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  1. Bro you better Make sure I don’t caught you in SFV or tekken7 for saying that.
  2. Yo I want to be in that tournament! This is my psn bigtochiro8
  3. You know I just realize that when you reach a high rank in fighting games it get boring to play them. yo Is rose a zoning character or a rush down? It feel like I’m fighting sf4 rose all over again which is stupid giving me bad memories of the ryu match up with her
  4. It really funny that it took me 3 days to get to gold rank. Oh yeah if anyone want play sfv with my psn bigtochiro8
  5. Kamitochi is me my 2nd account. Trying to see how far can I get ryu in rank. I going to be on that account to play sfv and tekken7. So can I join the group
  6. This gg beta is fun! Only found two main in this is ky and chip. Why chip die so fast. I realize the combos don’t work as the old gg games it feel like grandblue but more baby like or it just me?
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