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  1. I've been watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. It is super corny but it was the 1980s and this show helped make me a Spidey fan. Toei animated a few episodes, including the one that retells Spidey's origin story. The episode was practically ripped right out of Amazing Fantasy #15. I didn't realize it when I was a kid but Fire Star in her secret ID was visually Mary Jane. Also, the show loved to show off her butt. The amount of focus on it was crazy but understandable.
  2. @Scanman You beat Cuphead? It took me forever to pass some of the first few stages and I STILL haven't finished it! Good job, bro. Now go beat Battletoads. I finally got PAC-ONE in PAC-MAN 99. It pays to just camp by a power pellet, wait for a ghost train to come your way and just devour the whole lot. I went ahead and dropped money for the whole lot of the DLC. Score Attack mode is fun and the plethora of different themes are great. I'm surprised how much I like the Dig Dug theme when I was never the biggest fan of that game. EDIT: I mistook Scanman for Sonichuman.
  3. My Black Widow by Waid came in along with my Avengers by Hickman vol. 1. My Avengers has the top part of the cover bent. Instead of placing my books in a box, they were in a brown bag. Man, I am PISSED. That's definitely a plus in in favor of digital comics.
  4. Waka Waka, PAC-MAN 99 can finally be played. Unless you guys are cool controlling that cherry-chasing dot muncher with the control pad, the first thing you do when booting the game up is set movement to the L stick. That's just from a scrubby PAC-MAN player that has played the game his whole life with the stick. May God have mercy on your soul if you come across those PAC-MAN champs that know what's up. Those players that know the ins and outs of PAC-MAN like it is the only game they have ever played.
  5. My Black Widow by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee arrives today along with Vol. 1 of Avengers Complete Collection by Jonathan Hickman. I'm about halfway through Captain America Epic Collection Vol. 1: Captain America Lives Again. These Lee/Kirby stories are quite enjoyable. They even got a batch of stories that take place when Bucky was alive. I mean, he never died. You know what I mean. I'm looking for Peggy Carter but I'm guessing no issues in this volume have her in them. Agent 13 is blonde so that's gotta be Sharon.
  6. I like the idea of Pac-Man 99...but I was never very good at Pac-Man. I am gonna get DE.STROOOOOOYEDAAAA. Still downloaded it.
  7. I've actually on read the first few issues of the Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four run. Beyond that, I've read very little FF stuff. Hickman's name on those Avengers Complete Collection books reminded me that he had an FF run. I'm def gonna cop those books that comprise his Avengers run so I may as well check out his FF run when I'm done with that. I bought my third Marvel Omni, Captain America by Jack Kirby. This book comprises his return to Cap in the mid '70s. The cover of the book was inked my Romita and it looks soooo gooooood
  8. I need to get some shelves for all these TPBs, OHCs and Omnis I'm now buying. I plan to go to Ikea and get me a good sized shelf and then maybe a few smaller ones. I'm grateful that we have digital media as a means to access comics but I gots to have my physical. But hey, however you do it, get your comic reads on. BTW, I noticed you had a Thing avatar a few weeks ago. Did you happen to read Hickman's Fantastic Four run?
  9. My copy of Hulk Epic Collection: Future Imperfect arrived on Tuesday. Been wanting to read that two part story for years now and the book collects part of Peter David's run. I've been wanting to read PAD's Hulk run but it is so long and the Omnibus books are pricey. The first one is also out of print. Chip Zdarsky's OHC Daredevil vol. 1 dropped recently. I was wanting to check out is run in single issues but I think I'm just gonna jump in with this OHC. TPBs and OHC is becoming my preferred way to read comics since so many of them are written with the format in mind. I
  10. My OHC Immortal Hulk vol. 2 has arrived.
  11. My copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 arrived yesterday. Haven't started playing but the cover alone has me stoked. Peter and Miles Spidey, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolverine, the Avengers. This game has a better roster than Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.
  12. Just finished reading my Immortal Hulk OHC vol. 1 I need OHC vol. 2 like I need air to breathe!!!
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