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  1. Interesting local article that is affected by actions of America. Lot of shit has been going down with this church in the last few months. And I gotta say again "Fuck evangelicals"
  2. @DangerousJ Here is a nice polak for ya
  3. Yea but you also don't compare gay and trans people to nazis and pedophiles. It's extremism over there. "Family Yes! Depravity No!" And on the PRO-LGBT side... You can see how religious items are always used in Poland lol
  4. I think it's also a result due to the large population, lot of enclaves are going to still be hardcore fundamentalists just due to isolation from common sense.
  5. That religious shithole is never going to catch up with the world.
  6. Just like gay marriage, the overly religious United States will eventually catch up to the rest of the world.
  7. This man gotta be one of the dumbest on the planet Trumper Black Canadian
  8. I don't know a lot of those words hahaha But I'm glad they got their own drill
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