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  1. @DarkSakultalk to me because i don't know what to post here, you son of a bitch!
  2. Here is a heavy question I have. Why don't dietitians or fitness trainers promote their patients to take cocaine? If the goal of the dietician is to get their fat patients to lose weight, why waste all that time with food and exercise and not just get them to sniff coke? I've met a lot of drug addicts that became walking sticks due to drug abuse so to me it's like a brilliant/fast way for obese people to lose weight. I've been thinking of doing this as a business. Making protein shakes and snack bars that have crack mixed in to them and just sell them to overweight peo
  3. You've moved up a tier. Watch yourself, girlyman!
  4. If they are atheists then there is a chance that they will not tell you. Atheism really messed up the dating game that we can't just worry about charm, sex appeal, or just basic flirting but we have to implement some tech. There is never a date in where I don't smell the chair my date's sat on and I am always preparing a bowl of broccoli (not booze) when the goal is to consummate. We just have to do these things now. This is why I am this way here, in where I can aggressive to some of the posters that you saw in my tier list. I'm just fed up of men having no value to being m
  5. updated girlyman tier list It's hard to decide who is the top between Dayana and Emptyreyes for me... I guess Dayana's recent post has caused me to think he is higher at the moment. correction: B Moderate - not "too" many...
  6. You know when i think about it, maybe Dayana is a higher level girlyman than you are. I am seriously considering moving him up over you but it's a difficult decision. It's like Storm vs Sentinel theory fighting. RSHG and DarkSauce are reminding me why they should be higher on the list too, so they are moving up. Scarp (the guy with the Brodie Lee avatar) is also moving up to high B, just one post away to being in A tier.
  7. I was traveling around youtube, and something made me go back to SRK nostalgia mode. I remember back then in the UMVC3 thread (where Preppy made the biggest mistake of his entire mod career), that the Greatest Poster spoke about how X-23 was an unsung god tier anchor because people wanted the easiest cheap guy Vergil. UMVC3 was the best game with loads of possibilities, and it is a testament to HIM as to how much he has contributed in posting such great strategies before it was implemented in the meta. Pair her with Ironman, Dante or Missiles and she is just
  8. Naw weeneedhim/Cisco already holds that position. You are right. ST Akuma was a broken character that was banned in tourneys, i like that comparison.
  9. B had a post or two that ticked me off or was a bit gross but it's not enough for me to consider the person a high tier girlyman yet.
  10. Winner for me is Asuka from Evangelion When I was a kid in my early teens, i had so much posters of her on my room. In fact, that is how my parents found out that I was masturbating when seeing how all those posters had cum shots on them.
  11. Dunkin has bigger holes. I've tried erection exercises with krispy creme and the ones you buy at the supermarket are expensive, they don't have the synergetic circumference at a decent price like duncan. Another added bonus is if you microwave the glaze donut for 5 sec it actually feels good. Try it out.
  12. the blue berry donuts have big holes. I could do two at a time. edit: The exercise isn't just flexing. There are other forums of erection exercises that you can perform with donuts. One other version is lying down and concentrating to keep your dick pointing straight up in the air. Then just throw the donut a bit in the air and try to play ring toss. It's very hard to do, especially with cruller donuts. i really recommend this exercise because it's practical and you don't need to worry about wasting money because you can always give it the homeless after. Y
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