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  1. This Hour Has 22 Minutes has always been a Canadian mainstay for comedy Thought you guys might enjoy this one
  2. One thing I've learned in a lifetime on the internet... Can't trust anyone with an anime avatar.
  3. lol Just saw your profile background Brother, I'm dying
  4. And my new desktop wallpaper... Waiting for that April release
  5. hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahhahaahhaah And No I have never been to Sask despite it being next door. Just imagine a giant midwest flatland with nothing but wheat and Roughrider fans.
  6. All dressed are great. ketchup I only like in Doritos form
  7. Dijak seems like a baby lol Waited 4 years to spaz out on twitter about someone using his move. Retribution keeps taking L's, in out and out of the ring. Pretty sure the Twitter universe is already digging to find his team 4chan with Dio and Mansoor stuff. Either way, he deleted his tweet lol 2edgy4wwe.
  8. lol what’s this heat between Tbar and Sammy?
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