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  1. TBF i just thought the actress (Croft) looked cute. Then niggas at srk escalated the whole thing outta proportion.
  2. I said at a casual level. Ive played 3U 4U GU and now Rise and noobies can get away with just "spin to win". Few other weapons are that forgiving
  3. Play DB, is kinda braindead at least at a casual level. Literally press RZ then spam A
  4. Some monsters you only get playing hub. Also Village is just low rank so if yoi want better gear you kinda have to play it, solo or multi
  5. I dont know how to use spoiler tags so Ill do my best to keep it spoiler free. You know Zemo is actually very sound and logical when he follows what he speaks. The act he does is exactly what he was talking about previously. Very consencuent. I think we all knew what was gonna happen too regarding a certain character we just didnt know when or how. On one hand I sorta appreciate that villains are not just evil maniacs just because but on the other hand trying to make them look like people with ideals and shit is sorta how the West sees the -middle- East really. Feels con
  6. Even though we have been discussing the idea of a Lobo movie tbh I'd rather not have one cause they might/will do an awful job
  7. Hit village 4 rank last night. Rampage was FUN. Is Bishaten the son of Congala and Kecha Wacha? This game is really great visually and control wise. I get the content complains but is not like Cyberpunk or Halo trailer, we will get the content and the G rank/DLC is also on its way
  8. I think some of you are misplacing your enthusiasm for Zemo. Take Falcon for example, I think the character is bland af bur the actor is trying to give it depth and layers. On Zemo's case, I think 80% is acting. Yes, the character is interesting I acknowledge that what we see is more than what is in the script js
  9. Ok just played my first 3 h I'm on village 3 now. This game is giving me 3rd gen vibes (3U/P3rd), I absolutely dig the jap art style including monster intros and music. I see they have kept the world skill system rather than the old one (10 points activates a skill) which I'm ok with but they also went with true raw rather whatever they have had pre Generations (adjusted for each weapon with bloated). That was a good decision. The new maps I have played so far are great (shrine and ice), I dont think I have any complain so far. I will definitely be buying G rank DLC whenever it pops up. I cant
  10. My physical copy arrives today. Unless Amazon does me dirty on April fools day... which weapon to main??? Hmm kinda wanted GS but without focus is not the best for progression imo. Prob hammer or cb
  11. Dunno if this is spoilerific or not but I think Sam will get juiced up by the end and become Cap
  12. You could have selected traditional MH language aka just grunts at the start
  13. As others have pointed out, I couldnt care less for those two characters but the story is good so far so I am hooked. Especially after they revealed that villain at the end of ep2
  14. Is the writer for Falcon/WS black? I loved those jabs (black falcon, "can i see some id?", "my people") at society. Also, yeah ppl shoulda seen the plot coming since ep 1 switzerland scene
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