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  1. I actually think it’s hilarious. Imagined being bullied over a Fortnite skin. Kids are fucking ruthless lol. Funny thing is that whenever I play a game with skins, someone rocking default is either a complete beginner or actually insanely good with no in between.
  2. Do people actually care about this? Tryna to flex your skin on other people playing a video game? I completely get trying to dress well to impress people in real life...but on a video game? LMAO
  3. This is my unpopular opinion then because LMAO no I fucking won’t. Im perfectly capable of going without if my only option to get something is gambling.
  4. You say this, but in every game I’ve played with loot boxes people throw fucktons of money at them.
  5. I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Legends and frankly it’s gotten completely stale for 3 main reasons. Most decks are generic good stuff piles, the big creatures are uninteresting and easily removed, and the card combos/synergies are very basic. I used to love YGO, but I don’t like the 10 min solitaire turns than end in unbreakable boards turn one. It’s too far in the other direction. Is there anything in between? Something that has YGO’s cool creatures and interesting high synergy cards but the slower pace of something like TESL?
  6. Gaming unpopular opinion here but I don’t get the appeal of loot boxes. As a consumer, why would I ever pay for the mere chance of getting something I want? Unless I genuinely don’t care what I get (and at that point why buy anything?), it just seems like a complete scam. Back when I was casually into YGO I’d almost never buy packs unless there was an overwhelming chance of pulling multiple cards that I want. I would always stick to the box sets because you know exactly what you’re getting. But even then when you’re buying real life trading cards at least when you’re opening packs you
  7. This is good compromise, but I don’t like that with that system we are still taxing the winning player just so his specials can function the same way they do for the other 99% of the match. It will still lead to situations where the defender is avoiding a KO for no resources and with no input and it also doesn’t address the checkmate situations that everyone hates. The lack of chip out isn’t the only thing wrong here. It’s that Mika doesn’t have to do anything to avoid dying to 4 would be fatal hits until Cody blows super, then she dumps half her VT and 2 EX bars for the kill. She sho
  8. Yeah plenty of other games have mechanics like that so it’s not some far fetched thing to ask for. In GG and BB iirc you can spend meter for barrier block (I’m sorry I can’t think of the real name) which negates chip. In MK11 you are protected from chip kills while you have defensive meter and I’m pretty sure flawless blocking negates chip entirely. And like you said 3S has parries. I’m perfectly fine with chip kills being avoidable if it involves some investment or input from the defending player. But this clip is just straight up nonsense. Mika gets saved by magic pixel then get
  9. Exhibit #15784 of why fighting games are better with chip kills
  10. I see why these Mfs shutting down they ain’t got shit
  11. Isn’t that the one with air blocking? Nah get that shit outta here
  12. Im sure a lot of people would be put off but as long as the characters are diverse mechanically I’d unironically ok with a game like this.
  13. X confirmed dead at 50
  14. As expected, X CDs are flying off the shelves. I ordered my shit same day I heard the news, checked to make sure in was available in our warehouse, and they still tryna tell me it’s unavailable
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