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  1. Good listen. One of the last bastions for social satire.
  2. My wife started getting bored with WWE around the time Punk left. I kept watching cause I just like wrestling, but man there was a lot of fast forwarding. I got the network in 2016 and LOVED NXT. I hosted PPVs at my place every month and my friends came over, usually we would just mark out if someone new appeared, but a lot of the shows were just like "Oh well, maybe next month" because the booking didn't make us happy. I cut the network in 2018 after Crown Jewel, after the Saudis cut up Khashoggi. That and I felt like I was just watching out of habit and not because I enjoyed it. AEW came around and it lit a fire under everyone I know. We haven't gotten together since Revolution 2020, and they are all coming over to watch All Out in September. The hype levels are off the charts, even before the Bryan and Punk rumours. I hope we get this AFI song instead of Cult for Punk. I want to be reminded less of the company that took away his love for the sport.
  3. AEW gives me a lot of '98 WWE feels. And I know that anti-AEW folk hate that comparison, but it holds some water. Lot of noticeable names jumping ship from one company to another. When Radicalz, Jericho, Big Show, etc all came to WWF, I was marking out as much as I do when WWE guys come over to AEW. Violence and swearing is through the roof and I'm a mark for that It has a gritty feel, not like a medical laboratory like WWE, where everything is so clean and pristine. The promos are more gritty, have more emotion and are more unpredictable because they aren't being memorized. Crowds actually have some sort of control, if someone gets over organically, you best believe they get a push. Stables, stables and MORE stables. Not afraid to try new things and not afraid to fuck up. That's what made every Atittude Era RAW so much fun. And I get it's not for everyone, I always say its billionaire indie wrestling and that will push many people away because it's not everyone's cup of tea and that's fair. It obviously isn't perfect, but goddamn if it ain't the most entertaining wrestling show for me, my wife and all my friends every week.
  4. Even then, the company is too large and has been around forever. Just because AEW signs some dudes, doesn't mean WWE will ever be in trouble. They still give all their channels good ratings.
  5. Nope. WWE will never be in trouble. The Saudi, FOX, Peacock contracts will keep them afloat forever. As well as the diehards who will never watch anything else.
  6. Vince reminding NXT to know their role.
  7. How about this one? "Before you got sick," Begnaud asked Roe, "if you would have had a chance to get the vaccine and prevent this, would you have taken the vaccine?" "No," Roe said. "I would have gone through this, yes sir… Don't shove it down my throat. That's what local, state, federal administration is trying to do - shove it down your throat." "What are they shoving," Begnaud asked, "the science?" "No they're shoving the fact that that's their agenda," Roe said, "their agenda is to get you vaccinated."
  8. @HD-Mansorry for being lewd... But AEW queers > NXT queers.
  9. These boys single handedly channeling the Attitude/Ruthless Aggression Era
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