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  1. Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, G Gundam, and Hokuto no Ken are my favorites. I always thought that the lyrics of this song contains alot of weight to carry from an individual through out their lives, which that aspect made it a favorite. Ironically, the feeling of that "weight to carry" is what gave me inspiration to be open to bands like the old Linkin Park over 20 years ago, due to those who identify with depression and anxiety. The new anime I like and wish to continue is food wars, because I have an interest for culinary arts.
  2. Though, I don't spend much time on fighters anymore, I'll take it still. I like that this one maintains a strong old school vibe, like with Samurai Shodown. Not many people play Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting anymore, so I'll need this as a replacement.
  3. I only have one account, but I'm curious to why you're comparing me to someone else? I must be similar to this person you're posting about?
  4. My username is the perception of what my relatives and others think of me. To me, I guess it's suites my past, but for the present, I have gained some degree of emotional intelligence over the years. However, I'm working on a more stable range of emotions and a connection with others. I've always thought when I finally connect with someone, I'm too depended on their existence, which is unhealthy for me. Also, I've always revolved myself around others to have a justification of existence. I didn't know of this band, because my username is from this song:
  5. Deadly_Raver, Impulse buying....I have that problem as well and I'll try to control myself. Vomiting alot of blood, clear, and yellow back then, I can only keep minimal amounts of food in my stomach still. Sex and alcohol are what I've lived for, for a while. From therapy, I was told that it is a destructive path to side with and I'm starting to believe that. It was always hard for me to have purpose in life and loss what little interest I've had in things, which is the reason why I chose pleasure over not being able to connect with the norm. I'll try to c
  6. I suppose you're right. Maybe I'm reckless. Even with going to substance abuse programs, relapsing to use again recently is annoying for me. I was told that I would have this disease until death, but I wish that wasn't true. Living a solitary life gets to me, moreso with isolating myself further in this pandemic. That's when the urge to use again surfaces for me.
  7. After getting a stomach ulcer weeks ago, I think it's time to change from being an alcoholic. I need to take better care of myself. I rather die with less problems, than more serious ones. Also, it's time to bring sexy back by revoking all this weight gain by heavy yeast and medications, because I miss the attention I've gotten from both men and women. Being bisexual is great.
  8. I think that this game was decently executed, as I'm glad that very few fighters still have sprites. I do prefer Melty Blood over this, but I still can't complain about this either.
  9. I've liked the old school 2d games and 3d ones. I disagreed with the more recent ones , because it's more modernized as the rest.
  10. BB Crosstag was ok to me, but BBCF was great in my opinion, from both learning difficulty and on the road to mastery.
  11. I'm not exactly excited for Strive, because it looks downgraded and unimaginative in progress in order to cater to the newcomers. However, I'll buy it anyway, but that's unfortunately the direction that fighting game companies have chosen to pursue. The tournaments were fun to go to from this series back in time.
  12. It was such a nice game for it's time. I only have the Nintendo Switch version and remember the strong competition from GGPO back in time.
  13. It wasn't a bad game to me. I felt that it was underrated for it's time, as going that far to say. However, I still prefer Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting.
  14. Hmmm. My first online fighting game was Capcom Vs Snk 2 from the original Xbox in either 2003 or 2004. It was sort of a mixed experience with people using racial slurs when they were losing and mass rage quitters. Yet, the competition gotten me where I needed to be in that era, which I later transferred that knowledge and experience to other fighting games that was released after. So, I'm very thankful that I've invested so much time into it.
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