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  1. I honestly think Capcom may not have the people with experience to do a belt scroller beat em up. Hence why all the FF characters show up in SF instead. They also suck at marketing the franchise for some reason and always have. Final Fight is almost like the Capcom equivalent of Nintendo and Star Fox, they made one perfect game, one or two ok ones and bunch of garbage around it while farming the characters out to other franchises or guest spots.
  2. I don't want a Switch Lite, but that is a nice looking console that if I ever did get one I would want that color.
  3. I only game select Gacha on my phone. I was exclusively playing only Puzzles and Dragons for years until it got to the point I felt there was no progress and they weren't generous at all. Then I jumped on my current vice which is Fire Emblem Heroes. Even though they are also stingy, I at least feel like I can beat the standard to advance maps plus I have had better luck getting characters I like even without money. Edit: But even with all that I can't say mobile games are that good, especially those that try to emulate a controller on the screen. I tried an JRPG or two in the past
  4. Start with episode 1 or if you are squeamish you can skip to episode 2 and start from there. The movie tells the next story arc, although it does retell the main character's origin so maybe you don't even need to.
  5. I don't get how it is a mid season peak if there are only two episodes left? Someone at Disney fail at math?
  6. RIP DMX He was one of my favorite artists for a time and his songs still strike a cord with me some days.
  7. It is the Super Mario Bros. 1/Resident Evil port effect. Just like how they had a remastered version for the PS4 not long after launch, the 'remake' is all about putting out a showcase title on their latest hardware so people will buy it again.
  8. I need see how Stewart handles getting spit in the face while raiding another person's place of business on foreign soil before I make my decision on if he is capable.
  9. Kojima does ok in Japan, but his games whether Death Stranding or recent Metal Gear titles aren't usually among the elite sellers in Japan nor do they last all that long on the charts. He got some fans over there but the Xbox hate in Japan is way stronger.
  10. Beating Cuphead is a feat I resigned myself to not ever dream. Fuck that dragon.
  11. Just like most sports heroes, shut up Tom Brady, even in the game industry creators skills and vision eventually fall off. Yuji Naka has done more then just Sonic in terms of contributions to the overall gaming history but yeah at this point the name don't equal quality.
  12. Ouch. But I also fully get why. The game seems all over the place.
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