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  1. It's on now, they started off with Oro (wondering if Rose is gonna be ready to drop then), one of his alts is a Hawaiian shirt and shorts lol. edit: Rose has her fancy dress alt and will be released on April 19th Vega gets his trench coat alt, Juri gets a naughty Nurse Alt, and Seth gets the vest and fancy clothes alt from the SF4 cutscenes They showed some of Akira in action and ended with a shot of her summoning Daigo.
  2. Oh yeah, so doesn't the CPT have something going on on the 17th? If they do, I hope that means Rose comes out earlier. (I'm hoping that against hope, she's ready for release today).
  3. Welcome back to the forums dude, this was some seriously nice info! The alpha 3 stuff in particular was interesting to me, as a kid, I always was confused and frustrated with Charlie's fate and then Alpha 3 has him actually win...until Guile's ending kills him again hah. I never recovered and SF5 only made things worse for me. This was a good post dude, I admit I haven't given this as much thought, but dang, yeah, I'd love some individual reactions, good idea! It would really add more personality to the characters and reflect their varying connections to the other parts o
  4. Does anyone know if LordVega's made the move over here? I have a terrible memory.
  5. Hey guys, since SRK is in limbo, does anyone have those scans of the SF3 character pages from I thiiink All About Capcom? I think Lord Vega had them? I'm working on a few videos and I'm doing a bit of a guide to some of the SF3 characters and their lore, so any of those bio pages would be appreciated! Cheers and all the best guys! Here's to more lore!
  6. So whether or not that this stage is canon, it's showing that his FooTube is definitely making bank, especially since Gill decided it was notable enough to use for his unveiling. So if he's now got fans, casual fans, hate-watchers and tons of cash, his influence is growing more and more and he has more to play with. I really hope this story thread of his continues.
  7. One of my main theories is that G has a combo of loyal followers and mind controlled ones. So Q was possibly rebellious, that's why he may be locked into his helmet, while G & his followers have a mask with a strap that seemingly can be easily removed. Interesting things about the trailer: -Ring of Galaxy Stage - look out Karin, G's got his own spacestation -We're getting a "mystery costume" -"The World if yours for the taking" -All the staff appear to be well well dressed men in G's story costume mask, with a yellow armband that says staff -There's pic
  8. Some interesting things are going on in the stage, many thanks to Steven Mane for pointing this out to me:
  9. Anyone know when the next Capcom event is or something? I'm hoping we get rumblings about Rose soon.
  10. @bakfromonhey dude, how's it going? I was curious, where was the source of this bit on the G project / G File?
  11. The wait for Rose is getting difficult again, still having fun with the new stuff, but the lore hunger grows!
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