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  1. Have you guys seen the sweet new riser that came out for the gamecube this week??
  2. Personally I'm waiting for the price to go down and for all the kinks to be worked out. Not to mention the library becoming stronger. I've owned enough consoles at launch by this point to know that they aren't worth having so early.
  3. Mitch always wins because KY is a red state. Most people in KY could give fuck all about what he actually does, but will vote for him because they hate Democrats more than they could ever dislike him. Source: I live in Kentucky. The whole political ad campaign here against Amy McGrath was literally just: "She's a liberal" Or "She's too liberal for Kentucky". That's all it took.
  4. Nah, dude. Referring to it as "smashing pissers" is worse. Lmao.
  5. I never imaged that in 2020 I would walk into walmart and see a new ps2 game still sitting on the shelf.
  6. It's not about drama, it's about tiddies.
  7. My first downvote would be from DarkSakul. Lmao.
  8. @M A R T I A N @BB_Hoody @TheInfernoman Thank you all for your brave sacrifice
  9. After putting for years with all the bullshit that was SF4, SFV was the biggest letdown. I was pretty much like:
  10. I have a huge collection of 90s marvel trading cards (and comics) safely in storage out in my garage. My great-grandmother use to collect random shit in her later years. Just various types of trading cards, comics, dolls,etc. When she passed away my grandfather took all the cards and comics. We went through them all several years back. It kinda blew my mind. Of course all of these things being from the 90s, none of it is really worth anything.
  11. Ok, I finally joined the animated AV cool kids club. Am I cool now?
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