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  1. E. Hinako is a great Kof character lost to time. Like May Lee. Clark being in Evo finals was the hypest shit ever. Clark legit was low-mid at best in that game.
  2. In KoF14, at the conclusion of the canonical tournament a bunch of dead characters souls were released including Orochi and New Face Team. So technically any character could come back to the roster again in non dream matches. Likewise, I can't wait to play Shermie. I always thought she was the second best grappler female behind Makoto.
  3. Alright, it's time for me to officially go back to playing fighting games. I will definitely be online giving people work with New Face Team.
  4. On the first part about opportunists, fighting games are really inaccessible compared to other competitive video games. Even someone like Max who has over 1 million subs has been part of the scene for over a decade. I liken it to the music scene in that it takes years to be an overnight success. As for grimy/not know things about the scene it'd take some time for me to unpack it, but I could tell some people forgot or don't know about shit that used to happen. @JHDKcomment about Kineda's wife and the lack of reactions/quotes is revealing to me. There was an old idiom about "Don't bring yo
  5. Depends on the things you've heard/were around for. On both the coasts there were a lot of grimey shit that went on behind the scenes and interpersonally. I'm talking about stuff that wasn't necessarily coming out in twitter threads/reddit/discord etc. The FGC have been transitioning away from that type of culture for a while now and with EVO going corporate this will be the big pivot into competitive gaming as a business for the broader FGC. Simply put, too much potential money is going to be on the line and the structures will be in place for players to make money off it. Twitch ad revenue/
  6. ....So what you're saying is SRK is D E A D. Good on the Canons though for cashing out. They'll probably be consultants or on the Sony Payroll which is pretty cool. Goodbye grimey FGC.
  7. As someone who has been involved with making youtube content in the past here are a couple pointers I can give you (without seeing your content): It's about what you have to say and how you present it. Most people will click off videos relatively fast, so you want to engage your audience within that first minute of your video. You will typically have a solid 30 seconds of someone's completely undivided attention before the dropoff. Your editing doesn't have to be spectacular, but be weary of long (10+ min) videos. People when browsing content will typically give a shorter le
  8. This is also true of what I've seen. First time I heard of an open relationship was when I was 19 and messing with some chick who was a bit older than me. She eventually told me her and her boyfriend had an open relationship. I cut things off after that revelation because my young mind couldn't fathom how it would be good for anyone other than short-term gratification. A few months later she hit me back up and told me they had just been testing the open relationship idea since their relationship was rocky beforehand and that they had finally broken up. I still dubbed it and kept it pushing
  9. Re: SF5 I bought championship edition last weekend along with some other fighting games and it's surprisingly not quite the garbage I was expecting. Some of the normal's are a bit on the stubby side for me and dashes/walk speed is as bad as I was expecting but it's not a complete shitshow so far. It's reminding me of a watered down version of Alpha 2 so far, which isn't exactly a bad thing. The toughest part has been finding a character that is fun to play and not just interesting to lab with.
  10. That's more of a Marvel and DC thing. You can pick up an indie comic and read a dope story with interesting characters a priori. If you want a trad superhero shared universe with minimal reboots you can dive into the world of Valiant comics. There's lots of great comics out there not being written by the big two.
  11. I already own the KoF titles and unfortunately SNK playerpools is always low. I can probably get my fix by setting up Fightcade. +R and Rev being cheap looks good, i'll probably cop one of those. SF5 never looked particularly interesting to me but I might have to reconsider given the price. Do you have any experience with Under Night or Granblue? I'm not into anime fighters but I'm up for giving shit a chance if it's on sale. Tekken is a nogo for me now that I'm not being over to my friends house to play casually with friends.
  12. Steam is having a fight game sale, what would be a good pickup? I haven't played any of this generations new fighting games outside of Tekken 7 with some friends.
  13. This is looking to be the same case for me. I didn't buy an 8th generation console and it's looking like I might not buy a 9th gen either since they seem to be glorified PC's more or less.
  14. The audience being uncomfortable as Dave was pushing their buttons was brilliant. "I can't tell the truth without a punchline"
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