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  1. Miitopia mii customization is pretty insane, I'm really considering buy it whenever it goes on sale/used copy. Examples:
  2. I can't help but feel like it'll be Wilson and Fields that'll falter. Not to knock their ability, but more in the way of the Jets and Bears. Maybe Mac Jones as well. Still I wish for all of them successful careers.
  3. Read some comments and people are suggesting an open world aspect and maybe call me old fashion, but please no. I just want to race fast, that's what I play F-Zero for. Captain Falcon being a bounty hunter really isn't important to the series, so I don't care to see him beat up people. That's what Smash is for. I don't want a new game that puts all it's focus on that and then have subpar racing. Of course that stems if a new game will ever come. If they want to port GX then Online would have to be in, I'd like a balance of the machines. Most of the AX machines really aren't good (e
  4. Never used DHL, but damn it was pretty fast getting stuff from China to the USA. Order some switches not even a week ago and it arrived yesterday. Here's some MX buttons, just playing around with it. Kailh Speed Gold - Kind of feels like regular Sanwa buttons. Kailh Box Silent Pinks - Feels like the Gen 2 Sanwa silent buttons. Gateron Black Ink V2 - The ones I went with for the other 5 buttons. I'd put the feel in the middle of Sanwa and Seimitsu. Personally I don't really see the hype behind mechanical buttons nor do I see the wort
  5. Apparently Genshin was being boycotted due to lack of representation (?) or something along those lines and like any gaming boycott, it sure failed.
  6. idolm@ster fighting game in Million Live. Harada even had a hand in production. Try that shit on my Hibiki Ganaha
  7. I think the Giants did pretty well in free agency. Lots of offensive weapons for Jones. This also puts pressure on Jones, Giants are going to test him. I think they'll have their anwser if he's the guy or not by November. As for the draft I think they'll draft a linemen since everything else is pretty decent. How'd everyone else's teams do in free agency?
  8. Getting around to playing 3D World (Switch) and god damn Toad is fast as hell.
  9. After a grind I finally beat Chapter 7 (Very Hard). Killed Black Bull in the beginning (which is easy), then raced the 5 laps, then if you're close to Blood Hawk in the last lap he usually drops back and tries to kill you, but I was able to kill him since Blood Hawk is a pretty fragile machine. Then I boost my way to a bomb to bomb boost myself to first and now I finally have the complete roster. Also I did AX cups in all the difficulties and that wasn't too bad. Now on my to F-Zero X.
  10. Finally got AX Cup in F-Zero GX. I've owned this game since a few years after it released, but never played it seriously until a month ago. Unlocked AX Cup by beating all the cups in Master difficulty since Chapter 7 (Very Hard) is pretty damn hard so beating all the cups in Master was easier. It'd be cool if it was on the Switch, but at the same time if it isn't at a consistent 60fps then I really wouldn't want to play it. I use Rainbow Phoenix most of the time.
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