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  1. You are correct, although it is easy to get them confused as the Planet Hulk arc bleed right into WWH. But yeah, unless they do a What If Story I don't see them doing WWH, besides the only characters who can swing on that level physically currently in the Marvel universe among the heroes are Captain Marvel and Thor.
  2. DS9 made me a Star Trek fan, I caught the occasional episodes of TNG and TOS on TV but I never followed the series until DS9 and the political stuff all leading to the Dominion war wowed me as a kid. Actually pulled me in to catch the last few episodes of TNG.
  3. Yeah I can't say I believe that one, given how penny pinching Disney has been especially under the current leadership. Not to mention you are probably going to need more then one series to set up something like WWH and make it work.
  4. Part of it based on my own speculation is, Sony executives love Tom Holland and view him as someone they want to attach one of their best mass appeal franchises to outside of the co parent relationship they have with him being the MCU Peter Parker. He is also pretty young so unlike Mark or Nathan Fillion they can potentially make a lot of films with him as the lead. It seems nice enough, but we will see.
  5. More or less, they rebranded it to be a free to play service game called eFootball and based off of most reports it sucks. The franchise has been going in a tail spin for a few years but I loved the controls of the International Superstar Soccer/early Pro Evolution Soccer games. Now that they have a shot to get real teams the franchise isn't even a ghost of it's former self.
  6. RIP, Ayers was damn good at Freiza I loved the levels of ham he brought to all the scenes in Super.
  7. You are not wrong. But I do hope we can get a good official soccer/futbol game out of this that isn't built on microtransaction BS. It sadly won't be from Konami, but hopefully some quality development team can make it.
  8. Huh, I remember Nemesis from a X-Men or X Force run a little while back, he was fun mad scientist to have on that team despite being a former Nazi. That page with him and Forge had me thinking it was someone else with those goggles and missing the trademark white hat.
  9. Shit all these years and I never even bothered to know he didn't have a full civilian name.
  10. True but I honestly speculate that it isn't just that aspect of things. With the rise of technology setting up a game where you can have all or most of Superman's powers is doable, heck from the comics you can pull half a dozen scenarios which bring his powers into serviceable range for drama. But I think one of the biggest issues with getting a Superman game is of you make it too free or add destructible environments then you can have a less then noble or just destructive Superman and outside of Injustice I think the Warner heads are not keen on that being available for players to recreate the Man of Steel ending fight. Cutscenes and such I am sure are fine but a game with Superman's name/brand where he flies folk in the air and drops them is likely a no no. But in today's landscape that is what players want and would do.
  11. Not technically but I will drop this news here, the Mel Brooks classic parody film, History of the World, Part 1, will finally get a sequel... Wait for it... As a Hulu variety show. Depending on how this turns out it may finally force my hand to get Hulu. Fuck.
  12. Love the N64 and enjoy Genesis classics but fuck that price. I am sad that some asshat in Nintendo may use this as a means to bad mouth N64 and the Genesis value when this is clearly then over valuing older games. Ironically I may have been swayed if this was the price at the jump mostly because I wouldn't know how badly they would do the feed of games on the Switch online services. Granted the N64 has a much smaller library to choose from but knowing Nintendo it will offset that by only releasing 4 games annually after a initial launch of 12 games.
  13. Personally, for the GC and GBA games, yes. But what they are offering right now is a slap in the face and I am already paying for the family plan due to family. Also I said it on either this or Switch thread, despite my love for N64, I am not paying more then double what I pay now to get to play those games. They NEED to throw in more as I don't believe anyone is that desperate to play old Genesis games or N64 titles unless they go hog wild get unlikely favorites like Perfect Dark, WWE No Mercy, Mischief Makers and one of my personal favorite games on the system Wetrix.
  14. Hell yes we did. I tried years later to beat it when it was a freebee for being a 3DS early adopter but even with janky save states the NES games had on the system I couldn't slog my way through.
  15. I consider myself a Metroid fan and I even hate the original. Mostly because at the time you would either have to map it out or use the terrible password system to beat it. It was cool but I got lost as a kid when my older cousin let me play and couldn't understand the password system so whatever progress I made would be gone unless he was there to take down or put in the password.
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