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  1. Same with me. It's not high class food we all know that, but it's cheap and it's actually usually healthier than other fast food options, and tastes pretty damn good. I think it's because it probably reminds us of high school cafeteria food. But outside of a few years in SoCal, I've never had one around me. I see their commercials, but that's it. And I think even the SoCal one I went to closed down a few years ago (I only know because I saw someone tweet about it closing).
  2. I guess it's a roleplay thing, but for me I'd never want to hurt someone I loved and I can't imagine someone that loved me wanting to hurt me either. So what do you really have left? I think that's why it's something people have to pay for--it's generally not going to happen in regular relationships. That being said there are people that have cuckold fetishes and rape fantasies so what do I know.
  3. Brady's been to 10 of the things and would have won 7 there. It would be real hard to equal that, and especially if he has the L to Brady, who will eventually retire, it's a hard sell. MJ needed to beat Magic to be MJ. Mahomes is going to have to beat Brady to be the GOAT.
  4. Game is usually close when it's Mahomes vs. Brady. Mahomes needs this badly though to have a chance at GOAT status. If Brady takes it, I don't think it's even possible to surpass him.
  5. McGregor's real strength was his promotional ability. Same deal with Rousey. In MMA smaller fighters and women didn't really sell until these two put those divisions on the map. Even now you often see people disparage the smaller fighters, despite the fact that obviously these smaller fighters would rip their heads off. I don't know what UFC will do without them, their only other mainstream star remaining today is probably Jon Jones and he's crazy.
  6. TKO is any ref stoppage, I'm not even sure why they use that term since they're usually just classified officially as KOs anyway.
  7. Ironically, this is more dangerous to do in a red state, where the MAGA heads will just pull a gun out and unload clips on any melanin enhanced people they see.
  8. She does have heels like that I think, that's her usual public image. But the weapons are going to be heavier than she is. That can be amusing sometimes. I'm always amused by the little girl with the giant weapon that has all sorts of spinny moves.
  9. The last couple of pages reminded me of r/nba, which has an average user age of 16.
  10. If our planet was the FF7 one, would COVID be the planet trying to clear us out?
  11. 12 years ago a friend of mine told me to open a youtube channel and just stream myself playing older games. I didn't bother. Now I see today how it's exploded, and I'm honestly stunned. I have no idea how good the money is or not, but it's probably pretty solid and some people seem to be living off it.
  12. Right but...that's the thing, that's just called cooking. It's Hamburger Helper that's the anomaly.
  13. Not to anyone specifically, but I wonder why people say "made from scratch". I mean as opposed to what, Hamburger Helper? Obviously you want to use quality ingredients, whereas scratch kind of connotates bad or missing. Usually people do just say they're making something or made something, but some people in some instances mention scratch. I just don't quite know when those situations are or if I'm missing something on that.
  14. Good job proving my point, one post after whining how women don't want men LOL
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