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    DoctaMario reacted to RegH81 in The Nintendo Switch Thread! v. Dry Dry Desert Until February   
    Twice tonight while playing on my Switch, I have gotten the message that my system is too hot and is entering sleep mode to cool down. In docked mode no less. Probably a problem with my console's fan. Man, I do not wanna have to send it in for repairs.
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    DoctaMario got a reaction from RSG3 in The Nintendo Switch Thread! v. Dry Dry Desert Until February   
    Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 downloaded onto my Switch. I'm hyped to get to try it out but like every other preorder I've copped, the game and everything is there ready to go, but it's locked for the rest of the week. I don't understand the logic of having it sitting there on my card and not being able to play it at all. Are they trying to conserve bandwidth by having stuff download before release like that? 
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    DoctaMario reacted to TheInfernoman in The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0   
    My mind is now blown...😮
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    DoctaMario reacted to TheInfernoman in The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0   
    Never seen any part of the Dragonball series and I never will care to. 
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    DoctaMario reacted to IcyBlackDeep in The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0   
    Well to be fair, most people are born tiny.
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    DoctaMario reacted to Mattatsu in The NRS Thread   
    Yes, we could play. It would download the current version of the game for free (which is Ultimate), so that we’d be playing the same version of the game, but you wouldn’t have access to the DLC characters, without buying them extra.
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    DoctaMario got a reaction from Mattatsu in The NRS Thread   
    Maan I was going to pony up for the PS4 version of Standard Edition but it's still $50. Guess I missed the sale 😭
    If I bought the SE would I still be able to throw hands with you guys or would it make me upgrade to Ultimate?
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    DoctaMario reacted to Lantis in The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0   
    Hell, I would have given him an Oscar just for drinking raw eggs.
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    DoctaMario reacted to scorp in The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0   
    Even better than when he forced himself onto Adrian in Rocky 1?
  10. LOL
    DoctaMario reacted to KingTubb in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    Volt: Furry confirmed?!?! 
  11. LOL
    DoctaMario reacted to M A R T I A N in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    I make fun of Musou games but then this is literally me 10 minutes later after finding a sale. 🙄

  12. LOL
    DoctaMario reacted to M A R T I A N in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    Imagine someone asking if you've played Hollow Knight, only to respond saying you're too busy playing a musou game 
    The Gods weep on this day
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    DoctaMario reacted to iStu X in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    bread and butter. The acronym is as old as time 
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    DoctaMario reacted to Darc_Requiem in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    It seems like the PS5's stream quality is better than PS4.  Been fiddling around it for the 30 minutes or so. SCVI doesn't seem to turn into a soupy mess with the action gets going.
  15. WTF
    DoctaMario reacted to Hecatom in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    Welp, my external hdd for my ps4 died. 
    The only thing that raly annoys me about it is that it was the hdd where i had pt stored. 😕
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    DoctaMario reacted to Maxx in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    That's basically anyone who went to the mall this weekend. 
  17. LOL
    DoctaMario reacted to Chadouken in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    Holy fuck. I decided to leave the spider alone in the mines and go explore elsewhere. Didn't feel like fighting a boss tonight. So I went back to Boletarian Palace to see what the next area had in store. Turns out it's a fucking dragon burning the shit out of everything. 
    I must have died five times trying to get all the loot on the bridges, and then there are two blue eyed knights at the end! Died to them once, too. Finally managed to get across the bridge and kill the knights, and I was gonna go ahead and call it quits and go to be. But I wanted to see what was on the other side of the fog at the end of the bridges real quick.
    That's when I encountered The Big Ass Fucking Knight. Motherfucker was HUGE. Goddammit. I wasn't ready for that shit- didn't want to do a boss battle tonight!  What the hell, I'm stuck there now. So I fought him. Holy shit what a battle. Fucking archers shooting me, and this big fucker chasing me with his big ass sword and shooting blue shit all over the fucking place. Fuck, and his fucking giant shield slamming down! I took care of the archers and then it was just me and the knight. 
    His feet were the only things I could hit on him with that fucking shield, and I had to use magic because I couldn't get in close without losing half my health. Finally, he fell down and I rushed in and stabbed the fuck out of his head. I used that white shit on my sword to make it more powerful, and I fucking ended his ass! I beat him!
    Holy shit, what a fucking game! 💪
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    DoctaMario reacted to Mattatsu in The NRS Thread   
    I’m having a ton of fun tonight playing KL with both Mileena and Kitana, swapping between them depending on the matchup. 
    Edit: i also did a lot better with Mileena tonight. A lot less trying to rush down and attempting crazy reads that leads to ball rolls and telekicks getting blocked, as well as a lot more sais being tossed. Even made a Sub-Zero forfeit the set. It was fun.
