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  1. Good for WWE for putting on a good show... Too bad it had to be there. Also read a good comment on Cornettes recently Dynamite review "Jim and Brian's opinions about AEW are slowly turning positive... It's exposing the Cult of Cornette members who are either E-drones or miserable people in general who just want to hear Jim to shit on everything.....compared to legitimate wrestling fans who listen to him." 100% True
  2. Oh haha Yea I used to play All-Star, that was a fun game. I quit after the Seven Deadly Sins event.
  3. Longest match since his WMXX match with Brock lol
  4. You are right. They are in the dark. Like polaks and natives.
  5. Not even sure why they STARTED anything with them. Considering the backlash the WWE gets and especially what Phil has said about them in the past.
  6. Or they honestly don't even see a problem. "She's just an overtanned Jersey chick!"
  7. Absolutely! There are some wretched people out there that will do shit like that. But I also feel that some of these blackfishing are them actually appreciating black beauty and wanting to join them. It's like... Nice is a demented way with no evil motives. But MANdy should fucken know better.
  8. Well those people have likely never talked to a black person or maybe just seen 10 in their entire life. They were never educated in their struggles. You gotta realize how some uneducated Euro countries can be. My relatives in Poland thought natives in North America were 3 feet tall, like pygmies or something.
  9. It's tough for Europeans to know what goes on to black folk in America. Not saying it's right, but to them it's just a vanity thing and there is a HUGE disconnect.
  10. Why are they even trying? It's a fucking scam and everyone knows it
  11. I heard that NXT is back to being shit again.
  12. Eh what's the point? WWE crowd is set in their ways. If they haven't stopped watching in the last 7-8 years, they won't stop watching just because a new company has shown up. Let Tony talk shit, just like WWE is allowed to talk shit. This is the closest competition they've had in the last 20 years. Mainstream popularity is something that fueled WCW taking over, especially with big names jumping ship. Not to mention nWo was something so supremely unique because kayfabe still existed in a lot of people. It's incomparable for Bischoff to say what he said, this is as close as this "war" is going to get and Tony should talk all the shit he wants because WWE should be an unstoppable giant after all those years of building up their fans with zero competition.
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