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  1. That's right Americanized, that means Pineapple is perfectly ok. Sweet and Savory is as American as it gets. Rebel scum.
  2. He's right tho. Keep your potential spoiler guesses and theories in spoiler tags. Dont be an asshole.
  3. I don't wanna hear fuck all from any of you about Pineapple on my Pizza anymore lmao.
  4. Ill play those ganes with you seriously ill install DS1 now lmao.
  5. Yea...which is none unless you align with the majority in your area and the majority don't always make smart decisions. We really over play the power of a single vote in this country
  6. I love them both as well. Kain simply edges out for being more dastardly in his plans and because he is voiced by Simon Templeman one of my absolute favorite VOs who deserves ads loads more work in the field.
  7. You don't have any control if everyone else keeps voting for them.
  8. Fist motorstorm was the first game I ever played with "real" mud deformation that would effect your car for rolling over it. Like was actually beneficial to drove in someone else's mud tracks cuz it was already packed down you went faster. Was a cool game.
  9. Some infinities and weird glitches where found to. Dunno if it would take two months to fix or not tho. I'm still waiting on Cyberpunks second big patch lukz.
  10. Ah you are confusing convenient with actual interest.
  11. Its still a guess tho. You"re still guessing and he wants to spend money.
  12. Yea but if you want to know what the actual performance on Switch is before you buy........ Right?
  13. Thats the price of doing business with Japan directly unfortunately.
  14. Your wants and needs aren't the same as other people's. Sonic wants the DF video to see if the port meets his passable expectations. Not yours....his.
  15. Neesa pops up in the discord from time to time. She is doing well.
  16. Lmao Shaq catches dude and slow falls into the table. That shit was hilarious to watch lol.
  17. I have a job you goofy fuck lmao. Making my paycheck is more important then clowning you and your itty bitty tiny weeny little floppy dick. I do that in my free time for entertainment. I'll try to be faster on the draw next time tho, just for you bro.
  18. If the steak doesn't bleed, I don't want it on my plate.
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