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  1. I might have to learn some Honda they give this nigga nothing but buffs this season
  2. Watchin NLBC and Punk is murking errrbody with Dan
  3. GGs y’all I got disconnected I swear CFN is on some bullshit this patch.
  4. That instant air Ex fireball buff for Kage is hella annoying lol
  5. Yea ill be down.. Login in now. I did have trouble yesterday CFN disconnecting on me randomly just a heads up if that does happen.
  6. Yeah I feel like Vshifting in the corner is a very bad idea. I know it’s still early but it looks to be useful more mid screen.
  7. Now I gotta say Vshift is gonna take time to develop. This shit right here fam Beautiful
  8. His fireballs are meant to be done just outside of mid range, The are also more + at that position. This doesn’t effect him much.
  9. Instead of delay tech we delay shifting boyzz #TAKETHETHROW into the
  10. The first couple of weeks of gameplay after the patch goes live is gonna be chaos. Imagine using V-shift to anti air.. They didn't show any counter play during the showcase. I want to know how to blow it up day1
  11. It will blow up mindless buttons > safe specials in neutral. The follow up V- brake animation is really dope.
  12. That exceeded my expectations..Wow thank you to the lords at Capcom! The new training stage looks dope.
  13. It's gonna feel exciting learning a new fighting game series thats not SF. Strive looks really fun and Millia looks delicious
  14. Thats a good list. I'll speak on characters that i play G nerfs : No more ex smash over / ex low rush VT activation. Reduce timer faster on VT1 orb. Sagat buffs: faster walk speed, 2bar VT1, DP damage and stun increase.
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