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  1. There are alot of timeline generators online. Some people use them in the sort of work I do but I don't really use them. For example:
  2. Wasn't S3 her lowest or at least where she got considerably nerfed? Because I remember I wasn't facing much Cammy's and it got to the point where even the story thread were discussing her nerfs there.
  3. Sorry for the double post but basically this. She has most of the fundamentals in check. A decent anti-air, speed, Cannon Spike can corner the opposing player or make you close the distance without the possibly of getting hit. It's why Ryu for a time was somewhat dominant. The SFV system is more friendly than past games so there's an added safety net that wasn't there before.
  4. It's 2000 all over again. Watch there be antics between King and Ryo.
  5. They're better than XIV. The only problem is that Ryo's head is too small compared to the rest of his body. Same problem that Ralf+Clark had in XII-XIII.
  6. Ralf and Clark seem like the only characters to reveal together (not because they're "lesser" or worse than any other character) but that's obviously not them.
  7. He could go well if they change him up a bit to fit with the original Final Fight/Street Fighter vibe. He probably would be a minor character I think. I actually think White from Fatal Fury was a pretty decent character for example. Wasn't he killed by Dean in FF3?
  8. Given the current story arc for KOF. He might just return for the next installment. His disembodied spirit spoke to Mature if Verse defeats her. It could be interesting to see how Rugal feels about Adelheid and Rose... Besides, we all know the newest story for the KOF games is just an excuse to bring dead characters to 3D.
  9. He used Shin Shoryuken against Hugo during the 3rd World Warrior Tournament. Hugo managed to actually take the hit but later lost the fight. Ryu would later go on to lose to Oro, who forfeited after taking a interest in him, while Ken also quit after learning Ryu was disqualified leading Alex to basically be the champion by process of elimination and face Gill.
  10. Flashbacks to when Abigail first came out and he was near unstoppable
  11. Did it? Because I always assumed that there was a 2 year gap between A2 and A3. Ryu was 23 when he defeated Sagat, while Chun-Li was 19 when she joined Interpol, meaning that A2 was in August-November of 1987 as that matches up with the SF2 birthdates. But this gets thrown off since Ken's stage in Alpha 2 is during Eliza's birthday meaning that the events encompass late May too. Granted, most of this useless information I shouldn't have bothered about but it's still interesting. Though, as you said, Cammy's age is what throws the whole thing off. She'd have to be born in 1971/1972
  12. When I was younger and first heard of Q via the Internet. I used to theorise that he was Vega after seeing his CVS2 ending where he ponders on leaving his "mortal shell" to achieve permanent beauty while everybody else though Q was Chun-Li's father or something. That on top of the snake aura Vega emitted in one of victory animations. @ShakunetsuIrrelevant to your main points but Geese didn't survive the first fall because of the scrolls, he didn't even have them in possession yet. He used a rough version of his double reppuken to cushion his fall and was left injured. He di
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