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  1. I'll leave this one to Mr.B as i'm not sure wether this is "a thing" or not.
  2. Started watching One punch man. Never imagined something with such a simple premise 2 be so entertaining. thought forsure it was gonna suck ass! But...Damn OPM is amazing!
  3. I've read/heard most of the reviews out for Kiwami 2. Many are saying it's the best game in the series. :0 get hajp
  4. Obvious question first....Do you have insurance that covers damages to your home?
  5. Just want to remind everyone of the Shenmue re-release. 2 of the best experiences one could ever have, all in 1 package (AND YOU GET A POSTER TOO!).
  6. The only thing that makes my head wanna go boom is the fact that it's Call of Duty we are talking about. Any other game and i would have been like "eh okay i understand, i guess"... But he ditched her for COD???????????????? haaaaaaaaahahah!
  7. Ah, Abbachi-bro! I raise you. Here is Joker's theme from the genesis game Adventures of batman and robin.
  8. The games have aged really well, but the one thing i'm concerned about is that new people will dive into it thinking it's some older version of a yakuza game (or something like that) while in actuality Shenmue is a slow burn, with no instant gratification (which is also the beauty of it). The more you spend playing it the more you'll get back in the end. As a old friend used to say... "it's a spiritual experience"
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