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  1. Try the trickster with a shotgun. You'll murder the waves. Still not sure how healing works on bosses with the classes that heal on kill.
  2. I went through the demo as well. The 2 melee classes were a lot more fun to me than the pyro and whatever the long range one was. I can't really give it a rating until I try to go through it with some friends. It isn't bad, but nothing about it really stood out to me.
  3. On stage 5 you can interact with the ring around the boss spawn before you activate the boss. It'll say you have aligned with the planet or something. This will let you keep looping. By default you are aligned with the moon which is the last boss.
  4. I don't get the "it doesn't say hair" on it excuse. A bottle of lye isn't going to say "Don't shove a funnel up your ass and pour the whole bottle in". There has to be some line of common sense or every wrapper on every product made would be 800 pages long.
  5. So i have a pretty niche jdm car. Went to the park tonight to blow off some steam. Park and no one is there. Walk to the far end of the park, call a homie, smoke a cigar, drink a couple brews for an hour. Come back to the parking lot and there's a full blown car meet going on. Felt like I had walked into fucking wonderland. Buncha people checking out my car was cool. What a weird night.
  6. About 10 hours in at this point. I feel the same way about this game as I did the witcher. I love the world, characters, sound, atmosphere, story, quests, etc. All that shit is top notch. It makes me want to live in the world they created. Sign my ass up to live in 2077 Night City. But fuck the gameplay is meh. Even on very hard the battles are whatever. The stealth is janky. Still having a blast living in the world and I'll def end up finishing the game, but jesus the gameplay is bland.
  7. Been playing Phantom Brigade off the epic store. Still early access but really good so far and only $30. Turn based mech tactics game. Definitely needs some more enemy/weapon variety, but for early access I'm impressed.
  8. Too bad they'll most likely end up killing it
  9. As pumped as I am for Elden Ring.....just imagine how much better it would have been if they had announced BB2 for ps5. World would have imploded.
  10. Can anyone tell me where the "this guy is a fucking clown and I don't want to see his posts" button is? Nvm found it.
  11. You can defend hitting a woman all you want. If thats the side you want to take here then all power to you. I never said anything about cancelling him and I already stated I love the guy. But his comments did not age well.
  12. "stubbornly contrary or obstructive" "inclining towards violence or bloodshed" "bitch" "hysterical" Yep all sound like great reasons to beat a woman /s edit: oh wait he warned her first so its ok
  13. His quote did not age well. Lets not pretend he was only referring to when a women got physical with him. I love the guy, but his stance on slapping women isn't a take that aged well. However he would have made a sick Revolver Ocelot in his day.
  14. @KingTubbdo we get a spooky scary re7 stream tonight?
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