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  1. In other news, how do y’all feel about the balance post patch? I feel a lot of characters got buffed, but at the same time I feel like the the actual balance between characters could be better. In particular I feel like Nago, Ram, and (to a lesser extent than before) Sol are playing a different game than everyone else. I think they’re mostly ok but it would be nice if other characters were at their level of...completeness. Like use one of them then go to a character like Anji and there is a noticeable gap in how the characters feel. Edit: I also think the damage in this game is fine.
  2. lol You’ve literally done exactly what you’re describing with MK11, and probably think it’s ok because “lol NRS” Also Cipher saying the game has no offense is obviously in comparison to other anime games, not that Strive doesn’t have its own options for its own meta.
  3. Lol you’ll get so pressed over other people’s opinion that you comment about it days later unprompted
  4. Tbh this just sounds like the prologue to the FGC doubling back to being poverty. If we are paying to remove competitors I’d rather just watch “unofficial” events.
  5. lol what hat sounds like an insanely terrible idea.
  6. Yeah thinking on it a bit I can see how a character like that would get fucked by the universal changes. Thanks
  7. Yes obviously I was being 100% literal. My point is that most characters are generally using the basics to open you up for most of the match. Lots of frame traps, strike/throw, etc. When I say SFV’s offense is shit I’m comparing it to other games. You’re not calling in assists to lock the other guy down or doing tk air specials for instant overheads that’s all I’m saying. Like other than some of the ways characters use meter to get in I’ve never run into anything in SFV I thought was too good offensively. Edit: Am I supposed to be outraged by Bison getting thrown 5 times? That situation is much less likely to happen if Bison could let a DP fly at any moment.
  8. I’d take this a step further and say 99% of reaction videos are garbage that shouldn’t exist.
  9. Missing a DP is already the most detrimental thing you can do in SF though. You already lose like 1/3 of your hp for not landing it and eating a full combo punish as a much more unsafe does it need to be? The reason SFV doesn’t have meterless invincible DPs is because offense in SFV sucks and is based around hitting your +2 or 3 medium punch in shitty blockstrings.
  10. Been reading car news online and there is a potential magnesium shortage looming as early as the end of the year. For anyone shopping around I’d say the car situation isn’t looking to improve anytime soon. If you don’t need a new car definitely wait till like 2023 at the earliest.
  11. That doesn’t answer my question though. It’s like saying Street Figther needs parries because of Street Figther 3. I’m just curious what you think.
  12. Lol the fact that he is talking shit to him means he doesn’t know Wong is. He’s being disrespectful but he doesn’t know just how disrespectful.
  13. Please link if wong ever destroys this guy. Would love to see him cope after holding like 10 L’s
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