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  1. For some odd reason. I actually want this to happen....
  2. Nah, I wouldn't listen to it. Cammy won both CPT events so far this year so there was bound to be an uproar. She has one of the best well rounded toolkits in the bag, but I don't see anything blatantly OP with her.
  3. Good to know. I'm having more trouble dealing with her normals than her fireballs though. Just have to grind out the matchup more I guess.
  4. I've played it from Karin's side and it feels hard. It's similar to the Chun matchup where their buttons keep Karin out of her ideal range. Ex tenko only works when the Rose is throwing full screen fireballs, when she's throwing from close range and cancelling from normals it's not useful.
  5. What do you Rose players think of this matchup chart?
  6. Everything Bison does is silly. He can at any moment spend a bar to be instantly in your face and plus. Can't zone him, can't play neutral, just have to try and rush him down before he does it to you. Great character design Capcom!
  7. Yeah, Oro looks just as complicated if not more so than Rose. I'm not a person who cares too much about tiers but I really hope he doesn't end up being low tier. Technical characters that end up bad are like a waste of a character slot lol.
  8. I've definitely messed up the input before. Knocked them out of stun with st.heavy kick by accident and then proceeded to lose.
  9. Every time someone stuns and teabags me I'm have a built in badass taunt and instead you decided to make your character vibrate on the spot like a dummy.
  10. Anji and I-No playable this time? Niiiiiiccee.
  11. PSN down for anybody else. I googled it and apparently I'm not the only one having problems logging in.
  12. Not getting the runback is annoying but even worse is when they go a step further and pull the plug. There's an entire army of Ken's that have now reached diamond and are ragequitting like mad. At the moment about half my blacklist is Ken.
  13. Yeah, I mean most top players are able to do that. Daigo plays Eita's Ken way differently than he plays Kenpi's. One thing that I think makes Punk unique is his ability to pick up a completely new character and instantly dominate even high level players. I'm subbed to both Infexious and Brian F. Another one you should check out is Sajam's channel .
  14. That's an understatement lol. He ended up losing to Idom's Poison. Still a great run. Poison seems like a bad matchup for Rose. Punk picked the custom combo trigger but it seems to me the teleport would be a better choice in that matchup.
  15. Punk is in Grand Finals of NLBC doing a Rose only run. How is this guy so good?
  16. As a S1 Necalli main I found out real quick about negative edge in SFV. Might be the worst character in the game for doing it by accident. They actually had to change up his command grab from punches to kicks because of overlapping inputs. I still remember trying to do, light stomp into super and getting medium stomp into blocked super instead. It was even worse with the input delay and lag back then.
  17. Really liking Rose in SFV. Besides sharing a lot of the same normals she plays a lot more technical than she did in 4. Not going to main her or anything but excited to see what people come up with after some labbing. Note to Capcom, custom combos are awesome! Really hope they are using this season as a testing ground for SF6.
  18. Reminds me of Turtles in Time. What a game that was.
  19. Yeah, I have no idea who the players are. I'm just like "oh the purple Yang is back, he's good".
  20. Oh I love the a-cho channel. One of the best fighting game channels for retro games on youtube. High level 3rd strike, Alpha 3, Garou, KOF 98, yes please!
  21. Been watching a-cho streams to get an idea of how Oro plays. It seems to me the answer is.....I don't know - wtf is this character even doing?
  22. Morrigan looks amazing. If Capcom made a new Darkstalkers that looked like this.....
  23. Bruh......all three of these characters look sick. Capcom is getting creative with the characters this season. Can't wait to try out Oro and Akira.
  24. Yeah they need to bring back custom combos in SF6. Something like Alpha 3 V-ism would be hype.
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