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    DoctaMario reacted to Vhozite in The NRS Thread   
    I’ll watch it eventually. However when, I’m first learning a character I prefer to see what I can find on my own first. For me half the fun of any character is discovery. 
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    DoctaMario reacted to Mattatsu in The NRS Thread   
    My main load-out is Cmd Grab, Play Time (throw strings), and Rolling Thunder. I have a few others where i kept the first two and swapped out Rolling Thunder for something else (such as low sais or air telekick).
    regarding your points:
    1) Yeah, she’s very unsafe on a lot of things. TBH, I feel like NRS was way too conservative with her (but i wouldn't be surprised if they buffed her). Low sais is good way to add a mix in, but it’s death on block if you don't burn the bar. I don’t think every character can punish the low amped sais, but Sub’s slide definitely can
    2) Yes. she’s tied to meter and can’t do much in a combo without it. In those cases i typically end in Rolling Thunder (with releasing 4)  as you get a bit more damage than regular ball and get oki. You can end with regular sais too for the same damage and keep them standing, but you only have like a +2 hit advantage
    3) i don't use kahnum dash. It replaces roll with a Low, which you can add to your mixes, but again, death on block. I don’t think you can launch with it either, so you sacrifice combo potential
    4) one thing to note about Vanish, is i’m pretty sure you burn defence meter while it’s up and you also get a damage de-buff. Plus she leaves that purple aura around her, so you can still kinda tell where she is. I don’t use it myself.
    5) sliding sai is good and you can do good oki setups with it (i think). Personally, i don't use it as it’s not my style, but Rooflemonger said he thinks its the best third ability to use (after grab and play time).
    i like rolling thunder because it makes ball more versatile (can now go full screen if you hold 4, you can release 4 for a bit more damage if you don’t have meter, you can release 4 at anytime to hop over low projectiles, and the release version is actually a decent AA against far jumps).
    i prefer normal sais over low sais as they’re faster, do more do damage, are safer on block, and are better chip killers, as well as good against projectile counters/guards that deflect only one projectile. The low sais add mixups options, has a good KB against high projectiles, and is a good counter-zoning tool though. I intend to use low sais for specific zoning match-ups, but havent sorted that stuff out yet.
    also, air telekick is good for if someone with a projectle catches you jumping. You have to be early though as you’re open to be hit as you fall down through the floor. I have a loadout for hat, but nit sure i’ll use it over low sais or rolling thhunder.
    tbh, i thought she was amazing when she came out, but she has some issues. I really do enjoy playing her though (she just takes a lot of work). I also just love her because she’s filled with personality. She reminds me a bit of Starscream from OG transformers, and that’s cool as shit to me (he was my favourite character after Prime... such a schemey dirtbag - i loved him). Also, her combos are fun to do for me. They have a nice feel to them.
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    DoctaMario reacted to Mattatsu in The NRS Thread   
    Also, tips for mileena the variation system doesn’t explain.
    Play Time, as well as adding a throw to 11, F23, and F43, also makes F43 special cancellable. Also, the throw after 11 is a true throw and will grab them if they’re blocking
    Rolling Thunder does more damage and is a bit safer on block, but you lose gravity so you lose some of your optimal combo enders (such as dash D2, F124). However, if you hold 4, you maintain the regular ball (which doesn’t lose gravity) but it now goes full screen. I’ve caught a few scorpions throwing full screen spears with this
  22. LOL
    DoctaMario reacted to Darc_Requiem in The NRS Thread   
    Just needling you man. It's what I do. I take shots at myself as well. Gotta get those LOLs. Can't really "class clown" in person these days 😉
  23. +1
    DoctaMario reacted to Mattatsu in The NRS Thread   
    Yeah, this is a large reason why I mute the in-game mic by setting up a private PS4 party. It’s been a much better experience since I started doing this.
    you still get the odd ragequit and person tea-bagging you, or doing a fatality after one win, but it’s nothing much worse than what I’ve experienced in SFV, in my experience anyway.
    I do sometimes do a fatality if I won the set and I’m annoyed. It does seem to be a decent outlet to get rid of some anger and make the win feel like a win, whereas in SFV, I’d carry that salt into the next set.
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    DoctaMario reacted to GetTheTables in The NRS Thread   
    Yeah I've played very little of this game outside of lobby sessions. Don't have much interest in it either. I'm still burnt out on the idea of playing randos. And maybe its just a different engine thing but the MK randos can be a little extra obnoxious. 
  25. LOL
    DoctaMario reacted to Darc_Requiem in The NRS Thread   
    When it comes to playing MK11 online, my match count makes @Volt's SFV match count look like Trashbox's
    TLDR: I haven't really played MK online.
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