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  1. I can relate. Lots of things on fire at the moment. That aside, I will have time off and on this week so whoever can just @me when you have time, and hopefully I will (my schedule is pure chaos right now).
  2. Anyone gonna have some time this week to throw hands? @GetTheTables @Hawkingbird
  3. I’m free basically all tomorrow if people are up for games.
  4. Sorry 'i got caught up in something in the gap. Some other time though.
  5. @Hawkingbird im gonna be good to go in 10. You in?
  6. I should be free just @ me when ready and hopefully I will get the message. you can always Xbox message me too as I will get that on my phone (if I don’t respond). I may have someone else to play with us too. We will see.
  7. I should have some time most evenings so just let me know.I did practice some Kim stuff so we will see how that goes. I can also stream if you want to let other people laugh at us...
  8. I do that too. That is something that doesn’t get enough credit (and SFV does well), having the inputs match what your brain thinks they should be.
  9. The slide link was weird for me as well, but I don’t really play tusk. There’s something strange with how the buffer works which makes LK come out instead of run. as far as manuals go (you said linker but I think you meant manual), I think the only really important one is the first hit after an opener. Openers don’t follow linker rules and work just like a link in SF. This usually means you have the full slate of double, linker, and manual options on that first break. This makes it hard to break and gives you the option to cash out right away. For characters with an EX damage ended
  10. Tusk has that stagger ender. Basically its a wall splat ender that doesn't need the wall. On the whole splat (and by extension Tusk's Stagger) ender are really strong as they pretty much guarantee you a mixup. That said you have to give up Tusk's damage ender, and his damage is crazy high.
  11. @GetTheTables I messed around in training mode, and it looks like run canceled into slide links off of all of your stagger slashes (MP, HP) at all ranges.
  12. If you want the ginormous buttons with less quirks there are other options. Arbiter is the most obvious as he has a similar range on his sword. As a general note, I can't recommend Jago enough as a character to try... he's basically the perfect Shoto. And you have the shadow version if playing honest isn't what you need at the moment. Unrelated, Aganos vs Tusk almost felt unfair. Like, my aganos isn't good but, Tusk doesn't seem to be able to stop him from armoring up, and with any amount of armor he could just ignore Tusks buttons.
  13. Well, basically all of Hisako's buttons are best in class. She was even able to poke out of some Kim Wu stuff (which takes hella good buttons). Of course she doesn't have the mobility like others do. I think the rekkas can go Low/Mid/High depending on button for the 2nd and 3rd hits. I believe all are very unsafe but have range and can be spaced. I also think they are her only opener (outside of thing like throws) which can be rough. I know one of Hisako's big weaknesses is her bad opener options, however, wrath compensates for that. With a wrath charge, Naginata hits
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