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  1. I'd be down for SF6 not having EX moves. Or dashes. Or true throw techs, something like it reduces damage and you don't get knocked down... SF6 should just be ST with 40 characters. Yeah, that's what the world needs
  2. Skyrim turns 10 in November and it's been ported to every possible system ever made by man or beast. And GTA5 is about to get it's second remake/remaster later this year This is becoming a pattern
  3. wait... @Chadoukenwas yanking my chain. Goddammit... Your an Old so I figured you were sincere, you turd burglar!
  4. You may want to check to see if it'll let you. IIRC it's one of those games that always has you connected to the server for whatever reason and people were getting booted from single player cause of server drops too. Also, I don't really know what I'm talking about so take it all with a grain of salt. I just don't want you to be pissed you dropped $60 for a broken game. Heard it's really great when it's working tho
  5. You should add Dragon Quest II and ogre battle 64 to that list
  6. Heard the servers are taking a giant shit right now and people are constantly being booted from their games, but that might be a PC problem
  7. I...would...agree... I guess Martian is still on hiatus, and he's the only big RCG Stan that I know here so I don't have to walk on eggshells, but I was totally underwhelmed by it. I know it's pretty universally praised, but outside of the writing and the art, I don't like anything about it all that much. Even the music, which a lot of people really love.
  8. Cause it really isn't that good. It's somehow less than the sum of it's parts. Music? Amazing. Artstyle? Amazing. Charm? Amazing. It really gets dragged down by it's gameplay, which is a bummer. Enemy types end up being annoying by the end of the game, the skill progression kind of sucks, and the bosses are pretty lame. I still adore the game cause I love the IP, but I think it gets a lot of passes cause it's a licensed game that came out when licensed games were synonymous with "Shitty cash grab" Edit: I will add that I have a recency
  9. Is it her original sprite that capcom reused roughly 7,400 times? Then it's not Morrigan. It's an imposter
  10. VGM FRIDAY After a good session in World of Demons last night, I'm pretty sure they reused some music (and possibly some assets from the HD version) from Okami. And I'm totally ok with that.
  11. Anyone with Apple Arcade, do yourself a favor and pick up World of Demons. Platinum knocked it out of the park
  12. BRUH!!! I saw earlier today in the VGG thread. I'm stoked to play as Estel. Also, I'm pretty sure the other two characters are going to be Max and Shiva Edit: I know he's not one of the "good guy" bosses, but I really want Barbon as a playable character.
  13. This generation transition has been super weird. Other than Rise, there hasn't been too many Monster (pun intended ZING!!) releases in the last 6 months. I feel like the FF7 PS5 exclusive stuff is gonna move a lot of units in Japan and whenever DQ12 drops in (I'm guessing) the next 18-24 months.
  14. Agreed. Best thing Max Landis ever did. Wish he retired after it came out, honestly
  15. Bruh, stick or hole, people get fatter and hairier as they get older. This fate is inevitable
  16. A-FUCKIN'-MEN SFIV and V both are ugly imho. There's times when it shines, but those are just the corn kernels in a turd, not actual diamonds. As much as XV is an improvement so far, it still looks like a game that came out in 2014.
  17. me neither. If XV dropped last year and had sprites instead of 3D models, I'd probably pick it up, but since Strive is dropping in a couple months, I'm going to pass. And KOF just doesn't look good in 3D to me, at all. I dig a lot of the artwork and general designs of the characters, and I think they really benefitted from that SNK gradient heavy sprite style, but in 3D they all look like NPCs in a JPRG or something
  18. Looks like the second character is Max if I had to guess. I'm figuring they're dropping the "good guy" bosses as playable characters which is such a good move HD Zan looks pretty awesome That's who the third silhouette looks like... Is it confirmed?
  19. How did death stranding and MGSV do in Japan? Kojima pushed western actors pretty hard in both of those games. Neither of them really had any connections to Japan at all, and the only Japanese character I remember from MGSV was literally crippled in it. I've been getting the vibe from Kojima that he's trying to put his foot in the door in the west cause he wants to move into hollywood or something.
  20. DOUBLE POST! Remember, there isn't any active switching tho. KoFs in the past have had strikers, but I don't think they've done that since '00, '01.
  21. pfffft, Volt over here wearing a three piece suit to court for a speeding ticket. SHOOK
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