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  1. Nomura stepping down to Creative Director for FFVIIR part 2 cause he has a ton on his plate (ah we go again), co director from part 1 will be sole director
  2. I knew the name for EmberLab (dev for Kena) looked familiar....Those guys made that amazing Majora's Mask animation 4 years ago
  3. Vids Also want to say that while I'm excited to play another episode that features Yuffie, I'm kinda mixed on this announcement if only because I feel they could have maybe included this with Chap 2. Them doing this pretty much confirms that the time they were working on this wasn't being spent on Chap 2.
  4. So yeah I JUST finished getting caught up on the SoP aaand just saw that battle royale. Fucking had me in tears. Who in the fuck at square is both coming up with these ideas and greenlighting them? FINAL FANTASY VII....BATTLE ROYALE...ON PHONES. FUCKING REALLY? FFVII battle royale was insult enough and then you just went and threw it on phones. I mean the chance of me even playing it was like under 5% but you just put it into 0% just by putting it on the phone. I'm intrigued by them telling original FF7 storyline over again with remade visuals that include the whole compilation with tur
  5. To be semi fair in this, XBC doesn't have high player count multiplayer attached to it. It still doesn't excuse the excessive amount of space this game takes up when comparing to its peers. Apex being a 3rd of the space as Warzone is far more concerning. That tells me easily that Respawn seems to be atleast attempting to optimize their shit
  6. Yeah this isn't going to get more annoying as time goes on at all. Eventually people who play CoD gonna have to make choices on if they plan on playing anything else that month or is it really worth uninstalling the game to play something else for a week to wait a whole day to DL all the patches to play CoD again. People gonna have to plan their whole gaming time around whether they wanna play CoD later if they uninstalled it. Like 'Aight If I wake up at 5am and start the DL then hopefully it'll be done by 6pm today when I get off so I can play'. God have mercy on your soul if you don't ha
  7. SMH. The path to equality is always going to have people doing over corrections but this...This is pretty offensive regardless of which race it'd be pointed at. Especially that fuckin list in the upper right corner and then the cream on the shit sandwich is that last slide. I can only imagine if I worked for a corporation and I got sent something like this that said "try to be less *insert minority here*".
  8. Well...that's not gonna be awkward at all. How the hell did this pass the people checked it cause clearly at least 1 or 2 people had to approve this before it went out right? No red flags at all came up when anyone looked that over eh?
  9. I didn't get a chance to finish reading this story but what I've read so far has been interesting so far
  10. Apple ordered Valve to give up data on their sales as part of their ongoing lawsuit, Valve refused and then ended up getting forced to give it up.
  11. 32From what I understand, unless it's a shareholder take over most of the time when a 3rd party like Bioware goes under a company like EA it's usually by 'choice'. One company, usually the bigger company makes an offer to the smaller for them to work under and the higher ups of the smaller company either yay or nay it. It's not too often that a smaller company will approach a bigger company to take over unless there's something like the smaller company is floundering and in need of someone to give them financial backing so they'll put it out there that they're willing to be bought. The form
  12. It'll be a shame but maybe when Bioware gets put out to pasture that will finally make other devs realize the risk in being under EA.
  13. I'm not going to say there isn't a double standard. Hopefully at some point those people you mention will end up finding out too if they keep posting stuff (I actually don't even know who Kristina Arielle is so this could also be an exposure issue between the both of them)
  14. It isn't really political (least I don't think it is...we aren't really talking about different ideologies here) I'm just remarking about the amount of people brave (don't know if that's the exact word but we'll go with that) to say some off the wall stuff where anyone can read what you say including your employer. I don't know exactly how it works for government jobs but I'd imagine for any job if you say some off the wall stuff and it starts becoming an image problem for the company then you could be subject to consequences so long as it can't be found to be discriminatory (religion, race,
  15. There's been a lot talk about 1st amendment rights when it comes to being fired for saying dumb shit. Lot of people are finding out the hard way again that it protects you from government prosecution but not from public consequences. So if RL keeps fucking around he'll eventually find out.
  16. People have been talking about RL for a minute when QAnon started rearing his head. Pretty disappointing that he believes in that garbage. Dude does good mocap work and he's got his hand in a ton of projects so I imagine he's cemented in pretty firmly for the moment but if he keeps it up he's probably gonna end up getting replaced at some point.
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