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  1. I feel that Thanos is supposed to be Jesus/God but made into a villain. They often show the truth in fiction in a twisted way or show it outright. That is what the Elites do. Who do you think the 144,000 are? What will they do? One of the signs from the Creator I often see is the number 144 which reduces to 9. 9 is the highest number of the Divine.
  2. The aliens are probably among us already in disguises. Some are shapeshifters due to being able to manipulate their atoms.
  3. Hmm. Mind over space, time, and matter, man.
  4. Flow state is the most important thing to develop if you want to master anything.
  5. I just make stuff up when I play fighting games. I just go with the flow. Flow state is also called Mushin in Japanese and Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super. To me Mastered Mushin is acting in perfect synchronicity of space and time. I don't really know what I am doing, but I do in the same time. There are certain things that I do that seem to work so I keep on doing them until they don't. I usually don't do combos. I throw a lot. I tend to hit people at the right time and place. I have somewhat of a plan when I play, but it is not clear. I often win and I often lose. All levels of difficult
  6. Yes, I have been tested for Covid and it came back negative.
  7. I go outside all the time in crowded places and I have not gotten sick. I will likely not get it and I will likely not die from it if I do get it since I have a strong immune system.
  8. I play inverted if I play FPS. It feels more comfortable. I had a friend who would switch his hands when playing fighting games with a stick. I thought that was amazing.
  9. Yeah, pretty much, but she will still be a Yin to a Yang. I'm so out there. What's a thelamite? Nevermind, I might get banned again. There are actually a lot of spiritual girls here from all types of beliefs and a lot of them seem to be pretty awesome and good looking. Okay, I'm done. Angel is probably going to delete this now.
  10. You don't want to know. Well, she will be my complimentary opposite. That's only if I do get married.
  11. I can't sleep. I'll go drink some tea to help me sleep.
  12. It's all in good fun until you start having nightmares about the people you are messing with. There are people out there who can enter your dreams. They are called astral projectors.
  13. I would be nice to be invincible. I will need this ability during Ragnarok. Synchronicities abound that show my increasing power. There is always more love, beauty, and power.
  14. I like cold pizza. In a way it taste better than fresh pizza. Actually, it doesn't really taste better. I taste good in it's own way.
  15. My goal is to grow facial hair. Edited: by urs truly
  16. My manifestation powers seem to be getting stronger and stronger.
  17. Jennifer Connelly. She got better with age. It's amazing.
  18. I will lose weight. All I have to do is not eat out too much since that is the reason why I gained weight. I will also minimize snacking.
  19. The world is getting crazier and crazier. Oh well. Lets get ready for chaos.
  20. I believe it's hollow though and it has a small sun inside right in the center. It used to be flat. It is also made out of the bodies of the gods.
  21. 80's movies had the best life energy. They just felt better. 90's movies were similar but not as good. Things went really downhill in the early 2000's. Everything went downhill in the early 2000's. I think things are finally going up though since we are now entering the Golden Age and leaving the Iron Age. We are in a transition period.
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