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  1. I am about to vote based on my gut. So you know my boy Doop and that girl Spiral getting my support. Edit: Snap had thought this was like FE Heroes vote currently going on where they let you choose from the whole list of characters.
  2. Ah the days when Marvel legit sold a swimsuit issue in Europe of its most popular female characters. Won't see that from the Big 2 ever again.
  3. Naw, Yumiko is fucking awesome ain't no disrespect not matching girl with the ability to make paper manipulation awesome and badass.
  4. This next Super Bowl is literally rests solely on whether the Buccs defense can stop the Chiefs, cause while Brady is still a viable QB he got some cracks in the invincible armor especially with the late INTs he gives out.
  5. Was not expecting Brady to get these dudes to the Super Bowl. Especially after seeing how he was playing in the second half, was expecting Rogers to snatch this back. But props to Tampa Bay.
  6. I watched Build Fighters Try all the way through mostly for the G Gundam references. Others I just haven't been able to force my way through.
  7. So far I am enjoying the slow build up and sitcom homages of WandaVision. But I grew up watching this a lot of this stuff in syndication and the mind fuck stuff from genre TV later. Standard MCU action heads will probably have to wait for Falcon and Winter Soldier, cause films definitely ain't coming back soon. Edit: Also enjoyed the documentary series titled 616, first episode was about Japanese Spiderman and it's history.
  8. While this version of the game is fully SNK developed you are correct. But it is not a big deal for companies to do crossovers these days anyway so it isn't probably that hard to get the permission. Hell Capcom lends out it's stable of characters to mobile games all the time.
  9. Lol, Rivers, Saleh and Cromartie those three combined have almost enough kids to probably field a team at every position.
  10. Naw, McCarthy is just trash. Green Bay literally was held together as a functional team for years by Aaron Rodgers' will alone.
  11. Yeah Vampire/Mom Jubilee is one of the better developments to come out of the frankly botched post HoM mutants as an endangered species arcs. That and almost from the New X-Men: Academy X book.
  12. I just realized the only way for Venom's tongue to make physical sense in most illustrations and not be cut on those teeth is for him to be gapped toothed.
  13. Rogers isn't that old but yeah the AFC is run by them babies. Now that Brady went to Tampa.
  14. Yo on a personal level I don't like T. Hill and suspect he is abusive. But watching him play I can't deny motherfucker can catch a ball like whoa.
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