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  1. aight, I'm out. I'm not provide receipts of my grandmother's death certificate. I hope you find help, cause you need therapy or something. What you just said is disgusting. Peace out, homie. I genuinely hope you stay healthy and don't lose anyone to this, cause it sucks.
  2. Same here homie. Bummer for me is, three of them died. One on my side of the family, two on my wife's side. Now, in comparison, outside of my wife's parents and her aunt, everyone I interact with regularly are vaccinated and not a single one had any adverse effects. I can get anecdotal too
  3. And you're doing the exact thing that they do, when you give them something they don't want to believe, they just don't. It's pretty easy to see that the vaccines are effective at reducing the severity of the disease and reduces the rates of serious illness and death. It also is pretty easy to see that it also helps to reduce the spread and propagation of the virus. John Hopkins has all of this data free and available and the correlations are very obvious and strong. The CDC also has data that shows this, as does the WHO, and countless other research institutes, governing bodies, and non-profit organizations. But if you have made up your mind that all of these sources are bullshit, then there's nothing to convince you otherwise
  4. My wife's family are like this. They believe that the vaccines (all of them) were developed in China and are bioweapons to turn us into communists I just ask about the flu shot cause a lot of hospital and health care workers have to get it annually or they get canned. Just like with the Covid vaccine Haven't heard people protesting body autonomy on that
  5. Facts Not at all man. Punk has been training at one of the top gyms in the world for half a decade at this point. Hundreds of hours of sparring, thousands of hours of training mean something. Look, I'm not saying that Punk is a stud by any means, but he's actually put work into this. As far as I know, Roman doesn't have any actual training in any martial arts. People can armchair quarterback about punk all they want, but the difference between someone who trains and someone who doesn't, regardless of physical abilities (outside of extremes), is night and day. I'm gonna drag @Maxxinto this cause I think he'd agree with me
  6. lol wut? Throwing stones in a glass house, cause Riddle and Brock could turn his ass inside out on his own roster. Punk could probably work Roman in all honesty, yeah the guy got whooped in the UFC but you're talking about the top 1% of human beings on the planet in that organization. Plus there's Black (been training kickboxing for 20 years), and, as we already mentioned, Hagar who is an elite wrestler and is undefeated in pro fights (against cans, but still). If he's trying to say that he's bigger and stronger than the AEW roster, that's also dumb, there's some big dudes in the locker room. I mean, Nick Comoroto is bigger than Roman FFS You could say he's just being a heel, but breaking kayfabe to keep kayfabe is stupid.
  7. I'm about 5 hours into the Last of Us 2 and I gotta say... I'm digging it. I feel like I understand what they're trying to do and I applaud them for it. It's not "perfect" by any means but I don't think that it's the burning bag of dogshit that a portion of the internet thinks it is. I actually enjoy the writing and character interactions a good bit. The gameplay is fine. It's been 6ish years since I played the first one, but it feels like it plays more or less exactly the same. Shooting a guy in the head still feels super weighty, sneaking is tense, and scavenging and crafting is a think you have to do and feels a little bit like a chore. All in all I'm pretty excited to go through the whole game.
  8. I don't think you're hating, but you said you didn't watch the video. Just watch the whole video, that might answer your question. If you're still confused after, ask the question
  9. If people are really that worried about it, just save all your used jimmy hats
  10. Na, homie. Ex Post Facto is to keep legislators in check. Otherwise they could put anyone away for anything they wanted by making something they did in the past illegal. That's Florida, California is the Golden State.
  11. You totally misunderstood what I was trying to say. If you're the person willing to attempt to ruin someone's life by accusing them of a crime they didn't commit which has the potential of costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees, and if you lose, you can be countersued to hell and back and end up bankrupt or possibly incarcerated for perjury, you have some issues. Cause I'm telling you now, you'd only to this to an average person to ruin their lives. You wouldn't make money off this unless the person you're setting up has millions and millions of dollars. AND even then, the millionaire is going to blow you out of the fucking water with the legal counsel that they can afford.
  12. Ex post facto laws and the punishments therein are illegal according the the US constitution.
  13. If you don't dive back in, you have infinite time If she consented to sex with a condom and you take it off without telling her, than yes, it still counts. Just cause you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have immunity Then she has to communicate that. Then you got a court case. The way I see it, if you're worried that a person is going to lie or try to frame you for rape, you shouldn't be engaging in sexual acts with this person. Is any victim of a crime punished for not reporting a crime? You get mugged and don't call the police do you get a warrant? Look, for a person to frame another person for rape, they have to have some real shit going on. I don't think this is something anyone should have to lose sleep over unless your the type of person that would take a condom off during sex and not tell the other person.
  14. I know it's been awhile, but Huey Newton did say that gay people "might be the most oppressed in society" back in 1970. Interesting to see how things have changed in the last 50 years. I think Chappelle even made the point in one of his specials that gay men have seen such huge strides in rights and acceptance because they're still white men.
  15. Last of Us Part 2 is on PSNow and my buddy has been telling me I had to play it for months. Downloaded and played the first couple hours. So far it's...fine. Absolutely fine I might be wrong, but from a game play standpoint I feel like it's exactly the same as LoU part 1. One thing I'll say is (and it's not really a spoiler) Fuck Owen. I don't really know much about the dude, but he's part of a traveling group and takes the time to do his hair? Guy has like perfect second string QB hair all the time. Fucking turd burglar, that guy...
  16. I knew this would happen with the twitch leaks. People hate that other people have money, always have, always will. MAX OWES ME CAUSE I GAVE HIM $5!! Why'd you give him $5? Cause he entertained me for dozens of hours over the last month. ...Sounds like y'all are even, then BUT HE'S RICH SO FUCK HIM SSSHHHHHRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE-
  17. My "nice" one is tungsten, and I got it a little big cause I expect to be fat eventually. I wear a silicon one at work and don't even notice it's there.
  18. I'm actually playing through San Andreas right now and I gotta say: It's Ugly as Sin Clunky as Hell A buggy mess Cringy as all hell writing wise And an absolute blast. I don't know how it does it. It doesn't hold up in any individual category, but it's so incredibly fun to play
  19. It does get difficult when you have friends and family that are on a downright dangerous path. I get it if you're against vaccine mandates (sorta... shit like that has been around in lots of ways for the better part of a century) but if that sends you into a rabbit hole and you end up a Q follower, I'm gonna say your potentially dangerous and a threat to democracy. But I haven't cut anyone off yet. I'd be scared that my mother in law would do something crazy, but she's a fat 65 year old that walks with a cane. She doesn't have the mobility to energy to do any real damage
  20. And he said don't remind him! You inconsiderate poop head
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