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  1. Thats another one that I hope eventually makes its way to PC. GoT looks pretty awesome.
  2. I tried out a game called Klang 2. Never even heard of Klang 1. Anyhow its a music/rhythm style game. Its pretty fun and it looks trippy and has some cool tunes. Played a bit of another game last night and earlier today called, They Always Run. Its cool.
  3. For real...he's suppose to be the main character? Fuckin' baby faced boy playing some tough indiana jones like character. fuck outta here hollywood. should have just made marky mark the lead and had the kid play...his kid. Those games sucked anyhow.
  4. Right on, that God of War game is coming to Steam. Get to try that one out. I actually was never really interested in it till earlier this year when I finally watched some gameplay. Looked pretty fun and lot of y'all say its pretty great, so, I'm happy to get to try it out. Getting Bloodborne on Steam doesn't seem like wishful thinking so much as it did before. Make it happen Sony or whoever can make it happen. P.S. Souldiers does look damn fun. Put that on my wishlist but there is no release date for it. Just have to keep an eye out. Tried out a few different games last night. They were pretty cool. A couple of them aren't really the kind of games I'm into but I enjoyed what little I played of them. Just saw this game and it looks pretty cool. I like music style games.
  5. Tried out a game called Into the Pit earlier. Its pretty fun. Its a fast arena style fps rogue style game. You use magik instead of guns it seems. Its ugly but its pretty. I dunno...makes my eyes burn and water though. There is some story/lore to the game but...fuck it I just wanted to blast stuff.
  6. I drove one of these for a couple/few years. I got it for free when I was 19. Mine was tan and it was beat up. I don't remember if it had hubcaps...maybe. It had rust holes all over the place and sun damage. It was ugly. It was fun to drive though. Load that sucker up and go all over. And it had Super Shift. I was out doing errands one day and I got in the car and put it in reverse to leave and the fuckin' shifter broke loose and hit the ground. Fucked up. Had to hold it up all the way home, made shifting hard. I just rigged it with a wire clothes hanger.
  7. Skul is a fun game. That'd be a good one to have on the go. I tried out Critadel. Yeah, its a game I can see myself playing a lot of. Its pretty damn fun.
  8. My first Metroid was Metroid. Then all the following games up to Prime. I didn't finish Prime 2. I liked them all and thought they were all good. I dont care to play 1 or 2 anymore, but I like to play Super Metroid every couple/few years. I'd like to try out Dread but I don't have a Switch and I wont be gettin' one any time soon. I mean, I could buy the game and play it on yuzu but I don't really wanna do that. I already have too many games, I don't need to go out of my way to add another one right now. Some day though... Think I'm nearly done with F.I.S.T.. I think its a fun game with a few minor flaws. Nothing that makes me not wanna keep playing. Got corner trapped once by a boss...that sucked. Some of the save points are placed oddly. I'd definitely recommend this game if you like metroidvania type games. Though the furry aspect of the game may turn some folk off. If you can see past that its a great game.
  9. I got Critadel. Havent played it yet, just took a screenshot of the main menu. Game looks really fun but I wanna finish up F.I.S.T. before I get into that. This game Into the Pit looks pretty cool. Old style fps but you use magik instead of guns.
  10. I dont believe you. Simple as that. Show me death certificates that say they died of covid. You wont and you cant. If anything you can show me something that would most likey say "they died do to complications arising from covid". That's like sayin' the mofos was already sickly as hell and had one foot in the grave and covid just gave them a little push. The thing thats really fucked is that I think you're makin' this shit up and you are just pushing the fear mongering agenda. Just so you can feel safe. You're not safe.
  11. I still ask, if you are vaccinated and your family is why do you care if I'm not? You're safe from it arent you? Your vaccine wont work unless I get mine?
  12. That's right. p.s. I know of at least a dozen people that have gotten covid...or been told they were positive for it at least and they're fine now. And when they were sick it was just like having the flu. Felt like shit but they got better.
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