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  1. Bobby win was so feel good. Give him a better non trump moment I hope drew is done as a challenger. I want to see Bobby take out the demon king balor and aleister black in rapid matches. They building brock vs bobby Bianca won the title the way it should have been at takeover brooklyn 2019
  2. Wwe refers to the iwgp title as on par with the wwe title Also they let kenta work noah Still think wwe buys ajpw up because of big johnny Reginald needs to blow an acl. Vince liking him ruined all of wwe womens even bleeding into nxt He is the new ellsworth
  3. Cammerota should be a pushed commodity likw now QT is a shitty promo and average wrestler It is so weird the divide between top guys and low carders in aew I need Miro to squash all 3 best friends and ruin sabian while bringing in aiden english to intro him I bet Andrade comes in with a lot of fan fair. I need Fenix vs Andrade
  4. Goldust hardline republican. With a trans stepdaughter whose daughter dakota is bi and dustin knows how important goldust is to gay wrestling fans. It is weird for him to be this lbgtqia advocate all the while being hardline on immigration and gun rights
  5. The new iwgp title is garbage. Like the 2000 wcw rebrand logo come to life.
  6. HHH holding people back like boa been there 6 Years and gets his shot sort of Rik bugez debuted then disappeared I bet if aaliyah gets let go she shows out to. Then i think of kona reeves. Like hhh says fuck all these people i want indy guy and then with kushida drops the ball. The old method from 2014 worked. The new method of keeping guys in nxt and never using them does not I think imperium as a group has the best shot at making it I really want dudes on main roster Walter vs roman or lashley wo
  7. Martian Manhunter has been Martha Kent the entire time waiting for kal el to be sent to earth Yes that is why pa and ma kent could not have babies
  8. Marina is the homey though. Like seriously she is cool. Why does wwe have babatunde completely trained and not have aj use babatunde as a sub for wrestlemaniA
  9. Kyle looks like a fucking dweeb teenager who found a suicidal tendencies album cover Fucking hell. He looks stupid in the get up. Pac injury again replaced by laredo kid who is so damn good.
  10. I hate this use of Kushida. I would rather he stayed a jr. Than this bullshit. Devlin is still a heel. I hope santos loses the belt so he can go level up and take the nxt title. Both Ciampa and Gargano have bogged down nxt by staying there. At least ciampa has put over guys and is used to make others look good. GARGANO is lame and should be jobbing in sub 5 minute matches instead he is here not tapping out and kicking out of everything fuck these two.
  11. If they do a tbs show it should be at 605 I really hate that reginald is involved in the womens division for no reason What should have been a simple shade fest between sasha and bianca has become the reginald show and he comes on raw too. Fuck. I want dude to pop a kneecap on a flip so wwe can sto
  12. Kane had the dope mask 2 excellent colorways Unmasked Kane being like he released his bankai is underrated. I liked his 2010 run a lot where he bodied taker and rey. Also kane has the best tombstone in wrestling. He holds them then snaps the dude down.
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