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  1. Sony is pretty good. But in that range, I think you can get an Audio-Technica AD-700 or 900X, and then just add a cheap condenser mic or snap-on if you need it.
  2. Depends what you're interested in. If you want cheap, good looking and functional, generally you can't go wrong with steel and glass. I use a cheap tempered black glass and steal desk myself. You can find them around $50-150 on Amazon. Steel is fairly light and strong so is easy to ship and move---glass is a bit heavy but it's only used for the top and you'll probably be okay. Construction is a snap, you're just screwing steel beams together. If you want a traditional wood desk though, you should be prepared to pay a lot more, because cheap wood is pretty bad, and good wood is all
  3. They have plenty of new games, especially indies. They don't have usually the newer Jap games, since Jap devs love DRM. They just released CP2077 a couple of months ago, and aside from that I know a few other major releases were on there, for games I don't really have interest in. Since most of the games I play now are indies or AA releases, and I also like to wait a few months for a sale and for devs to actually fix their games, GOG is my go to store. I have some 70 or so games on there, probably 100+ with the freebies they give that I just hide. Steam I have probably
  4. This is unpopular? For any single player game I don't understand why people wouldn't use GOG. I prefer GOG. DRM free and in general just better releases. Steam is for multiplayer and stuff that won't be on GOG that you might tolerate DRM for because you love it so much, like DQXI for me.
  5. If they have any brains they'll wipe everything, have "community managers" as mods, and start over, with new registration and everything. Nothing was going to fix SRK, especially GD, and make it corporately presentable. Most of us OGs would be toast if we got super famous and someone dug up and threw our old posts out publicly, especially out of context. I actually don't even think Seth's "Domination 101" articles would fly in today's world and he's probably lucky people don't care enough to cite the things today.
  6. I used to do that way back, it's fun until you realize it's rigged against you. I knew a lot of people that did it 10+ years ago that got driven out by algos and front running, massive Wall St. and Fed manipulation etc. It's really only viable with disposable money at a lax job that you can trade at while getting a regular income. I had that sweet setup for a bit but even then, you could tell when everyone was getting squeezed and margin calls were happening as people would get phone calls and sort of panic. I don't do any of that today and have little to no interest in it, thankfu
  7. A lot of feminism, especially Boomer feminism, was just white supremacy. That's also what the white dudes supporting it were usually in for. They hated it when it came to their own gender roles, but they were extremely quick to enforce feminism when it came to prioritizing white women over minorities. Eventually a lot of POC feminist women caught on and started to get really pissed. It's not new though, even Margaret Sanger, the feminist Planned Parenthood icon was extremely racist and mostly wanted to abort black babies. I don't pay any attention to this ty
  8. Is this friend supporting you financially? If yes, you back him. Otherwise, you watch out for yourself. Anyone that tells you otherwise is just pushing their own agenda. People claim it's easy to make false accusations but it really isn't, it pretty much always comes out pretty quickly if it's a false accusation. They do happen, but they're crazy rare and really only happen with celebrities. But that's irrelevant, because there's a system in place and everyone has to handle what life throws at them. You don't stick your neck out, just recommend a good lawyer and that's all you can do. You shou
  9. From what I've read, and I don't really pay too much attention to this so maybe it's wrong, but something like 50%+ of babies born are to mothers on medicaid now. The middle class can't afford kids and won't have them. Rich still have them and the poor who don't care or know better or whatever the reasoning was. I don't know if this has changed in the past year or two when I read the news article.
  10. You're going to have to change it to a mega downvote button, nobody is going to remember that casually. And most people don't want to really report someone unless its something bad. Just hide the names for the downvote button and make that do this.
  11. One of my interests when I was younger was mythology, I'd read up all the mythology I could find. A lot of the stories and concepts keep getting repeated, especially the Noah and Moses stories, very, very common. Right down to the details like a prophesy of the king getting killed by someone, so all the young boys are murdered, but one that gets raised by the king himself etc. I've tried asking various departments when in college but never got a satisfying answer to why or what connection there could have been, outside of them just basically saying it's copied or they are basic hum
  12. I think there may be a difference in viewpoints based on age. A dude in their teens and twenties thinks of and acts differently towards and around women then men in their thirties and forties and older. A lot of things inexperienced dudes think is true really is not, but, internet or otherwise, most young men are around other young men and are far more vocal than most experienced prime/older men. There's another corollary to this, in that stupid people/fools will tend to talk and are quick to provide false info and attack others that tell the truth. I'm not
  13. I bet the person that made this is one of those types that claims "the only real victims of oppression are white men" and insists racism does not exist today. Probably gets triggered if he sees black athletes kneeling. The problem with these types of things is the only people motivated to make something like this have a very clear, nefarious agenda, and are anonymous. Find me the guy that made this, let's see what else he wrote, what his credentials are, what groups he's a part of, and let's peer review his claims, and then I'll start taking it seriously. Otherwise, I'm
  14. Turns out way in the future human beings don't have spleens. But a disease comes about that you need a spleen to cure. So they come back to our time to harvest our spleens.
  15. Yeah I was clearly wrong about that. I learned something new today and will just add that to my understanding for the future. For me personally, I dunno I don't think I enjoy fighting games so much as a genre as other people do. So for me, and the people I interact with, watching videos is a purely academic thing, watching to improve or learn things. I don't particularly enjoy that at all. I'm not 100% sure if others that I know do or don't, maybe they do enjoy just watching, but I always got the feeling they watched to learn only. What I do enjoy is applying stuff and actually playing
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