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  1. Yeah, what he said. Saint Urban is in Shrine of Storms, Sage Freike is in Latria, Yuria is in endgame Boletaria.
  2. Transferring my PC parts into a new case today. This'll be the first time I've totally disassembled it since putting it together. Wish me luck bruvs.
  3. I make fun of Musou games but then this is literally me 10 minutes later after finding a sale.
  4. It does look pretty neat. I'll probably grab it for Christmas or something
  5. Imagine someone asking if you've played Hollow Knight, only to respond saying you're too busy playing a musou game The Gods weep on this day
  6. I think I've found my team.... Introducing.... The Broly Sandwich Easy access damage, good solo damage on each character, decent mix, great assists, armored moves galore. Now I just gotta learn that easy ass Z Broly TOD and I've got one in the pocket with everyone.
  7. Fun fact I learned about the Dualsense controller today. The granulated grips on the sides are actually tiny little PlayStation symbols. This is a level of completley unnecessary detail I can get behind
  8. I can still watch Chappelle Show through Netflix because I downloaded it before they removed it.
  9. I'm not sure what the matchmaking threshold is in the Remake, but usually in these games you can find people to summon within 10 levels down or up from your character. You summon people by simply looking for signs along the ground and touching them. If you're trying to summon a friend, you'll have to coordinate with them on where they laid their sign and try to look for it in that spot. Simple as that. As a side note: if you ever need to go human form but you have no Stones of Ephemeral Eyes, you can lay your sign down and help someone else kill a boss, an
  10. I will play any Souls at any time, anywhere and anyhow. I have them all on PC and I'll have them all on PS5 once I'm able to grab one. Dont be a stranger.
  11. If my only criteria for wanting good YouTube content was "it's not clickbait", I'd have a much easier time finding content, sure.
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