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  1. I find it much easier to enjoy gameplay focused stuff these days. Old school RPGs are a massive time sink that just don't have enough payoff per hour as a working adult with other shit going on. If I want to read a book, I'll read an actual book. If I want to watch a movie, I'll watch an actual movie. If I'm going to play a game, I want to spend the bulk of that time in engrossing gameplay.
  2. Yeah, really the only advantage to that method is not having to have beefy hardware needed for demanding modern games- but I can certainly imagine many scenarios where that would be preferable (ie low income areas that still have a good internet infrastructure).
  3. I don't know if I'd say better, but I had a great time with it. Way more challenging for sure. Absolutely worth buying, especially at that price.
  4. I haven't touched that area yet either, been way more into the classic style CV games lately. Did you finish classic mode in RotN yet?
  5. After seeing it recommended on steam 4247 times, I finally bought Salt and Sanctuary- I'm about 10 hours in and really liking it. Pretty much a straight 2d Dark Souls, and not in the usual overused sense of the term, they straight aped damn near everything about it.
  6. Physical CotM2 incoming, including a neat special edition:
  7. Played through 1986 mode on normal difficulty today- not that much tougher. Had a freeze after Gremory and the ending music didn't play, so that part sucked.
  8. ..Back when SNK was more into making bad ass action movie type characters than fucking butterfly people.
  9. I put maybe 3-4 hours into Diablo 3 and didn't like it at all, the amount of loot it drops had me spending way too much time comparing stats and swapping things out constantly. I have the same problem with the Borderlands games (though I did still have enough fun with those to play through 2 and the prequel with friends).
  10. HOT TAKE MEGA DUMP (much of which I ranted about on SRK) -Despite thinking they were great as a kid in the early 90's, I do not enjoy the Sonic games at all anymore. Childhood nostalgia isn't enough to save them. -I am a big Metroid fan. I bought a GC, a Wii, and a 3DS mainly to play their respective Metroid games. I even had fun with Other M, which certainly isn't great. But I have never been able to enjoy the original NES Metroid. Maybe if I had played if first (with a Nintendo power map or something) I would have enjoyed it, but having played Super Metroid (or even
  11. The Metal Gear Solid games (1,2, and 3- haven't played the PSP games, 4, or more than a few minutes of Ground Zeros/The Phantom Pain) aren't really that fun to play in hindsight. A few minutes of gameplay in between 40 minutes of cutscenes or codec conversations gets pretty boring after the novelty of it being more like an interactive movie wears off.
  12. I still have a small CRT I keep the PS2 and Wii hooked up to for that reason.
  13. Yeah, that's a pretty damn broad title now. My initial response would be the SNES, but I'm also finding myself playing NES and NES style games more lately. And then there's the PS2, which has an enormous library that covers the whole spectrum of genres (including the high points of several, and lots of weird unique titles), has lots of retro collections that cover 8 and 16 bit classics, and plays ps1 games to boot. I'm glad a lot of the old stuff is getting re-released digitally and I hope the trend continues, it's great not having to dig out old stuff, pay extreme prices, or having to pirate
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