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  1. VGM Fridays... Man this is one of my favorite tracks AND characters in Street Fighter for sure.
  2. Ever play a Souls game? You sound pretty down on it but what you're describing and showing from that screenshot sounds right up my alley, lol.
  3. Looking at the reactions, it's nice to know this post would've been appropriately neg-bombed on old SRK
  4. Damn, Ninja Gaiden Collection for Switch? Hell yeah. Hope they come to other systems.
  5. Really? I didn't really like that game. I much preferred All Star Battle, which they also made but in a more traditional fighting game style. I think it was trying to do something Anarchy Reigns did much better, but, maybe that type of Jojo's game just isn't for me I still think HFTF is the king either way
  6. Damn. I honestly would've preferred they just entirely ripped off Ultimate Ninja Storm and slapped in Demon Slayer characters instead of whatever this is. This looks rigid and contrived, to me at least. Looks about as good as that One Punch Man game that released not too long ago. Which wasn't really good at all.
  7. Sorry for all the Spidey posting but, I'm getting a lot of mileage out of the camera mode. This Enter The Spider-verse costume actually animates in stop-motion style like the movie. Looks jarring compared to the rest of the world at first but, after awhile the novelty has really grown on me. For anyone that hasn't seen that movie, you can see the animation style demonstrated pretty clearly here: It's a pretty apt description of the game so far too actually lol
  8. You can criticize it all you want, but don't be surprised you're getting pushback when you're faulting the game for being "too easy" because you're grinding early game monsters like a goober. It's like playing nothing but Arcade mode in a fighting game, then never coming back because "man this game is too easy".
  9. Why are you grinding low rank monsters to farm low rank materials? Especially if they're already "way too easy" in the first place. You should be blasting through that stuff to get to the end game, where most of the challenging content actually resides. If you're still doing main story quests 30/40 hours in, that's on you lol. You can get to Master Rank stuff in like 8 hours or less.
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