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  1. Even as someone who likes it, kraut does smell awful. Have you had a reuben? My wife isn't a kraut fan, but even she likes the flavor combination of a good reuben. Hell, I don't like thousand island dressing (or russian dressing) either, but on a reuben, it's great.
  2. The intensity of it varies dramatically by brand. I'll have to grab that apple kraut the next time I see it at Aldi (hail Aldi, by the way). A co-worker turned me on to Frank's sweet kraut recently, it's damn good- doesn't have that strong taste. But I'm also guessing the strong stuff has more of the health benefits.
  3. Reubens are what got me into Sauerkraut. Hated it as a kid, like it a lot now.
  4. Played Blaster Master Zero this week. Good stuff- too easy, but fun nonetheless. Will have to get 2 the next time it's on sale.
  5. Any of you getting RE8 this weekend? Reviews look pretty good, lots of people saying there's a big RE4 influence, which sounds great to me. I'll probably wait a few months and get it for $30-$40 ish.
  6. Got through it by watching video and mining lives. That section is crap, but the rest of the game was good.
  7. Started playing Bionic Commando Rearmed over the weekend. Been enjoying it quite a bit, at least until the last level. There's a section several minutes in where what you can stand on/grab on is hard to see at a glance, shudder platforms everywhere, and with what appears to be blind swings to the same sort of bullshit, all of which will kill you instantly if you mess up. This would be much more tolerable if that section was at least at the start of the super long level- having to go back through the prior 3 sections over and over is fucking tedious. I could have sworn I finished this game on
  8. Yeah, I suppose that's more common on a site like this, given a large % of us were kids/teens in the 90's and are here due to a niche genre that's more gameplay focused. But among other friends I grew up with that still game, I'm the only one who's regularly playing that kind of stuff. The other guys either don't have the patience anymore and mostly play easy mainstream games, bro games, or mmo type games.
  9. I find I'm increasingly more interested in retro and "modern retro" games than most of today's big releases.
  10. It is hard, but once you really learn the combat your character is quite powerful. DS is hard too, but you've really learned it. If you can learn DS like that, you can learn Sekiro. In some ways, Sekiro is less cruel than DS- for instance, there's only one section (first Drunkard fight) where the game pulled that DS requiring a relatively long time investment to make it back to a boss (or more specifically to clear out his area of minions before taking him on) that will spank you in no time flat. I'd argue that getting good at the game more singularly rests on getting good at the combat than
  11. Mega Man 9 > Mega Man 2. 9 is peak old school MM. Only knock I have on it is the damn store system and not being able to leave the wily castle between stages. It compels me to grind bolts before taking on the final levels, which usually means I stop playing after clearing the 8 normal stages. Also, people who love DS/Bloodborne but thought Sekiro was too hard probably power leveled their way though the prior games.
  12. I actually bought a set of camo truck balls to put on a friend's bubba truck when he's not looking.
  13. Got a few more veteran solo mode (normal bosses, not hard remix bosses) clears in CotM2 (including Zangetsu this time). Only have to clean up the last 2 stages in Veteran with Dominique, then a full run with Alfred and I'll have them all. Gremory and all of stage 8 (final boss is much easier than the stage itself) were a real struggle with Zangetsu. And there's still solo modes with hard bosses and Legend mode for extreme masochists. I've seen a bunch of user reviews bitching that you can't avoid everything in the game without spamming Hachi's invincibility- I can attest to that not being true
  14. Stage 6 is a short bunch of bullshit before the Dracula battle. Pretty stark contrast from an otherwise very well tuned game.
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