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  1. ^ I'll keep it in mind if come across any vtuber city pop
  2. Peko Miko will always be precious lol Also since you linked that english stream haha Towa's also been great at voices too lol
  3. lmao, Maid dragon s2 actually went and animated the MV to the first season's OP song. The first half felt a little lack luster for sure. Especially considering how much emphasis they put on the train at the end of the first season not to mention all the promo material regarding it too. It really was a disjointed a first and second half. If there's one thing that i thought the film did well, it was the nonstop constant ramp up though. Like each minute was always better than the last until it just absolutely sky rocketed. I mean the first half had its moment for sure, but then once it ended it was just like alright kiddy gloves are coming off now, this is the real shit that's going to start now.
  4. I'm just adding onto the war criminal evidence
  5. ^ People are always attracted to war criminals Sucks that the original channel got taken down. Also random video doses
  6. Yea sucks when they overlap, the real Flare is doing a marathon to 700k now too, started about 30min earlier than quon tama. 5k left to go lol
  7. Eva - Cruel Angel Thesis, how fitting lol ||:
  8. Bitch. I'll check it out anyway, 2nd song Yoru ni kakeru, nice lol Have Go Ria chan anyway
  9. Flare always goes uber long and just runs off songs back to back with no breaks. Bless this dark elf lol
  10. Miko sings Weather Hackers Fubuki Friend wants to sing it TMT tries to Bonus After Miko hit 1M
  11. Gura looking pretty swole when hitting 3M This must be her secret
  12. Only because this doesn't really fit anywhere else and this seems like the best place for it. But man is this some next level translating. The phonetics and flow are just so absolutely spot on. A damn good banger of a job. Konnie Aoki seems to be the person behind the magic, bless their godlike talent. One of the comments compiled all the extra touches in the song
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