medium priority button. The most common thing I’ve seen is> as a blockstring. It’s really annoying to try and blow up due to range, but s
  9. For the most part, though you’ll probably want some practice against Kolin before your match. There might me something you/we missed that another player might abuse.
  10. Ah I see. I’ll give you what tips I can but I’m also sure like half this board has a pocket Kolin so if you want tips for fighting her specifically you can ask around lol. Sorry I’m so late responding I went out and didn’t get home till 3AM. Anyways, I don’t use Seth but I’ve labbed him a tiny bit. * All his lights are good. I’m not in front of the game but according to my notes he can tic off all of them. combos into VS2 if you opt to run that, and I think M.Ora as well. * His throw game is pretty good. Back throw gets meaty, tho notes say some characters
  11. Game is cool but tbh im gonna let it cook for like a year or two before I play again.
  12. I’m partial to the “play a character with a command grab” method myself But in all seriousness great video Ive done this intuitively but I never really thought about what exactly was going on until your video.
  13. Not only that but it looks like this is the model meant to stomp out forest fires
  14. Nothing like walking into a barbershop then walking out with the confidence that I could steal anybody’s girl
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