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  1. if the krypto has optional animated series voices and soundtrack i might be in there. many a afternoon was spent watching krypto and totally spies after i got off the school bus and wasn't shit else on.
  2. actually your supposed to own the game your emulating and buying something and playing it on an emulator is a perfectly valid thing to do if you so choose. however if your a game journalism site you probably shouldn't broadcast look guys free games!
  3. eh kotaku will prob go out the same way neogaf did they have to slowly implode. it wont matter tho because just like neogaf all the people that actually matter will regroup somewhere else and repeat the process. i believe all the more well known people all ready left. also why would you publicly challenge the nintendo ninjas? unless this is some type of xanatos gambit shit.
  4. i used to have a massive physical collection till i moved to the city from the country and somebody robbed my apartment. those niggas took my whole living room and my games and all my cereal.
  5. listen man sometimes you find jesus and sometimes he finds you with the power of disney. he hasn't found me yet tho prob because of my nhentai account.
  6. my initial thoughts for the future of smash bros is to just keep porting ultimate forward while upscaling it assuming they stay on positive terms with all the involved parties. now that they've given people all this good shit any casual fan is gonna riot once they start taking shit out for the next game. i often times hear people ask why normal fighting games don't have a smash ultimate style cast not realizing the balancing nightmare that would be. if they truly don't give a fuck they can keep adding people to current cast as they port forward and the only one's who would complain are the competitive players.
  7. that wiimote stuff is so weird tho it's like miyamoto with starfox zero or anytime someone brings up f zero
  8. sometimes i wonder if developers come up with crazy story ideas their not quite sure about and then go lets get team ninja to make this shit. that way they never have to take the heat for the story meanwhile team ninja's prob like guy we get to make a metroid/final fantasy! but there's a catch....
  9. they almost hid it god please help me if the sword doesn't at least have the wind vortex around it.
  10. im pretty bad at card games man. i remember when i tried to play yugioh again after not playing since like 6th grade i hopped my ass online put like 2 cards face down in defence next thing i know a nigga did some shit and had like 3 monsters with 3000 attack points on the field and proceeded to smoke my ass
  11. been playing tales of arise. the games good but the boss fights turn into some whole other shit sometimes where it feels like a straight slugfest.
  12. ill be honest i am surprised its not saber for the final character its okay tho that means i can hold out hope for the true fate go crossover representative raiko
  13. i support people trying to get capcom and marvel to release the game again but at this point you can just wait a few months and the dreamcast emulator will have rollback anyway.
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