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  1. Everytime see this guys name online I’m reminded that he didn’t give Future an autograph then Future fucked his wife. I don’t even like most of his music but he’s a GOAT just for that
  2. The majority of trap rappers don’t even mumble but that term has become so prevalent that it doesn’t even matter. Will definitely admit that some of those guys are hard to understand (Future being probably the biggest example). Also this thread is a perfect example of why I don’t talk about hip hop with people even though I love it to death. Old heads hate everything made after some arbitrary date and younger fans will literally not listen to anything that didn’t drop in the last 6 months. We live in probably the best time ever for rap since the popularity of the genre means you can find new music frequently no matter what your taste is if you’re willing to look. But instead I gotta listen to my boss complain about how violent “new” rap is like Biggie wasn’t rapping about killing kids and fucking niggas with broomsticks on Dead Wrong.
  3. Agreed dude. Next DLC is supposedly a returning character and I’m hoping it’s someone I like because if not I’ll basically won’t have any motivation to play until next year. I’ve never played a FG where I want to like it so much but at the same time I just don’t want to play any of the characters. Edit: I could cope with Ky if he wasn’t so fucking boring to watch and look at.
  4. The last game I personally played without any of that stuff was Injustice 2 (I think), and everyone whined about it. Basically I wouldn’t count on anything in the FG pipeline being anything but hyper aggro, since that’s what the players who bankroll our games want. It is what it is.
  5. No idea what y’all are talking about but as a hip hop enjoyer I know most of my favorite musicians are terrible people or at the bare minimum criminals and tbh I don’t care. I think you can enjoy someone’s work without condoning their beliefs or behavior. Also I’m at the laundromat and I’m like 50% sure this guy I see here is trapping
  6. There is so much shit under my bed if there was a monster there is 0% chance he could get to me without making noise. And if he can I’m fucked anyway so no point in even looking
  7. Nah I basically never use the high beams unless I’m in the middle of bumfuck nowhere AND idk where I’m going. I just been getting by on the daytime running lamps. I knew the turn signal lever moved forwards and backwards but I could never figure out what is was for so I just never touched it. I literally just got my vehicle inspected and the guy had to come over and show me how to put my low beams on. Was a pretty crazy day. Like 5 minutes before I got to the dmv I got a check engine light (99% sure it’s my gas cap) so I had to clear the code and hope it didn’t pop up on their scan tool. They also didn’t run an exhaust test and never even checked my license
  8. Also TIL how to put my cars low beam lights on. Been going off the shitty day time running lamps or high beams for like 3 years now never knew it had proper low beams lmao Also took me a year to discover my car had a sunroof. Thought it was just a vertical window
  9. Yeah Strive’s ladder means fuck all when you can cherry pick your opponents. The open park system is great but that specific part for ranked is foolishness
  10. Gotta say I really like the art style of that picture. Really dig the ink effect you see in a lot of SF4 stuff
  11. I’ve barely touched SFV this season. My main got buffed and I still only lasted like a week before checking out. If anyone here really needs another person to fight I’ll always be down to fight a friend but I think the days of me playing the game on my own are over. Tbh I probably won’t even check out Oro or Akira. We are 5 years in with over 40 characters. The chance they are brining something actually interesting to the table for me is basically 0. Strive’s roster is for sure more varied, but I tbh I still don’t really mesh with any of the characters.
  12. Lol posts like this are exactly why I’m sure how much longer I’m gonna keep playing FGs despite it being the best multiplayer genre imo. Not sure how to phrase it, but it feels like in every game yolo basic bitch rush down is the only play style encouraged and consistently allowed to be good. You want to do literally anything but get in and hit buttons in the other guys face? Fuck you.
  13. What y’all been listening to. Other than Herbo nobody I like has dropped the last few weeks so I’m open to hearing something different
  14. Unrelated but if Milia could could convert worth anything off fS I’d play her. I feel like every character I’ve tried playing besides Nago can’t convert worth shit off their best buttons without RC.
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