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  1. I got points from third party games. I got 35 for the Mega Man Zero collection. I got have gotten points for Shining Resonance if they didn't expire.
  2. This is brought Games > HUNTDOWN-,HUNTDOWN,boiled action comedy arcade shooter.
  3. But it does. I got Super Mario 3D World few days ago and got 60 points out of it.
  4. Actually you can redeem points for physical purchases. Go to options > my Nintendo rewards program > earn gold points. There's a time limit on it. Points will only be rewarded within a year of the original release date. I usually get 60 points out of it.
  5. RE8 sold 3 million already
  6. Seeing them in custom keyboard setups is why I asked. I been looking into them a lot more as of late. I'm interested in wireless and only the Keychron seems to provide that. It's Bluetooth only at that. Wish there was a 2.4Hz dongle avaliable
  7. Classic RE I'll say 5-6 hours on the first run. It will take less than two hours subsequent runs. RE4 and RE5 I'll say 12-16 on the first run. About half of that on later runs.
  8. Getting around to watching Blood of Zeus. I'm enjoying it a lot. The identity of the demon commander was obvious as fuck.
  9. When you play RE and the game turns into PT. Why did this have to happen in this hour?
  10. The z motion for charge supers is pretty shit. It was so goddamn hard to do Guile and Vega Ultras in SF4.
  11. I hate SNK motions. The forward then back half circle, quarter circle to back half circle, and what other nonsense they use. I hate inputs that's difficult to do in a pitch.
  12. Made to the castle in RE8. Someone at Capcom fucking hates Ethan. He has to be Wolverine to survive most of the shit they put him through.
  13. What's meta when it comes to the GS? I don't see many of them around and the ones I've seen tend to have the Goss GS.
  14. I'm impressed someone remembered Neowave. It was a rehash 02 with AoF2 Geese as a boss.
  15. They'll probably still want their annual CoDs. Activision ain't known to provide long time support for any game.
  16. The choice is a paradox. Apple is using its ecosystem to drive tile out of their market.
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