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    Dimfish got a reaction from Deadly_Raver in Gotta Find That Dragonball   
    I guess until someone else wants to make an official Dragonball anime thread (unless we just want to flood the Fighter Z thread with anime/manga bullshit too) this can be the dumping grounds

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    Dimfish got a reaction from Darc_Requiem in SRK Summer 2018 Garbage Game Jam   
    So people in the SRK Discord been talking a lotta SHIT, so now we're seeing who can walk the walk.
    The theme is Giant Monsters and/or Kaiju, basically the same thing depending on who you ask.
    You can thank Blaguar for starting the argument that eventually lead to this. Not really a contest so don't expect a prize.
    Submissions should be turned in around E3,  so about 2 weeks as of this post.
    You can use whatever engine or lack thereof you want, and this thing is entirely open entry so if you've never made a game before, take this as an excuse to learn! You might even enjoy it.
    This is a terrible idea, I look forward to everyones horrid submissions.
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