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  1. I loved that run. He has having great matches and great feuds. They had to make up for that god awful world title run having him job to everyone.
  2. Big Show jumped ship because he was unhappy with his booking. His appearance in legends night is what broke the camal's back Can't wait to see how Vince erases him from history
  3. But they don't. Jericho is the only old guy with a prime spot but he hasn't been near a main-event since dropping the belt. Most of the other old guys are managers, Sting is a cheerleader for an emo kid. The old guys ain't put in positions where they take the shine away from the youngins
  4. Putting Big Show on Dark will put eyes on the show. Considering his main purpose for being in AEW is to help all the young talent Dark is the best place to put as AEW uses that show as a testing ground. I don't see how it being online only is a detriment. Youtube is more convenient than TNT.
  5. That involves valuing the opinion of QA testers.
  6. I don't in interest in seeing a triple threat. I want Impact Lashley and we finally got him. I want WWE go all in with him. He should be the top heel with Hurt Business in tow. Keep them all strong. Miz can feud with Drew once his did with Sheamus to stay main-event and keep Drew away from the belt for a while.
  7. Devs of the mobile version was doing this. They seriously need to rename this pass. The game is 9 years old. We are far beyond a season 1
  8. I listened to Conway's new album with Big Ghost. Album is great. This track in particular is fire
  9. Lashley is on a tear right now. He should definitely got the belt.
  10. She gave me the most trouble when I was playing Pot. Swords made it hard to get in. She can get multiple wall splats in the corner so I can't burst. I just have to eat whatever damage I get. She's definitely a problem. You have made a powerful enemy today my friend.
  11. I heard that Kobe bar and it wasn't that bad. He probably said it just for the wordplay.
  12. I've had Rams grab me out of hammer fall. The better ones were able to do it constantly.
  13. Lucia barely got touched in this patch. Truly, what she needs is buttons with better reach and she's not gonna get that.
  14. Best Buy is the only store I managed to find that specified burn in as a issue they cover. Every other big box store doesn't. Like Costco frees all state warranty for free with the TV and every negative review is how their claim was denied when they got burn in. Same with square trade.
  15. I just noticed he got a walkspeed buff too. Combined with the throw range buff that's quite scary.
  16. Alex got buffs to his throw range and better block advantage for his normals. Cr.HP got buffed as an anti-air. Power bomb being 9f startup now pisses me off. Nerfing the stun on elbows? Fucking why? Stomp still doesn't hit midair. I doubt these buffs will make him good but it will be less of a struggle.
  17. I got my tax money and I'm interested in buying an LG OLED TV. Does anyone know of an extend warranty that covers burn-in? I don't watch the news so the CNN logo won't get burned into the TV but I do plan to game on it. I worry about the HUDs potentially being burn in points.
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