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  1. Also working together, making romhacks, and pretty much anything else is allowed if anyone so desires
  2. So people in the SRK Discord been talking a lotta SHIT, so now we're seeing who can walk the walk. The theme is Giant Monsters and/or Kaiju, basically the same thing depending on who you ask. You can thank Blaguar for starting the argument that eventually lead to this. Not really a contest so don't expect a prize. Submissions should be turned in around E3, so about 2 weeks as of this post. You can use whatever engine or lack thereof you want, and this thing is entirely open entry so if you've never made a game before, take this as an excuse to learn! You might even
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they got it above 30 FPS if they use the same aggressive scaling that Doom had, W2 may seem more demanding but the levels are a lot more linear and the actual gameplay is relatively slower. If theyre willing to cut corners they can make that game run pretty smooth (probably not 60 though).
  4. vegeta tried and it did the opposite of help
  5. That episode was pretty cool but the padding was fucking hard and loose for the whole thing to sum up in a 3 second ending zinger. At least it was an alright ending
  6. I guess until someone else wants to make an official Dragonball anime thread (unless we just want to flood the Fighter Z thread with anime/manga bullshit too) this can be the dumping grounds
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