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  1. Gonna advocate some more for the Switch version of Eternal, I am beyond impressed with this port. I'm completing slayer gates on nightmare first try, that's how playable this version is. I'm using the gyro aim to take out maykr drones way more easily than I would on PS4. Yes, of course visually it's not a stunner, but when you're in the midst of combat are you really thinking about that? Christ the fact that we have a handheld game of this caliber, it makes me genuinely excited for the future of portable gaming if I can play Doom E-fucking-Ternal anywhere I want. I remember when I
  2. I've been playing the switch version for a bit, up to cultist base now. There are frame drops here and there but nothing too disruptive for me personally, the vast majority of the time it's a steady 30 even in heavy combat. What surprised me is that the loading times on death are even faster than base consoles, I was consistently getting about 10 seconds to load a checkpoint after death vs the base console's 20-ish seconds. Loading a new level is around the same time though, roughly 20 seconds. The motion aiming does actually help quite a bit. I'm hitting shots I would have ha
  3. How in the hell did they pull this off? Game seems to be a very nearly rock solid 30 from all the footage I've seen and load times appear comparable with base console times as well, a reasonable 20-ish seconds.
  4. I had a theory that G is being set up as a post 3S era villain who intends to turn everyone on Earth into copies of himself. He's always going on about how we are all one and how we're all the same. Q's an early attempt at that, his moves are all sloppy versions of G's, and his ending hints at there being multiple Q's as they're spotted all around the world. Here's one of Skullmonia's (admittedly joke) endings: Hmmmmmm...
  5. Wait a second. Why isn't the switch grenade button just the ice bomb button??
  6. I didn't consider that it might actually be a downgrade in any way but purely performance/graphical, if the gameplay is also altered that would be a huge bummer.
  7. Holy shit I didn't think it was coming.
  8. That sucks breh, I do know what you mean though. Even before you boot up the game you know you need to be fucking ready.
  9. God I fucking love Doom Eternal. The only reason I don't play it more is because of the physical toll it takes on my mortal body.
  10. Watching this dude makes me feel stupid for not using destroyer blade more. I mean if I know a big dude is about to spawn why the fuck haven't I been charging one ready?
  11. Okay yeah never mind blood fueled is still my 3rd rune lol. I realize it plugged a lot of gaps in my mobility and now I'm dying a lot more.
  12. I know she's in UAC Atlantica at least, she's in a vent around the back of the electrified pool room which has the Archvile spawn in immediately after.
  13. I'm thinking about changing my rune list for the DLC. The much increased number of enemies and more tightly designed arenas is making blood fueled feel a little less useful now. I'm thinking on my next playthrough to try: 1. Air control 2. Equipment fiend 3. Savagery Savagery sort of achieves a similar thing as blood fueled does in getting out of bad situations faster, in that the quicker glory kill lets you teleport to an enemy for a quick kill then move on before enemies get a chance to crowd you, but it also gives you armor from some glory kills after
  14. Just skipping through these vids and I definitely see it.
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