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  1. Now I'll be the first to admit I didn't expect much from WV. Despite the intriguing set up,I asked myself,why did they choose these two characters to base an entire series around?? What's it going to be about? Is this how they're going to introduce Mutants to the MCU? Wanda and Vision were a subplot in the movies I barely cared for and their relationship seemed rushed just to accommodate the script. So yeah I'm extremely impressed what they came up with and what WV became. I'm quite confident the other shows coming down the Plus pipeline are going to be entertain
  2. Gratz bro. I love me some Bonita too. Go get em!!!!
  3. Seriolusly??!! Well dayum I stand corrected but at least you got my point right??
  4. Truth. For a while there I was like "Darc uhm did you forget about..." So you caught me. I think it's cool that the MCU is trying to mix it up in the Ethnic department so we live in a world with a black Baron Mordo,an East Indian Flash and a mixed Mary Jane. So as far as the X MEN go,we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I mean I'm as psyched as the next guy to see Thunderbird,maybe Sunfire,Synch, Bishop,Jubilee to have their time in the sun,but we know they'll all get swept under the rug in favor of the original team.
  5. Luke Cage was a little slow in the begining but it picks up halfway through. I was pretty biased with the POWER MAN and IRON FIST comics so it kept me invested.
  6. Yes and thank the Gods for that. They had a good run though it's just IRON FIST and PUNISHER really let me down. I had especiallyy high hopes for FIST since it was the first time they placed a spotlight on the Living Weapon. It was like after the first Season they realized,yeah we @#$_&-! up let's really turn up the heat here but by that time, the interest was already gone.
  7. Can't wait for the final episode its going to be EPIC!! Got to give MARVEL credit for this amazing series. I was one of those naysayers who thought this was going to be absolute garbage but boy was I proven wrong. After the shit storm that was IRON FIST and the passable PUNISHER series,I was convinced this show would have been more of the same. Should have had more faith in the Mighty Marvel team. Here's hoping they keep up the good work with the others they have planned coming down the pipeline. I'm really hyped for SHE HULK and FALCON AND THE
  8. O-M-G!! Take notes for SF6 CAPCOM. Fortnite did an incredible job here.
  9. We already know how everything goes down and I can't see how all the reshoots and additional footage is going to save what is (in my humble opinion) the weakest entry in the DC Universe's lineup. Unless its a totally new movie which I know it isn't.... I'm amazed the head honchos even green lighted this project but I guess that shows how much faith they have in Snyder as a director and the might of the DC fan base.
  10. Woah woah hold up!! Spiderman 3 is scheduled for release THIS Christmas??! That was really fast!! I swear Far from Home was like last year wasn't it?? Or did I just Blip?!
  11. Not really surprised there, Punk's an incredible SF player. I mean what's that his Day 2 Dan???
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