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  1. I'll eventually get it. I still haven't played/finished nuRE2 and nuRE3 and RE7. I'm playing RE7 now and its scurry. Gonna take me a while to finish. Trying this game out now called Papetura. Its a point and click adventure game. The way the guy made it is really cool and...artistic. Not sure if any of you are into point and click games. Some are fun while others are not. Like any other genre I suppose.
  2. That sucks. I hear lots of folks are complaining about it not having some kind of saving feature while playing. I guess its such an issue cause a run can last a long time. Read stories like yours. Hope they add a save function. P.S. I'll never play the game but it still looks cool.
  3. That stuff wont help. It didn't help. I've tried everything that I can that's OTC or herbal style. I need heavy stuff to make me sleep. Otherwise I don't sleep...well. I smoke pot and I use CBD. I got this little vape pen that is 25% THC / 5... Sometimes it will help relax me and others it wont. Its nice now not having to get the shit on the street. I can go to the store and get the type of smoke I want (indica) every time. Its no longer an unknown guessing game as to what strain I'm smoking. Its also nice that its legal cause I can
  4. Yeah, just got off the phone with my doc. I've asked him before to prescribe me something for sleep. Nope, take an extra ativan. Fuck dat, if I do that then I run outta medicine before I can get it refilled. I get maybe 4 hours of sleep a night and its broken sleep. I wake up at least 2 or 3 times. I dont sleep good and its really fuckin' me up. Its fucked up. Its like im always tired but I cant sleep. Im also extremely anxious so most of the time I don't notice that im tired. Its real fucked up.
  5. Is Sunset Overdrive any fun. I've put it on my computer twice now but never played it, just uninstalled It always looked pretty to me. I think I should actually try it. Any of you play StarSector?
  6. These are some of my pickles. These ones are ready in a couple more days. Got all kinda shit in there. They taste really good, nice crunch, sour and will burn your fuckin' face off. So good.
  7. I like to make Pickles. My granny showed me how many years ago. Its super fuckin' easy to pickle shit. I tried eggs but I think I overcooked the eggs. Gonna do it again and make sure those eggs are super soft boiled. I never had a pickled egg but they always look good to me.
  8. I dont think that is unpopular. I'm basically the same and I know lots of other folks that are like that. What seems popular and is showing up in just about every game is crafting. I do not like crafting in games. That shit is boring as all fuck. P.S. I may have already posted about my dislike of crafting...
  9. I played some game called Scavengers last night. Its like a battle royal type game I think. Its fps style and there are multiple teams of 3. Each team has objectives to complete and then they have to get to some ship to get out. Highest score wins I think or the last team alive. It was pretty fun though. Its only the second battle royal type game Ive played. Its free so maybe give it a try. I'm streaming kinda. I play some games but its mostly just music and my desktop. Im fuckin' lazy and I stream jus
  10. One of my best times playing an online game was with a team of people from srk in Dragon's Crown. Shit was fun. It was cool too cause I think they were on console and I was on Vita. Dragon's Crown is a game I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to or just a damn nuVersion on PC and Current consoles.
  11. Yeah, sneakers (and most other shoes) are freakin' whack. I've always...well I've been wearing Vans for 25 years or so cause they're the only shoes that I can get that aren't all funky lookin'. But Vans shoes suck now so I had to get DC shoes. I liked Vans cause they look nice, good for riding (bmx) and they lasted a long time. I hope these DC shoes last a long time. They look kinda cheap made doe.
  12. Modern Warfare 2 still the best COD and the only one worth playing.
  13. Coffee. I like coffee. I drink it every morning but that fuckin' starbucks and whatevers on every fuckin' corner...fuck that shit. Its fuckin' coffee, shit taste like sweet dirt. Them places want 5 dollars and more for a cup of the shit just cause it got all kinda whack shit in it so you dont even taste the coffee. fuck outta here. Shit is stupid and people are whack for buying that shit up to 3 times a day.
  14. Can that (Journey) still be played online? One of the really cool things about that game is the co-op. I thought it was really cool at least. My partner dropped in at some time and me and him finished the game. When he finally left I felt a kind of sadness. I'm not sure why cause I never communicated with the dude other than my character makin' noises.
  15. I thought Sekiro was kinda easy and boring. Game is real pretty. I don't...I don't understand all the Japanese stuff, never something I followed really or looked into. The history and mythology and such. So, yeah, I didn't like Sekiro that much and I didn't think it was that hard. Any of you play Mortal Shell? I liked the game. It was tough at first, I had trouble with the parry. Its kinda short doe. I though it was aight.
  16. Dorks. Fuck does menthol cigarettes gotta do with vidya games? get out bustas P.S. I stopped smoking menthols several years ago so I dont care. I tried this game out today called A Short Hike. Its pretty cool. Its like a relaxing, exploring, collecting type game. Its pixel style and it looks pretty cool I think. The music is nice too. Had me a big stupid smile the whole time I was playing.
  17. Yeah, just play Star Ocean 1 and 2 and pretend the others don't exist. Shit, just play 2. The Second Story is one of the best rpgs of that time. I like the combat in Tales of Destiny. Its fun.
  18. Last time I went to gamestop was like 6 years ago to get a cable for my DS3.
  19. Ive only played Dark Souls twice but each time I played I used Thief. I like to use spear and shield. I started this run a while ago and was doing it with no wiki/guides so it was tough but fun. I got sidetracked by another game and when I went back to this one I forgot everything. I gotta start over.
  20. Early game isnt so bad to me in Dark Souls. I mean, if you go to a place where the bad guys are mad buff you can spend a shit load of time whittling them down instead of killing them with a hit or two. And of course you'll die in one shot. So dont go there. Hardest part for me in DS games is still not falling to my death. I always die way more from falling than from any enemy.
  21. But you dont talk about it. Im gonna finally give Alien Isolation a try. Epic store finally gave away a game I was interested in. Looks boring to me and not very scurry. I hope im wrong and its fun and mad scurry.
  22. I knew after playing Outriders that Million would be the only one in here talkin' about it consistently. Its very similar to GoW...course he's gonna love it.
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