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  1. I've been playing Outriders with no worries about server shit. I play it solo doe. Im going to check out Trails of Cold Steel IV later on today. Oh and this is pretty cool. Nice to play BG and BG2 on the go.
  2. Streets of Rage 4 kinda blows. It got a lot of praise but I've played other recent titles of the same genre that are way better. Best SoR is SoR Remake. Best final fantasy is Star Ocean: The Second Story. I thought the first Ass Creed game sucked but im finna try out the last 2(?). They actually look fun.
  3. I played a bit of that new Oddworld game. Its pretty fun so far. I'm still pretty hooked on Loop Hero. Y'all should try it.
  4. 15 or 20 hours, im not sure really. I thought the combat was kinda repetitive and boring and I just didn't care about the story much.
  5. Fuckin' seeing this, "you gotta get to the end game for the fun stuff" is common now. Fuck that shit. I want a game to be fun all the way through it.
  6. Back in '96 or whenever it came out it was pretty dope. I put it on my Vita just a couple days ago cause...why not? Its not so great. The controls are meh and it looks really bland. I only played a bit but it was boring. The music when you are selecting a save slot is good. Everyone says its great but I think its lame - Sekiro. I thought it was boring as all hell.
  7. I said it before and I'll say it again...crack your games if you need that feeling of "owning" it.
  8. Space Jam looked retarded and I never watched it. Space Jam 2 looks retarded and I'll never watch it.
  9. Any of y'all use that trick to activate as many PS4/PS5's as you wanted before it got patched?
  10. GOG will always be the better route to go but it is limited on what games it has. That's not to say GOG doesnt have a shit load of does. But newer releases generally wont be found there. Even GOG has its own game launcher now. And I always read Millions post and how he just wants to play games and not have to tinker or whatever. What tinkering are you talkin' about? I been built this computer I'm using like a year ago and I aint tinkered with shit other than putting another SSD in it. This fuckin' thing is always on and always ready to play a game. I never have to
  11. Steam is never an issue for me. I think I may have to restart it more often than normal but that's cause I'm opted into some beta. Even still that only takes a few seconds. Outside of that I never notice it unless a friend starts playing a game or sends me a message. I never close Steam.
  12. I'm tellin' y'all that new "chick" everyone likes in that new RE is gonna show her true form...mega tranny with tentacle dong.
  13. Fuck yo tier list. Im too manly to even be near that shit. I'd make a most manly here tier list but I gotta go kill a man and chop wood. manyly stuff
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