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  1. 3 more days until we wait another 3 days for the release of Rose on April 19th @GreatDarkHeroI'm with you on the sentiments though
  2. Her standing pose is better than the weird sorta-hunch she had in the other games too. One more week
  3. Who needs in-game tutorials when you have @EvilCanadian After trying out my first GG game in the Strive beta I watched this and was moderately less confused about what was happening.
  4. It's important work. Most streamers just film their 10 minute reaction videos, but he's digging into the science.
  5. I dunno I had to bail at midnight, Pacific time. He was still at it.
  6. Yeah I was there all night, I'm interested in that kinda shit. Everything's subject to change, but it can still be fun. (5 frame cr mp let's goooo)
  7. @Darc_RequiemGood looking out. I've already watched the original footage 100 times, might as well watch this one too. In other news, I just popped the Injustice 2 platinum. That's my 137th platinum trophy on Playstation. Thanks again to @Hawkingbirdand @Mattatsufor the assists.
  8. I'll be back into playing after the 19th, personally, once Rose drops. Playing right now feels like going to a pizza party before the pizza shows up. Not that I won't join if you guys play, but I might just main Eleven in the meantime
  9. Think so, I haven't seen that one before.
  10. @MattatsuDo what you gotta do, I'm fine waiting until Rose drops anyway before I get back into playing. @HawkingbirdHere's an album with all of the cards
  11. C'mon back bro, you can play me. I feel like we had an equivalent skill level the couple of times we played.
  12. That will absolutley happen, I don't doubt. But enough of fuckin' Debbie Downer over here already, Jesus Christ. Rose looks great, I can't wait to play her in this video game that I like, and I enjoy talking about said video game in a forum specifically dedicated to that.
  13. She looks fucking awesome. Some big-ass buttons, fireball looks solid, seems to be a ton of creative stuff to do with her entire v-system.
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