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  1. Opposite for me. Sanji has been nerfed so hard post time skip. He was one of the monster trio and now he's just helpless. He almost died on fisherman island because he had a massive nose bleed. Had to be rescued by Luffy countless times and now he STILL can't hit a woman. You don't wanna hit a woman? Okay fine. At least subdue them or something. Good thing he's not in the fight against Big Mom he would just be useless. Nah son Oda did Sanji dirty. He was one of my favorites but now meh.
  3. Oda not showing the hybrid form fully is a major cock tease.
  4. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that Luffy can beat Law. He's so goddamn broken the only way to neutralize him would be with some Katakuri level observation haki. I wonder how far this battle will go because so far Kaido and Big Mom seems to still be messing around. They don't seem super threatened.
  6. Perhaps they just never met. Mihawk seems to like keeping a low profile. We'll probably hear more about him since they're trying to mess with him now. Bad idea!
  7. So I guess the way for Zoro to make up for his lack of advanced haki tech is to channel more haki into Enma? That's odd because if somehow he loses that sword in a fight, then he becomes useless.
  8. Seems I don't understand how Ryou works and why Zoro can't use it. Is enma a form of Ryuou? Is this armament haki? I don't know but it sure is confusing lol.
  9. *CVS2 announcer voice* This is gonna be a match to remember! FIGHT!
  10. Is it me or Sanji has been snubbed. He won't even be fighting the Yonko. He's probably not even part of the monster trio anymore with Jinbei around. Now that I think about it, wth did he do post time skip? Okay he can go invis now and his backstory with the Vinsmoke's was good. But I can't seem to remember anything epic that he's done lately. To make matters worse he's been captured by Black Maria who's a legit spider and he still goes . He's slowly getting the Piccolo treatment. Useful and strong at first and then slowly turned into nothing.
  11. It makes a lot of sense for the Top Supernova's Captains and 2nd mates to be fighting Big Mom and Kaido. I doubt Luffy is strong enough to take even one Yonko or else he would be a bit too powerful imo. I wonder if Bebo will join the fight at some point. It's only fitting. That being said, Luffy is starting to look like an end game boss. Guess I'll be posting here from now on since even White Oda is in this thread.
  12. Hey look the forums still looking better than that other place...
  13. Bruh seeing Goku pissed off is the best thing.
  14. SRK seems less active since the migration. Kinda sad man.
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